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Differential cardiopulmonary monitoring system for artifact-canceled physiological tracking of athletes, workers, and COVID-19 patients

Jeong, Hyoyoung; Lee, Jong Yoon; Lee, KunHyuck; Kang, Youn J.; Kim, Jin-Tae; Avila, Raudel; Tzavelis, Andreas; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.7, no.20, 2021-05

Wireless sensors for continuous, multimodal measurements at the skin interface with lower limb prostheses

Kwak, Jean Won; Han, Mengdi; Xie, Zhaoqian; Chung, Ha Uk; Lee, Jong Yoon; Avila, Raudel; Yohay, Jessica; et al, SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE, v.12, no.574, 2020-12

Wireless, implantable catheter-type oximeter designed for cardiac oxygen saturation

Lu, Wei; Bai, Wubin; Zhang, Hao; Xu, Chenkai; Chiarelli, Antonio M.; Vázquez-Guardado, Abraham; Xie, Zhaoqian; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.7, no.7, pp.eabe0579, 2021-02

Wireless, skin-interfaced sensors for compression therapy

Park, Yoonseok; Kwon, Kyeongharesearcher; Kwak, Sung Soo; Yang, Da Som; Kwak, Jean Won; Luan, Haiwen; Chung, Ted S.; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.6, no.49, 2020-12

Wireless, soft electronics for rapid, multisensor measurements of hydration levels in healthy and diseased skin

Kwon, Kyeongharesearcher; Wang, Heling; Lim, Jaeman; Chun, Keum San; Jang, Hokyung; Yoo, Injae; Wu, Derek; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.118, no.5, pp.e202039811, 2021-02



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