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A study on the formation mechanism of ytterbium silicide for Schottky contact applications

Na, Sekwon; Choi, Hwayoul; Lee, Byunghoon; Choi, Juyun; Seo, Yujin; Kim, Hyoungsub; Lee, Seok-Heeresearcher; et al, SURFACE AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS, v.44, no.11-12, pp.1497 - 1502, 2012-11

Silicidation of Mo-alloyed ytterbium: Mo alloying effects on microstructure evolution and contact properties

Na, Sekwon; Kang, Jun-gu; Choi, Juyun; Lee, Nam-Suk; Park, Chan Gyung; Kim, Hyoungsub; Lee, Seok-Heeresearcher; et al, ACTA MATERIALIA, v.92, pp.1 - 7, 2015-06

Silicide Formation Process of Er Films with Ta and TaN Capping Layers

Choi, Juyun; Choi, Seongheum; Kim, Jungwoo; Na, Sekwon; Lee, Jeong-Hoo; Lee, Seok-Heeresearcher; Kim, Hyoungsub, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.5, no.23, pp.12744 - 12750, 2013-12



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