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The Effects of X-ray Irradiation-induced damage on Reliability in mos stuructures

Kim, Shi-ho; Lee, Ho jun; Han, Chul-hi; Lee, Kwyro; Choi, Sang soo; Jeon, Young-jin; Fabrizio, Enzo Di; et al, Solid-State Electronics, 1994

X-ray irradiation induced damage in MOS structures and it's effect on oxide reliability

Lee, Kwyroresearcher; Han, Chul-Hi; Kim, Shi-Ho; Lee, Ho-Jun; Choi, Sang-Soo; Jeon, Young-Jin; Fabrizio, Enzo Di; et al, Technical Digest of 3rd International Conference on VLSI and CAD, pp.20 - 23, 1993



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