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Metal oxide charge transfer complex for effective energy band tailoring in multilayer optoelectronics

Kim, Moohyun; Kwon, Byoung-Hwa; Joo, Chul Woong; Cho, Myeong Seon; Jang, Hanhwi; Kim, Ye ji; Jeon, Duk Youngresearcher; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.13, no.1, 2022-12

Iterative redox activation promotes interfacial synergy in an Ag/CuxO catalyst for oxygen reduction

Park, Youngtae; Shin, Kihyun; Lee, Changsoo; Lee, Sang-Yeon; Lee, Yong-Kul; Kim, Chang-Hee; Cho, Hyun-Seok; et al, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.446, 2022-10

Exceptionally durable CoFe-exsolved Sr0.95Nb0.1Co0.7Fe0.2O3-delta catalyst for rechargeable Zn-air batteries

Kim, Sangwoo; Jung, Ji-Won; Song, DongHoon; Cho, Su-Ho; Kim, Jiyeon; Kim, Jun Kyu; Oh, DongHwan; et al, APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL, v.315, 2022-10

Thermal shock-stabilized metal catalysts on oxide hemitubes: Toward ultrasensitive chemiresistors

Chae, Soohwan; Ahn, Jaewan; Nam, Jong Seok; Jang, Ji-Soo; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, v.595, 2022-09

Graphene fluoride as a conductive agent for Li-argyrodite electrolyte containing all-solid-state batteries

Dai, X; Song, JH; Wang, JE; Chen, X; Kim, Do Kyungresearcher; Kim, DJ, MATERIALS TODAY CHEMISTRY, v.25, 2022-09

Violacein-embedded nanofiber filters with antiviral and antibacterial activities

Lee, Jiyoung; Bae, Jaehyeong; Youn, Doo-Young; Ahn, Jaewan; Hwang, Won-Tae; Bae, Hyunae; Bae, Pan Kee; et al, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.444, 2022-09

Improving toughness of medium-Mn steels after friction stir welding through grain morphology tuning

Jeong, Mun Sik; Park, Tak Min; Kim, Dong-Il; Fujii, Hidetoshi; Im, Hye Ji; Choi, Pyuck-Paresearcher; Lee, Seung-Joon; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.118, pp.243 - 254, 2022-08

Conformation-dependent thermoelectric power factor of multilayer nanocomposites

Byun, You-young; Jang, Junho; Culebras, Mario; Bae, Byeong-Sooresearcher; Cho, Jung Sang; Park, Yong Tae; Cho, Chungyeon, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, v.594, 2022-08

Reduced graphene oxide as a charge reservoir of manganese oxide: Interfacial interaction promotes charge storage property of MnOx-based micro-supercapacitors

Byun, Segi; Shim, Yoonsu; Yuk, Jong Minresearcher; Lee, Chan-Woo; Yoo, Jungjoon, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.439, 2022-07

Machine learning assisted synthesis of lithium-ion batteries cathode materials

Liow, Chi Hao; Kang, Hyeonmuk; Kim, Seunggu; Na, Moony; Lee, Yongju; Baucour, Arthur; Bang, Kihoon; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.98, 2022-07

Joining dissimilar metal of Ti and CoCrMo using directed energy deposition

Sartika, Vioni Dwi; Choi, Won Seok; Choi, Gwanghyo; Han, Jaewook; Chang, Sung-Jin; Ko, Won-Seok; Grabowski, Blazej; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.111, no.1, pp.99 - 110, 2022-06

A Study on Transmission properties of AuNi coated polymer ball joint and Sn58Bi solder joint for flex-on-board interconnection

Zhang, Shuye; Park, Junyong; Park, Gapyeol; Song, Huijin; Kim, Jounghoresearcher; Paik, Kyung-Wookresearcher; He, Peng, JOURNAL OF ADVANCED JOINING PROCESSES, v.5, 2022-06

Shear performance and accelerated reliability of solder interconnects for fan-out wafer-level package

Zhang, Shuye; Duan, Ran; Xu, Sunwu; Xue, Panfei; Wang, Chengqian; Chen, Jieshi; Paik, Kyung-Wookresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF ADVANCED JOINING PROCESSES, v.5, 2022-06

Decomposition behavior of yttria-stabilized zirconia and its effect on directed energy deposited Ti-based composite material

Choi, Gwanghyo; Choi, Won Seok; Lee, Yoon Sun; Kim, Dahye; Sung, Ji Hyun; An, Seungjun; Oh, Chang-Seok; et al, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.112, no.10, pp.138 - 150, 2022-06

Porous Nanofiber Membrane: Rational Platform for Highly Sensitive Thermochromic Sensor

Kim, Dong-Ha; Bae, Jaehyeong; Lee, Jiyoung; Ahn, Jaewan; Hwang, Won-Tae; Ko, Jaehyun; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.32, no.24, 2022-06

Fabrication of heterogeneous chemical patterns on stretchable hydrogels using single-photon lithography

Im, Haeseong; Heo, Eunseok; Song, Dae-Hyeon; Park, Jeongwon; Park, Hyeonbin; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Chang, Jae-Byumresearcher, SOFT MATTER, v.18, no.23, pp.4402 - 4413, 2022-06

Investigation of Ordering on Oxygen-Deficient LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4-delta Thin Films for Boosting Electrochemical Performance in All-Solid-State Thin-Film Batteries

Kim, Jong Heon; Jung, Ji-Won; Cho, Su-Ho; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher; Park, Yun Chang; Seo, Dong-Hwa; Kim, Hyun-Suk, SMALL, v.18, no.24, 2022-06

Photoenergy Harvesting by Photoacid Solution

Bae, Jaehyeong; Lim, Haeseong; Ahn, Jaewan; Kim, Yoon Hwa; Kim, Min Soo; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.34, no.24, 2022-06

Geometrically engineered rigid island array for stretchable electronics capable of withstanding various deformation modes

Yang, Jun Chang; Lee, Seungkyu; Ma, Boo Soo; Kim, Junmo; Song, Myoung; Kim, Su Yeong; Kim, Da Won; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.8, no.22, 2022-06

Pitfalls and Protocols: Evaluating Catalysts for CO2 Reduction in Electrolyzers Based on Gas Diffusion Electrodes

Tan, Ying Chuan; Quek, Wei Kang; Kim, Beomil; Sugiarto, Sigit; Oh, Jihunresearcher; Kai, Dan, ACS ENERGY LETTERS, v.7, no.6, pp.2012 - 2023, 2022-06

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