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O-2 plasma oxidation of sputter-deposited Cu thin film during photo resist ashing

Kwon, MS; Lee, JeongYongresearcher, APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, v.135, no.1-4, pp.101 - 106, 1998-09

O2/CF4 ECR 플라즈마를 이용한 RuO2박막의 건식식각 기구 연구

이원종researcher; 이응직; 김종삼, 한국재료학회 추계학술연구발표회, pp.0 - 0, 1996-01-01

$O_2/Cl_2$ ECR 플라즈마를 이용한 $RuO_2$ 박막의 건식 식각특성에 관한 연구 = Dry etching chacrateristics of $RuO_2$ thin film in $O_2/Cl_2$ electron cycl0tron resonance plasmalink

김종삼; Kim, Jong-Sam; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1997

Observation and origin of abnormal heptagonal-shape etch pit formed on PVT grown 4H-SiC

Jeong, Myoungho; Kim, DY; Hong, S; Eun, TH; Chun, M; Lee, Jeong Yongresearcher; Lee, WJ, European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials, ECS CRM, 2014-09-23

Observation of [110] surface band within {101} a-domain of heteroepitaxial PbTiO3 thin film fabricated by hydrothermal epitaxy

Choi, Si-Kyungresearcher; Ahn, SH; Jung, WW; Park, JC; Song, SA; Lim, CB; Cho, Y, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.88, no.5, 2006-01

Observation of Chemical Reactions between CaCO3 and Acid Solutions Using Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy

Dae, Kyun Seong; Koo, Kunmo; Lee, Jeong Yongresearcher, 2016 MRS Spring Meeting, Material Research Society, 2016-03-31

Observation of CuPt-Type Ordered Structure in CdZnTe during Organometallic Vapor Phase Epitaxial Growth

Kwon, Myoung-Seok; Lee, Jeong-Yongresearcher; Suh, Sang-Hee, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS PART 2-LETTERS, v.37, no.1AB, pp.21 - 23, 1998-01

Observation of domain nucleation and growth during switching process

No, Kwangsooresearcher, ECAPD VI, ECAPD, 1998-01-01

Observation of domain nucleation and growth during switching process

Hong, Daniel Seungbumresearcher; Colla, EL; Kim, E; No, Kwangsooresearcher; Taylor, DV; Tagantsev, AK; Muralt, P; et al, FERROELECTRICS, v.223, no.1-4, pp.143 - 143, 1999

Observation of Donor-to-Acceptor Conversion of Dy at Grain Boundaries in Calcium Copper Titanate

Jo, Giyoung; Chung, Sung Yoonresearcher; Kang, Suk Joong Lresearcher, 한국세라믹학회 2016년도 추계학술대회, 한국세라믹학회, 2016-11-25

Observation of Ge2Sb2Te5 thin film phase transition behavior according to the number of cycles using transmission electron microscope and scanning probe microscope

Kim, H; Choi, Si-Kyungresearcher; Kang,S; Oh, K.; Kweon, S, 2006 MRS Fall Meeting, pp.206 - 212, 2006-11-27

Observation of mechanical fracture and corresponding domain structure changes of polycrystalline PbTiO3 nanotubes

Choi, Hyun-Woo; Hong, Daniel Seungbumresearcher; Kim, Yun-Seok; Kim, Myung-Jun; Sung, Tae-Hyun; Shin, Hyun-Jung; No, Kwang-Sooresearcher, PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI-RAPID RESEARCH LETTERS, v.5, no.2, pp.59 - 61, 2011-02

Observation of passive films on Fe-20Cr-xNi (x=0, 10, 20 wt.%) alloys using TEM and Cs-corrected STEM-EELS

Oh, Kkoch Nim; Ahn, Soohoon; Eom, KwangSup; Jung, Ki Min; Kwon, Hyuk-Sangresearcher, CORROSION SCIENCE, v.79, pp.34 - 40, 2014-02

Observation of Perpendicular Magnetic Domain Structure of L10FePt Epitaxial Thin Film using Electron Holography

Park, Joong Keunresearcher; Lee, W.H.; Yoo, J.H.; Yang, J.M., ICAUMS 2010 International Conference of AUMS , The Asian Union of Magnetics Societies (AUMS), 2010-12

Observation of phase separation and ordering in the InAlAs epilayer grown on InP at the low temperature

Cho, HK; Lee, JeongYongresearcher; Kwon, MS; Lee, B; Baek, JH; Han, WS, MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING B-SOLID STATE MATERIALS FOR ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY, v.64, no.3, pp.174 - 179, 1999-10


Park, Joong Keunresearcher; ARDELL, AJ, SCRIPTA METALLURGICA ET MATERIALIA, v.26, no.11, pp.1759 - 1762, 1992-06

Observation of sequential growth and etching of Au nanocrystals using graphene liquid cell electron microscopy

Kim, Sang Yun; Dae, Kyun Seong; KUNMO, KOO; Kim, Daewoon; Park, Jung Jae; Jae Won Shin; Lee, Jeong Yongresearcher; et al, EAMC3, Korea Society of Microscopy, 2017-11-08

Observation of stress relaxation via step formation in Co/Pt metallic superlattices

Shin, Sung-Chulresearcher; Kim, YS; Kim, HS; Lee, JeongYongresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.76, no.7, pp.831 - 833, 2000-02

Observation of Surface Atoms during Platinum Nanocrystal Growth by Monomer Attachment

Jeong, Myoungho; Yuk, Jong Minresearcher; Lee, Jeong-Yongresearcher, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.27, no.9, pp.3200 - 3202, 2015-05

Observation of the Si lattice strain in the Si(001)-SiO2 interface transition layer using medium energy ion scattering

최시경researcher; 김영필; 김현경; 문대원, 추계 한국요업학회, pp.129 -, 1997



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