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Electrodes with high power and high capacity for rechargeable lithium batteries

Kang KSresearcher; Meng YS; Breger J; Grey CP; Ceder G, SCIENCE, v.311, no.5763, pp.977 - 980, 2006-02

Synthesis and electrochemical properties of layered Li0.9Ni0.45Ti0.55O2

Kang Kresearcher; Carlier D; John J; Arroyo EM; Ceder G; Croguennec L; Delmas C, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.15, no.23, pp.4503 - 4507, 2003-11

Synthesis, electrochemical properties, and phase stability of Li2NiO2 with the Immm structure

Kang Kresearcher; Chen CH; Hwang BJ; Ceder G, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.16, no.13, pp.2685 - 2690, 2004-06

The electronic structure and band gap of LiFePO4 and LiMnPO4

Zhou F; Kang KSresearcher; Maxisch T; Ceder G; Morgan D, SOLID STATE COMMUNICATIONS, v.132, no.3-4, pp.181 - 186, 2004-10

The Li intercalation potential of LiMPO4 and LiMSiO4 olivines with M = Fe, Mn, Co, Ni

Zhou F; Cococcioni M; Kang Kresearcher; Ceder G, ELECTROCHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS, v.6, no.11, pp.1144 - 1148, 2004-11



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