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Formation of fine pitch solder bumps on polytetrafluoroethylene printed circuit board using dry film photoresist

Lee, JS; Chu, KM; Park, HyoHoonresearcher; Jeon, DukYoungresearcher, Proceedings of 2004 International IEEE Conference on Asian Green Electronics (AGEC), pp.117 - 122, AGEC, 2004-01-05

Formation of stacking faults and misfit dislocations during Zn diffusion-enhanced intermixing of a GaInAsP/InP heterostructure

Park, HyoHoonresearcher; Nam, ES; Lee, YT; Lee, EH; Lee, JeongYongresearcher; Kwon, OD, MRS Symposium 1990, pp.591 - 591, 1990-12-01

Improvement of adhesion and microwave transmission characteristics of indium bump by silver coating for low temperature flip-chip applications

Chu, KM; Choi, JH; Lee, JS; Cho, HS; Park, SeongOokresearcher; Park, HyoHoonresearcher; Jeon, DukYoungresearcher, Materials, Intergration and Packaging Issues for High-Frequency Devices II, v.833, pp.75 - 80, Materials Research Society Symposium, 2004-11-29

Stabilization of transverse mode emission in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers by deposition of high refractive index amorphous GaAs

Park, HyoHoonresearcher; Yoo, BS; Chu, HY; Lee, EH; Park, MS; Ahn, Byung Taeresearcher; Shin, JH; et al, MRS Symposium 1996, pp.75 - 80, MRS, 1996-01-02

Strain relaxation via interface nucleation of misfit dislocations in intermixing layers

Park, HyoHoonresearcher; Lee, JK; Lee, EH; Lee, JeongYongresearcher; Hong, SK, MRS Symposium 1992, pp.479 - 487, MRS, 1992-05-01



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