Characterization and processing optimization of new human originated antibody producing cell line, F2N78 = 새로운 인간 유래 항체 생산용 세포주인 F2N78의 특성 규명과 공정 최적화

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As the biopharmaceutical industry and market have grown rapidly, the quality of biopharmaceutical proteins have also become important than a few years ago. Because the biopharmaceutical proteins normally are injected to human directly, many people is interested about the safety, the immunogenicity and half-life, and the efficiency, bioactivity as ADCC or CDC. The CHO cell lines used dominantly now are the outstanding cell line as producing cell line, however the limitation of quality derived from the difference of species is hard to overcome. As this point, F2N78, the new human fusion cell line, is able to become the attractive alternative of CHO cell lines for next generation. As a first step, The expression and selection system was developed for new host cell lines, F2N78. A stable mammalian cell line which expresses a heterologous gene of interest is usually established by introducing the heterologous gene in a various host cell line together with a selectable marker gene by transfection. To get high secreting production cell lines expression vector has usually a selection maker gene with lower level of production condition by manipulating the genes, thereby the surviving cells express higher level production of heterologous transgene by amplifying the whole expression vector in the integrated state. F2N78 is not a metabolic-deficient engineered cell line as DG44. So It is needed to develop new concept selection system able to F2N78 directly. Study for a selection marker without functional polyA tail, without poly A system, to see the impact of this element in generation of stable production cell line showed a significant benefit. The clones transfected ‘without poly A’ selection marker showed higher production of antibody that that of traditional selection system. In addition, this new selection system maintain the antibody production through entire culture scale up from 96 well-plate to shake flask, and was more stable than the traditional system that d...
Lee, Gyun-Minresearcher이균민
한국과학기술원 : 생명과학과,
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513586/325007  / 020088034

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 생명과학과, 2013.2, [ viii, 91 p. ]


glycosylation; without poly A; F2N78; aglycosylation; pH; F2N78; without poly A; glycosylation; aglycosylation; pH; 온도; 온도

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