Zener 모델을 사용한 동흡진기 특성 연구A Study on Dynamic Vibration Absorber Using Zener`s Model

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A dynamic vibration absorber using the Zener's model has been taken into account with respect to frequency response characteristics. The concept of the tuned mass damper with a single degree of freedom has been well applied for many industrial fields, because many researchers have extensively studied various basic characteristics, performance and optimization methods for long time. The Zener's model has an additional spring, which is connected between a damper and a mass, while the tuned mass damper with a single degree of freedom consists of a mass, a spring and a damper connected in parallel. In previous works, the basic performance and characteristics of the Zoner's model as a dynamic vibration absorber have not been investigated. In this study, the frequency response characteristics according to the parameter change of the Zener's model have been described. In order to find the optimum value of several parameters, we use iterative scheme with three dimensional frequency response diagram by MATLAB programming. Present results shows the Zener's model can give more good damping performance than the simple tuned mass damper, and the numerical of optimization method should be developed for the efficient vibration absorbtion.
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한국소음진동공학회 2005년도 추계학술대회, pp.159 - 163

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