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A branch and bound algorithm for a production scheduling problem in an assembly system under due date constraints

Park, MW; Kim, Yeong-Daeresearcher, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, v.123, no.3, pp.504 - 518, 2000-06

A branch-and-bound algorithm for a two-machine flowshop scheduling problem with limited waiting time constraints

Joo, Byung Jun; Kim, Yeong-Daeresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY, v.60, pp.572 - 582, 2009-04

Algorithms for a two-machine flowshop problem with jobs of two classes

Jeong, BongJoo; Kim, Yeong-Daeresearcher; Shim, Sang-Oh, INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTIONS IN OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, v.27, no.6, pp.3123 - 3143, 2020-11

An automated system for motor function assessment in stroke patients using motion sensing technology: A pilot study

Sheng, Bo; Wang, Xiangbin; Hou, Meijin; Huang, Jia; Xiong, Shupingresearcher; Zhang, Yanxin, MEASUREMENT, v.161, 2020-09

Component allocation and feeder arrangement for a dual-gantry multi-head surface mounting placement tool

Sun, DS; Lee, Tae-Eogresearcher; Kim, KH, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS, v.95, no.2, pp.245 - 264, 2005-02

Efficient operation of a multi-functional surface mounting device

Yu, S; Sohn, J; Park, Sungsooresearcher; Oh, BJ, COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, v.33, no.3-4, pp.797 - 800, 1997-12

Generating interpretable fuzzy rules for adaptive job dispatching

Lee, KK; Yoon, Wan Chulresearcher; Baek, DH, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH, v.39, no.5, pp.1011 - 1030, 2001-03

Guide surface based tool path generation in 3-axis milling: an extension of the guide plane method

Kim, BH; Choi, Byoung Kyuresearcher, COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, v.32, no.3, pp.191 - 199, 2000-03

Heuristics for search sequencing under time-dependent probabilities of existence

Lee, Ho-Joo; Kim, Yeong-Daeresearcher, COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH, v.34, no.7, pp.2010 - 2024, 2007-07

Minimizing makespan in a two-machine flowshop with a limited waiting time constraint and sequence-dependent setup times

An, Young-Jin; Kim, Yeong-Daeresearcher; Choi, Seong-Woo, COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH, v.71, pp.127 - 136, 2016-07

Minimizing total tardiness of orders with reentrant lots in a hybrid flowshop

Choi, SW; Kim, Yeong-Daeresearcher; Lee, GC, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH, v.43, pp.2149 - 2167, 2005-06

Part-mix allocation in a hybrid manufacturing system with a flexible manufacturing cell and a conventional jobshop

Lee, DH; Kim, Yeong-Daeresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH, v.34, no.5, pp.1347 - 1360, 1996-05

Receiver set partitioning and sequencing for multicasting traffic in a WDM lightwave single-hop network

Sung, Chang Supresearcher; Rim, HC, JOURNAL OF THE OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY, v.55, no.6, pp.630 - 639, 2004-06

Scheduling of Products with Common and Product-Dependent ComponentsManufactured at a Single Facility

Sung, Chang Supresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY, v.44, no.8, pp.773 - 784, 1993-01

Three-machine flow shop scheduling with overlapping waiting time constraints

Kim, Hyunjungresearcher; Lee, Jun-Ho, COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH, v.101, pp.93 - 102, 2019-01

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