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Scaling of rough-wall turbulence by the roughness height and steepness

Ma, Guo-Zhen; Xu, Chun-Xiao; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher; Huang, Wei-Xi, JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, v.900, 2020-10

Stacking fault energy-dependent plastic deformation of face-centered-cubic metal nanowires under torsional loading

Lee, Sangryun; Ryu, Ill; Ryu, Seunghwaresearcher, EXTREME MECHANICS LETTERS, v.40, 2020-10

Engine Indicated Torque Estimation of a Naturally Aspired Gasoline Engine

Park, Jinrak; Choi, Seibumresearcher; Oh, Jiwon; Eo, Jeongsoo, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, v.21, no.5, pp.1195 - 1205, 2020-10

Loop-Net: Joint Unsupervised Disparity and Optical Flow Estimation of Stereo Videos with Spatiotemporal Loop Consistency

Kim, Taewoo; Ryu, Kwonyoung; Song, Kyeongseob; Yoon, Kuk-Jinresearcher, IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS, v.5, no.4, pp.5597 - 5604, 2020-10

공군 활주로 제설작전 차량 무인화를 위한 경로추종 알고리즘 설계

한승호; 송형주; 이민영; 차무현; 김경수researcher, 한국군사학논집, v.76, no.3, pp.421 - 434, 2020-10

Vehicle Side-Slip Angle Estimation of Ground Vehicles Based on a Lateral Acceleration Compensation

Cho, Kwanghyun; Son, Hyunwoo; Wang, Yafei; Nam, Kanghyun; Choi, Seibumresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.8, pp.180433 - 180443, 2020-10

Microfluidic resonators with two parallel channels for independent sample loading and effective density tuning

Lee, Jungchulresearcher; Khan, Faheem; Thundat, Thomas; Lee, Bong Jaeresearcher, MICRO AND NANO SYSTEMS LETTERS, v.8, no.16, pp.1 - 7, 2020-10

Development of FSR-Crutch Module for Real-Time Evaluation of Walking Performance in the Rehabilitative Applications

박경원; 이대호; 공경철researcher, Journal of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems , v.26, no.10, pp.856 - 862, 2020-10

Sintering-resistant platinum electrode achieved through atomic layer deposition for thin-film solid oxide fuel cells

Seo, Han Gil; Ji, Sanghoon; Seo, Jongsu; Kim, Sanwi; Koo, Bonjae; Choi, Yoonseok; Kim, Hyunseung; et al, JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, v.835, 2020-09

Ultralow jitter silica microcomb

Jeong, Dongin; Kwon, Dohyeon; Jeon, Igju; Do, In Hwan; Kim, Jungwonresearcher; Lee, Hansuekresearcher, OPTICA, v.7, no.9, pp.1108 - 1111, 2020-09

A Janus emitter for passive heat release from enclosures

Heo, Se-Yeon; Lee, Gil Ju; Kim, Hyeon; Kim, Yeong Jae; Ishii, Satoshi; Kim, Min Seok; Seok, Tae Joon; et al, SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.6, no.36, pp.eabb1906, 2020-09

Effectiveness analysis of pre-cooling methods on hydrogen liquefaction process

Yang, Yejun; Park, Taejin; Kwon, Dohoon; Jin, Linxue; Jeong, Sangkwonresearcher, PROGRESS IN SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND CRYOGENICS, v.22, no.3, pp.20 - 24, 2020-09

A dual-ion accepting vanadium carbide nanowire cathode integrated with carbon cloths for high cycling stability

Nam, Sanghee; Thangasamy, Pitchai; Oh, Saewoong; Mahato, Manmatha; Koratkar, Nikhil; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, NANOSCALE, v.12, no.40, pp.20868 - 20874, 2020-09

Electrically controllable terahertz second-harmonic generation in GaAs

Lee, Kanghee; Park, Jagang; Kang, Bong Joo; Kim, Won Tae; Kim, Hyeon-Don; Baek, Soojeong; Ahn, Kwang Jun; et al, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.8, no.18, pp.2000359, 2020-09

Auto-calibration of position offset for PMSM drives with uncertain parameters

Choi, Kyunghwan; Kim, Yonghun; Kim, Seok-Kyoon; Kim, Kyung-Sooresearcher, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.56, no.20, pp.1048 - 1051, 2020-09

High-speed optical coherence tomography angiography for the measurement of stimulus-induced retrograde vasodilation of cerebral pial arteries in awake mice

Shin, Paul; Yoon, Jin-Hui; Jeong, Yongresearcher; Oh, Wang-Yuhlresearcher, NEUROPHOTONICS, v.7, no.3, pp.030502, 2020-09

Efficient Capture and Raman Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells by Nano-Undulated AgNPs-rGO Composite SERS Substrates

Park, Jong-Eun; Oh, Nuri; Nam, Hyeono; Park, Ji-Horesearcher; Kim, Sanharesearcher; Jeon, Jessie S.researcher; Yang, Minyangresearcher, SENSORS, v.20, no.18, 2020-09

Autonomous collision detection and avoidance for ARAGON USV: Development and field tests

Han, Jungwook; Cho, Yonghoon; Kim, Jonghwi; Kim, Jinwhanresearcher; Son, Nam-sun; Kim, Sun Young, JOURNAL OF FIELD ROBOTICS, v.37, no.6, pp.987 - 1002, 2020-09

A robust torque control approach for gear shift of a parallel hybrid electric vehicle with dual clutch transmission

Kim, Sooyoung; Choi, Seibumresearcher, NOISE CONTROL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, v.68, no.5, pp.399 - 405, 2020-09

Desolvation-Triggered Versatile Transfer-Printing of Pure BN Films with Thermal-Optical Dual Functionality

Han, Yujin; Han, Hyeuk Jin; Rah, Yoonhyuk; Kim, Cheolgyu; Kim, Moohyum; Lim, Hunhee; Ahn, Kwang Ho; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.32, no.38, pp.2002099, 2020-09



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