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Statistical behaviour of self-similar structures in canonical wall turbulence

Hwang, Jinyul; Lee, Jae Hwa; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS, v.905, 2020-12

Development of MERCURY for simulation of multidimensional fuel behavior for LOCA condition

Kim, Hyochan; Lee, Sunguk; Kim, Jinsu; Yoon, Jeongwhanresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.369, 2020-12

AEPA2018 SPECIAL ISSUE: Evolution in metal forming research

Yoon, Jeong Whanresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, v.135, 2020-12

In vivo imaging of reactive oxygen species (ROS)-producing pro-inflammatory macrophages in murine carotid atheromas using a CD44-targetable and ROS-responsive nanosensor

Park, Eun Jin; Song, Joon Woo; Kim, Hyun Jung; Kim, Chang-Soo; Song, Yeong Jun; Yang, Dae Hyeok; Yoo, Hongkiresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL AND ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY, v.92, pp.158 - 166, 2020-12

Microscopic Spray Characteristics of Biodiesels Derived From Karanja, Jatropha, and Waste Cooking Oils

Patel, Chetankumar; Hwang, Joonsik; Bae, Choongsikresearcher; Agarwal, Rashmi A.; Agarwal, Avinash Kumar, JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESOURCES TECHNOLOGY-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, v.142, no.12, 2020-12

Boosting the Performance of Solid Oxide Electrolysis CellsviaIncorporation of Gd(3+)and Nd(3+)Double-doped Ceria

Park, J. H.; Kim, K. J.; Jung, C. H.; Jeong, W.; Shin, H. R.; Hong, J. -E.; Lee, Kang Taekresearcher, FUEL CELLS, v.6, pp.712 - 717, 2020-12

A multiplicative plastic hardening model in consideration of strain softening and strain rate: Theoretical derivation and characterization of model parameters with simple tension and creep test

Kim, Hyunki; Yoon, Jeong Whanresearcher; Chung, Kwansoo; Lee, Myoung-Gyu, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCES, v.187, 2020-12

Highly robust nanostructured carbon films by thermal reconfiguration of ionomer binding

Pyo, Jae-Bum; Kim, Ji Hun; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.8, no.46, pp.24763 - 24773, 2020-12

A mechanistic model for nucleate pool boiling including the effect of bubble coalescence on area fractions

Kim, Minchang; Kim, Sung Jinresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.163, pp.120453, 2020-12

Deep learned finite elements

Jung, Jaeho; Yoon, Kyungho; Lee, Phill-Seungresearcher, COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING, v.372, 2020-12

An Interlocking Fibrillar Polymer Layer for Mechanical Stability of Perovskite Solar Cells

Jeong, Seonju; Lee, Inhwa; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher; Lee, Jung-Yongresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES, v.7, no.23, 2020-12

Remote Assessment of Post-Stroke Elbow Function Using Internet-Based Telerobotics: A Proof-of-Concept Study

Kim, Jonghyun; Sin, Minki; Kim, Won-Seok; Min, Yu-Sun; Kim, Woojin; Paik, Nam-Jong; Cho, Kyujin; et al, FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY, v.11, 2020-12

Estimation of the ground reaction forces from a single video camera based on the spring-like center of mass dynamics of human walking

Jeong, Hyunho; Park, Sukyungresearcher, JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, v.113, 2020-12

Spring-loaded inverted pendulum modeling improves neural network estimation of ground reaction forces

Kim, Bumjoon; Lim, Hyerim; Park, Sukyungresearcher, JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, v.113, 2020-12

Visualization of two-dimensional transverse blood flow direction using optical coherence tomography angiography

Shin, Inho; Oh, Wang-Yuhlresearcher, JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS, v.25, no.12, 2020-12

Chemo-Mechanically Operating Palladium-Polymer Nanograting Film for a Self-Powered H-2 Gas Sensor

Seo, Min-Ho; Kang, Kyungnam; Yoo, Jae-Young; Park, Jaeho; Lee, Jae-Shin; Cho, Incheol; Kim, Beom-Jun; et al, ACS NANO, v.14, no.12, pp.16813 - 16822, 2020-12

Enhancement of the round-trip efficiency of liquid air energy storage (LAES) system using cascade cold storage units

Kim, Jhongkwon; Byeon, Byeongchang; Kim, Kyoung Joong; Jeong, Sangkwonresearcher, PROGRESS IN SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND CRYOGENICS, v.22, no.4, pp.45 - 50, 2020-12

튜머로이드-혈관신생 상호작용의 가시화를 위한 개방형 구조 미세유체 칩 개발

김승규; 김지원; 박준하; 오상윤; 신현정researcher; 전성윤researcher, 한국가시화정보학회지, v.18, no.3, pp.1 - 6, 2020-12

Precise infrared thermometry with considering background radiation for gas turbine air cooling application

Shin, Dong Hwan; Kim, Mingeon; Kim, Jin Sub; Lee, Bong Jaeresearcher; Lee, Jungho, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCES, v.158, pp.106534, 2020-12

The turbulent/non-turbulent interface in an adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layer

Yang, Jongmin; Yoon, Min; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND FLUID FLOW, v.86, 2020-12



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