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Prediction of flow field in a MCFC stack with channels of complex shape

Ryu, D.N.; Choi, Do Hyungresearcher, Second International Conference on Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and Technology, pp.305 - 310, 2004-06-14

Prediction of forming limit diagrams of DP590 steel based on the M-K model with experimental verification

YANSHAN LOU; SEOKBONG KIM; CHANSOO LEE; Huh, Hoonresearcher, Proceedings of 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on AEPA 2010, Advances in engineering plasticity and its applications, 2010-11-15

Prediction of Forming Pressure Curve for Hydroforming Processes Using Artificial Neural Network

CHO HYUNG SUCKresearcher, pp.108 - 121, 1994-01-01

Prediction of fracture forming limit for DP780 steel sheet

Lou, Yanshan; Lim, Sung-Jun; Huh, Hoonresearcher, METALS AND MATERIALS INTERNATIONAL, v.19, no.4, pp.697 - 705, 2013-07

Prediction of fracture in a hub-hole expansion with a defected-edge model

Lee, J. S.; Huh, H., proc. KSTP, pp.131~134, 2004

Prediction of fracture in hub hole expansion process using ductile fracture criteria

Ko, Y. K.; Lee, J. S.; Huh, H.; Kim, H. K.; Park, S. H., proc. KSTP, pp.160-163, 2004

Prediction of fracture in hub-hole expanding process using a new ductile fracture criterion

, Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Forming and Die Manufacturing Technology, Busan, September 2006, 2007-06-12

Prediction of fracture in hub-hole expanding process using a new ductile fracture criterion

Ko, Youn-Ki; Lee, J. S.; Huh, Hoonresearcher; Kim, H. K.; Park, S. H., JOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY, v.187, no.12, pp.358 - 362, 2007-06

Prediction of Fracture in Hub-hole Expansion Process Using a New Ductile Fracture Criterion

Ko, Y.K.; Lee, J.S.; Huh, Hoonresearcher; Kim, H.K.; Park, S.H., 3rd International Conference on Advanced Forming and Die Manufacturing Technology 2006, v.187-188, pp.358 - 362, AFDM 2006, 2006-09-04

Prediction of Fracture Initiation in Square Cup Drawing of DP980 Using an Anisotropic Ductile Fracture Criterion

Park, Namsu; Huh, Hoonresearcher; Yoon, Jeong Whanresearcher, 36th IDDRG Conference, IDDRG, 2017-07-03

Prediction of fracture initiation in square cup drawing of DP980 using an anisotropic ductile fracture criterion

Park, N; Huh, H; Yoon, Jeong Whanresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS: CONFERENCE SERIES, v.896, no.1, 2017-09

Prediction of Fracture Strains for DP980 Steel Sheets Using a Modified Lou–Huh Ductile Fracture Criterion

Park, Namsu; Huh, Hoonresearcher, AEPA 2014, AEPA, 2014-09-02

Prediction of Growth Behavior of Initially Semicircular Surface Cracks under Axial Loading; j.h.songresearcher, 대한기계학회논문집 A, v.16, no.8, pp.1536 - 1544, 1992

Prediction of Heat Transfer Between the Combustion Spaed and the Load

Kim, D.; Song, Tae-Horesearcher, Heat Transfer:Korea-US Seminar on Thermal Eng. and High Tech, pp.61 - 66, 1988-06

Prediction of heat transfer rate and pressure drop of a humid flue-gas flow across a tube bank for waste heat recovery

Jeong D.W.; Lee, Sang Yongresearcher; Park B.K., 2001 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, v.369, no.2, pp.281 - 289, 2001-11-11

Prediction of heat transfer with $k-ε-f_μ$ model for an impinging jet flow = $k-ε-f_μ$ 모델에 의한 충돌젯의 열전달에 관한 수치적 연구link

Hahm, Su-Ok; 함수옥; Kim, Moon-Uhnresearcher; Sung, Hyung-Jin; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1998

Prediction of Heavy-Weight Floor Impact Noise in the Multiple Dwellings

Yum, Sung-Kon; Park, Sy-Ho; Ih, Jeong-Guonresearcher; Jang, Hae-Won, Inter-Noise 2012, InterNoise, 2012-08-20

Prediction of Helicopter Rotor Loads Using Time-Spectral Computational Fluid Dynamics and an Exact Fluid-Structure Interface

Choi, Seongimresearcher; Datta, Anubhav; Alonso, Juan J., JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN HELICOPTER SOCIETY, v.56, no.4, pp.1 - 15, 2011-10

Prediction of High-Frequency Sound Radiation

Ih, Jeong-Guonresearcher, Inter-Noise 2003, pp.0 - 0, 2003-08

Prediction of intake noise of an automotive engine in run-up condition

Ih, Jeong-Guonresearcher; Kim, Hoi-Jeon; Lee, Seong-Hyun; Shinoda, K, APPLIED ACOUSTICS, v.70, no.2, pp.347 - 355, 2009-02



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