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Kinodynamic Motion Planning for Multi-Legged Robot Jumping Via Mixed-Integer Convex Program

Ding, Yanran; Li, Chuanzheng; Park, Hae-Wonresearcher, IROS 2020 : International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pp.3998 - 4005, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2020-10-25

Knee contact force estimation using dynamics simulation

구승범researcher, The 62nd Annual Congress of the Korean Orthopaedic Association, 대한정형외과학회, 2018-10-18

Knee joint kinematics during walking influences the spatial cartilage thickness distribution in the knee

Koo, Seungbumresearcher; Rylander, Jonathan H.; Andriacchi, Thomas P., JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, v.44, no.7, pp.1405 - 1409, 2011-04

Knee kinematics, cartilage morphology, and osteoarthritis after ACL injury

Chaudhari, Art M. W.; Briant, Paul L.; Bevill, Scott L.; Koo, Seungbumresearcher; Andriacchi, Thomas P., MEDICINE AND SCIENCE IN SPORTS AND EXERCISE, v.40, no.2, pp.215 - 222, 2008-02

Knock Characteristics in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)-Dimethyl Ether (DME) and Gasoline-DME Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engines

Yeom, Kitae; Bae, Choongsikresearcher, ENERGY FUELS, v.23 , no.SI, pp.1956 - 1964, 2009

Knock Characteristics in LPG-DME and Gasoline-DME Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engines

Yeom, K.-T.; Bae, C.-S.researcher, 대한기계학회 학술대회 , 대한기계학회, 2007

Knowledge distillation and student-teacher learning for visual intelligence: A review and new outlooks

Wang, Lin; Yoon, Kuk-Jinresearcher, IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2020, IEEE CVPR, 2020-06-13

Knowledge-based configuration design of a train bogie

Lee, Jangyong; Han, Soonhungresearcher, JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.24, no.12, pp.2503 - 2510, 2010-12

Knowledge-based parametric design of mechanical products based on configuration design method

Myung, S; Han, Soonhungresearcher, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.21, no.2, pp.99 - 107, 2001-08

KOMPSAT-1 위성구조체에 대한 SEA 적용사례

정철호; 이정권researcher; 김영기; 김홍배, 한국음향학회 2004년도 추계학술발표대회, pp.211 - 214, 한국음향학회, 2004

KOMPSAT-1 위성구조체에 대한 SEA 적용사례

Ih, JGresearcher; Jeong, CH; Kim, YK; Kim, HB, ASKProc of the Autumn Meeting of the ASK, pp.211 - 214, 2004-11

KOMSAT-II Scale 모델의 실험적 연성 손실 인자 산출

Ih, Jeong-Guonresearcher, ASK, pp.0 - 0, 2003-10

Korean R&D projects to develop methane hydrate in East Sea of Korea

Seo, Yu Taekresearcher, 8th International Workshop on Methane Hydrate Research & Development, Fiery Ice International Steering Committee, 2012-05-29

KrF excimer laser ablation of thin Cr film on glass substrate

Lee, SK; Na, Suck-Jooresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE PROCESSING, v.68, no.4, pp.417 - 423, 1999-04

KrF 엑사이머 레이저를 이용한 크롬박막 제거특성 및 패턴형성에 관한 연구 = A study on the KrF excimer laser ablation characteristics and micro-patterning of Cr film on glass substratelink

이성국; Lee, Seong-Kuk; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2000

KSR-III 포고현상 해석과 제어에 관한 연구

장홍석; 연정흠; 윤성기researcher, 제3회 우주발사체기술 심포지움, pp.149 - 156, 2002-03

KW-class diesel autothermal reformer with MicroChannel catalyst for solid oxide fuel cell system

Yoon, S.; Kang, I.; Bae, G.; Bae, Joongmyeonresearcher, Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers, v.32, no.7, pp.558 - 565, 2008-07

kWe diesel autothermal reformer with microchannel catalyst

윤상호; 배규종; 배중면researcher, KSME 2008 Annual Spring Conference, KSME, 2008-04

L 단면 형상환상압연공정에서의 토르크에 대한 이론적 고찰및 실험과의 비교 = Theoretical predictions and comparisons with experiment for torque in L-section profile ring rollinglink

류장수; Ryu, Jang-Soo; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1980

L 자형 유동 조건에서 방사형 플레이트 휜 히트싱크의 열성능 최적화에 관한 연구 = Thermal optimization of radial plate-fin heat sinks under L-shaped flowlink

이길호; Lee, Gil Ho; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016



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