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A new three-dimensional variable-node finite element and its application for fluid-solid interaction problems

Kang, Yong-Soo; Kim, Jungdo; Sohn, Dongwoo; Kim, Jeong Ho; Kim, Hyun-Gyu; Im, Seyoungresearcher, COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING, v.281, pp.81 - 105, 2014-11

A study on large-deformation contact behaviors using variable-node finite elements = 변절점 요소를 이용한 대변형 접촉 거동에 관한 연구link

Jin, seungmin; 진승민; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2015

An efficient three-dimensional adaptive quasicontinuum method using variable-node elements

Kwon, Sung-Jin; Lee, Young-Min; Park, Jong-Youn; Sohn, Dong-Woo; Lim, Jae-Hyuk; Im, Se-Youngresearcher, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS, v.228, no.13, pp.4789 - 4810, 2009-07

Quasicontinuum method using variable-node elements and its applications for simulations of nanostructures = 변절점 요소를 이용한 준연속체 방법 및 나노 구조물 변형 모사에의 응용link

Kwon, Sung-Jin; 권성진; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

Three-dimensional variable-node elements based upon CS-FEM for elastic-plastic analysis

Lee, Kyehyung; Son, Youngtak; Im, Seyoungresearcher, COMPUTERS STRUCTURES, v.158, pp.308 - 332, 2015-10

Variable-node finite elements for elasto-plastic analysis = 탄소성 해석을 위한 변절점 유한요소link

Lee, Kye-hyung; 이계형; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2014



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