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Fuzzy-inference-based failure mode and effects analysis of the hydrogen production process using Thermococcus onnurineus NA1

Park, Sungho; Ahn, Junkeon; Choi, Kwangsoon; Kim, Suhyun; Yoo, Youngdon; Kang, Sungkyun; Chang, Daejunresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, v.44, no.26, pp.13135 - 13146, 2019-05

Improved configuration of supported nickel catalysts in a steam reformer for effective hydrogen production from methane

Lee, Shin-Ku; Bae, Joong-Myeonresearcher; Lim, Sung-Kwang; Park, Joon-Guen, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.180, no.1, pp.506 - 515, 2008-05

Numerical Simulation of Operating Parameters in a Methane Fueled Steam Reforming Reactor

Park, Joon-Guen; Bae, Joong-Myeonresearcher, JOURNAL OF FUEL CELL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.8, no.5, 2011-10

Pressurized diesel fuel processing using hydrogen peroxide for the fuel cell power unit in low-oxygen environments

Lee, Kwangho; Han, Gwangwoo; Cho, Sungbaek; Bae, Joongmyeonresearcher, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.380, pp.37 - 45, 2018-03

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