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Evaluation of sleeved implant fixation using a rat model

Choi, Donok; Yoon, Yong-Sanresearcher; Hwang, Deuksoo, MEDICAL ENGINEERING PHYSICS, v.33, no.3, pp.310 - 314, 2011-04

In vitro measurement of interface micromotion and crack in cemented total hip arthroplasty systems with different surface roughness

Choi, Donok; Park, Youngbae; Yoon, Yong-Sanresearcher; Masri, Bassam A., CLINICAL BIOMECHANICS, v.25, no.1, pp.50 - 55, 2010-01

Kinematics of lower limbs during walking are emulated by springy walking model with a compliantly connected, off-centered curvy foot

Lim, Hyerim; Park, Sukyungresearcher, JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, v.71, pp.119 - 126, 2018-04

Mechanical aspects of degree of cement bonding and implant wedge effect

Yoon, Yong-Sanresearcher; Oxland, Thomas R.; Hodgson, Antony J.; Duncan, Clive P.; Masri, Bassam A.; Choi, Donok, CLINICAL BIOMECHANICS, v.23, no.9, pp.1141 - 1147, 2008-11



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