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A feasibility study on indirect identification of transmission forces through rubber bushing in vehicle suspension system by using vibration signals measured on links

Chae, CK; Bae, BK; Kim, Kwang-joonresearcher; Park, JH; Choe, NC, VEHICLE SYSTEM DYNAMICS, v.33, no.5, pp.327 - 349, 2000

A hilbert transform approach in source identification via multiple-input single-output modeling for correlated inputs

Bae, BK; Kim, Kwang-joonresearcher, MECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING, v.12, no.4, pp.501 - 513, 1998-07

Analysis of a Passenger Car Interior Noise under Driving Conditions by the MISO Modeling Technique

Bae, BK; Kim, Kwang-joonresearcher; Kim, YK; Kim, Yang-Hannresearcher; Kim, MG; Hyun, CH, the 15th International Modal Analysis Conference, pp.613 - 618, 1997

Estimation of operational strains from vibration measurements: An application to lead wires of chips on printed circuit board

Seo, SW; Kim, Kwang-joonresearcher; Bae, BK, JOURNAL OF SOUND AND VIBRATION, v.210, no.5, pp.567 - 579, 1998-03

Identification of Forces Transmitted onto Car Body through Rubber Bushings in Suspension System under Driving Conditions

Chae, CK; Lee, JH; Kim, Kwang-joonresearcher; Lim, JK; Bae, BK; Choi, SK, Proceedings of the 1999 SAE Noise and Vibration Conference, Society of Automotive Engineers, 1999-05

Indirect Identification of Transmission Forces through Rubber Bushing in Vehicle Suspension System by Using Vibration Signals on Links

Chae, CK; Bae, BK; Kim, Kwang-joonresearcher, International Conference on Vibration Engineering, pp.467 - 472, 1998

Use of Hilbert Transform for Priority Determination of Partially Correlated Inputs in Source Identification via MISO Modeling

Bae, BK; Kim, Kwang-joonresearcher, 14th Internatonal Modal Analysis Conference, pp.1237 - 1243, 1996



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