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J dependence in the 50Cr(7Li,6He)51Mn reaction at 28 MeV

W. W. Daehnick; Kim, Jae Eun, PHYSICAL REVIEW - SECTION C - NUCLEAR PHYSICS, v.23, no.2, pp.742 - 747, 1981-02

J(eff)=3/2 metallic phase and unconventional superconductivity in GaTa4Se8

Jeong, Min Yong; Chang, Seo Hyoung; Lee, Hyeong Jun; Sim, Jae-Hoon; Lee, Kyeong Jun; Janod, Etienne; Cario, Laurent; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.103, no.8, 2021-02

J-aggregation and disaggregation of indocyanine green in water

Rotermund, Fabian Marcel; Weigand, R; Penzkofer, A, CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.220, no.3, pp.385 - 392, 1997-08

Jacobi-Stirling numbers, Jacobi polynomials, and the left-definite analysis of the classical Jacobi differential expression

Everitt, W. N.; Kwon, Kil Hyun; Littlejohn, L. L.; Wellman, R.; Yoon, G. J., JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND APPLIED MATHEMATICS, v.208, no.1, pp.29 - 56, 2007-11

Jamming and condensation in one-dimensional driven flow

Soh, Hyungjoon; Ha, Meesoon; Jeong, Hawoong, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.97, no.3, pp.032120, 2018-03


Min, KyoungWook, ASTROPHYSICS AND SPACE SCIENCE, v.145, no.1, pp.167 - 169, 1988-06

Jet substructure and the search for neutral spin-one resonances in electroweak boson channels

Katz, Andrey; Son, Minho; Tweedie, Brock, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, no.3, 2011-03

Jet substructure at the Tevatron and LHC: new results, new tools, new benchmarks.

Altheimer, A.; Arora, S.; Asquith, L.; Brooijmans, G.; Butterworth, J.; Campanelli, M.; Chapleau, B.; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS G-NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICS, v.39, no.6, 2012-06

Joint conditional Gaussian graphical models with multiple sources of genomic data

Chun, Hyonho; Chen, M; Li, B; Zhao, H, Frontiers in Genetics, v.4, no.DEC, 2013-12

Joint estimation and regularized aggregation of brain network in FMRI data

Chung, Jongik; Jackson, Brooke S; Mcdowell, Jennifer E; Park, Cheolwoo, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS, v.364, pp.109374, 2021-12

Joule heating in ferromagnetic nanowires: Prediction and observation

Kim, Kab-Jin; Lee, Jae-Chul; Choe, Sug-Bong; Shin, Kyung-Ho, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.92, no.19, 2008-05

Jx: An open-source software for calculating magnetic interactions based on magnetic force theory

Yoon, Hongkee; Kim, Taek Jung; Sim, Jae-Hoon; Han, Myung Joon, COMPUTER PHYSICS COMMUNICATIONS, v.247, pp.106927, 2020-02

k-asymmetric spin splitting at the interface between transition metal ferromagnets and heavy metals

Grytsyuk, Sergiy; Belabbes, Abderrezak; Haney, Paul M.; Lee, Hyun-Woo; Lee, Kyung-Jin; Stiles, M. D.; Schwingenschlogl, Udo; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.93, no.17, 2016-05

K4GeP4Se12: a case for phase-change nonlinear optical chalcogenide

Jang, J. I.; Park, S.; Harrison, C. M.; Clark, D. J.; Morris, C. D.; Chung, In; Kanatzidis, M. G., OPTICS LETTERS, v.38, no.8, pp.1316 - 1318, 2013-04

KAIST 토카막의 Ohmic Heating 장치개발

양장규; 최재훈; 최정완; 허승희; 서성헌; 권기청; 장홍영; et al, 응용물리, v.6, no.5, pp.407 - 413, 1993-09

KAIST-TOKAMAK 플라즈마 방전 자동화시스템 개발

권기청; 김재현; 선창래; 전상진; 허승회; 문세연; 이태상; et al, 새물리, v.41, no.2, pp.137 - 142, 2000-08

Kaluza-Klein dark matter: Direct detection vis-a-vis CERN LHC

Arrenberg, Sebastian; Baudis, Laura; Kong, Kyoungchul; Matchev, Konstantin T.; Yoo, Jonghee, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v.78, no.5, 2008-09

Karhunen-Loeve 방법에 의한 주가분석

기형래; 김성호; 김수용, 새물리, v.41, no.5, pp.337 - 344, 2000-01

Karman Vortex 구조 형성과 Heteroclinic Diffusion Layer에 관한 연구

김민준; 문희태, 새물리, v.31, no.4, pp.373 - 379, 1991-01

KDAS: General-purpose data acquisition system developed for KAIST-Tokamak

Seo, SH; Choe, Wonho; Chang, Hong-Young; Jeong, SH, FUSION TECHNOLOGY, v.37, no.1, pp.89 - 95, 2000-01

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