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D-branes in the IIA plane-wave background = Plane-wave 배경에서 IIA 끈이론의 D-막에 대하여link

Kim, Yeon-Jung; 김연중; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2006

D-splitting and Hyper-EM for large Bayesian networks of categorical variables

Kim, Sung-Horesearcher; Kim, Seong-Ho, The International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, pp.360 - 365, 2002-07

D-xylose Sensitive RNA-binding of XylR protein

Kim, Kwang-sun; Bak, Geunu; Lee, Younghoonresearcher, 한국분자세포생물학회 2010년도 정기학술대회, 한국분자세포생물학회, 2010-10-07

D-Xylose sensitive RNA-binding property of Escherichiacoli K-12 XylR protein

Kim, Kwang-sun; Bak, Geunu; Lee, Younghoonresearcher, 한국RNA학회 2010년 심포지엄, 한국RNA학회, 2010-07-12

D2d Symmetry of CuInS2:Co2+ single Crystals

Park, Hae Yongresearcher, SOLID STATE COMMUN., v.115, pp.651, 2000-01

D5 affine toda field theory

H.S. Cho; J.D. Kim; In-Gyu Kohresearcher, JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, v.33, no.8, pp.2889 - 2897, 1992

Damped population oscillation in a spontaneously decaying two-level atom coupled to a monochromatic field

Lee, SK; Lee, Hai-Woongresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.74, pp.19524 - 19529, 2006-12

Damping of an oscillating scalar field indirectly coupled to a thermal bath

Tanin, Erwin H.; Stewart, Ewan D.researcher, JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, no.11, 2017-11

Dark and bright soliton exchange in a nonlinear dispersive medium

Kim, W; Moon, Hie-Taeresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.38, no.5, pp.558 - 561, 2001-05

Dark decay of the top quark

Kong, Kyoungchul; Lee, Hye-Sungresearcher; Park, Myeonghun, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v.89, no.7, 2014-04

Dark matter and Higgs boson collider implications of fermions in an Abelian-gauged hidden sector

Gopalakrishna, Shrihari; Lee, SeungJoonresearcher; Wells, James D., PHYSICS LETTERS B, v.680, no.1, pp.88 - 93, 2009-09

Dark matter directionality revisited with a high pressure xenon gas detector

Mohlabeng, Gopolang; Kong, Kyoungchul; Li, Jin; Para, Adam; Yoo, Jongheeresearcher, JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, no.7, 2015-07

Dark Matter Search Results from the CDMS II Experiment

Ahmed, Z; Akerib, D. S; Arrenberg, S; Yoo, Jongheeresearcher; Cooley, J, SCIENCE, v.327, no.5973, pp.1619 - 1621, 2010-03

Dark radiation and small-scale structure problems with decaying particles

Choi, Kiwoonresearcher; Choi, Ki-Young; Shin, Chang Sub, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v.86, no.8, 2012-10

Dark side of Higgs diphoton decays and muon g-2

Davoudiasl, Hooman; Lee, Hye-Sungresearcher; Marciano, William J., PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v.86, no.9, 2012-11

Dark two Higgs doublet model

Lee, Hye-Sungresearcher; Sher, Marc, PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v.87, no.11, 2013-06

Data processing technique for data measured in MO image measurement system

Lee, Won Gi; Lee, Hyoyeon; Yoo, Jaeun; Youm, Do-Junresearcher, Journal of the Korea Institute of Applied Superconductivity and Cryogenics, v.15, no.1, pp.25 - 28, 2013-03

Data-driven simulation modeling, uncertainty quantification, and optimizationlink

Kim, Taeho; Kim, Kyoung-Kuk; et al, 2021

Dawn-Dusk Magnetic Field Effect on Anisotropic Distribution Function From Different Momery in the Current Sheet

Choi, Duk In, Asia-Pacific Conf. on Plasma Science & Technology, pp.158 -, 1994

Dawn-Dusk Magnetic Field Effect on Anistropic Distribution Function from Differential Memory in the Current Sheet

최덕인, 한국물리학회, pp.175 -, 1994

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