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Improved search for solar chameleons with a GridPix detector at CAST

Anastassopoulos, V; Aune, S.; Barth, K.; Belov, A.; Braueninger, H.; Cantatore, G.; Carmona, J. M.; et al, JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, v.2019, no.1, pp.032, 2019-01

Search for 14.4 keV solar axions emitted in the M1-transition of Fe-57 nuclei with CAST

Andriamonje, S.; Aune, S.; Autiero, D.; Barth, K.; Belov, A.; Beltran, B.; Braeuninger, H.; et al, JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, no.12, 2009-12

Search for solar axions: the CAST experiment at CERN

Andriamonje, S.; Arsov, V.; Aune, S.; Autiero, D.; Avignone, F.; Barth, K.; Belov, A.; et al, CZECHOSLOVAK JOURNAL OF PHYSICS, v.56, pp.203 - 209, 2006

The quest for axions and other new light particles

Baker, K.; Cantatore, G.; Cetin, S. A.; Davenport, M.; Desch, K.; Doebrich, B.; Gies, H.; et al, ANNALEN DER PHYSIK, v.525, no.6, pp.93 - 99, 2013-06

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