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Isolation and characterization of a new succinic acid-producing bacterium, Mannheimia succiniciproducens MBEL55E, from bovine rumen

Lee, PC; Lee, SangYupresearcher; Hong, SH; Chang, Ho Namresearcher, APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.58, no.5, pp.663 - 668, 2002-04

Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Agar-Degrading Marine Bacterium, Gayadomonas joobiniege gen, nov, sp nov., from the Southern Sea, Korea

Won-Jae, Chi; Park, Jae-Seon; Kwak, Min-Jung; Kim, Jihyun F.; Chang, YongKeunresearcher; Hong, Soon-Kwang, JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.23, no.11, pp.1509 - 1518, 2013-11

Isolation and Characterization of a Novel Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon-Degrading Bacterium, Sphingopyxis sp strain M2R2, Capable of Passive Spreading Motility Through Soil

LaRoe, Sarah L.; Wang, Bin; Han, Jong-Inresearcher, ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, v.27, no.6, pp.505 - 512, 2010-06

Isolation and characterization of a novel Pseudomonas sp., strain YG1, capable of degrading pyrrolidine under denitrifying conditions

Cho, YG; Bae, HS; Yoon, JH; Park, YH; Lee, JM; Lee, Sung Taikresearcher, FEMS MICROBIOLOGY LETTERS, v.211, no.1, pp.111 - 115, 2002-05

Isolation and characterization of a processive DNA helicase from the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe that translocates in a 5 -to-3 direction

Lee, Changwoo; Seo, Yeon-Sooresearcher, BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL, v.334, no.2, pp.386 - 2, 1998-09

Isolation and characterization of algicidal bacteria from Cochlodinium polykrikoides culture

Oh, Jeong-Il; Kim, Min-Ju; Lee, Ji-Young; Ko, In-Jeong; Kim, Wonduck; Kim, Si Wouk, BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING, v.16, no.6, pp.1124 - 1133, 2011

Isolation and characterization of bacteria capable of degrading phenol and reducing nitrate under low-oxygen conditions

Seung-Hun Baek; Kyoung-Ho Kim; Cheng-Ri Yin; Che Ok Jeon; Wan-Taek Im; Kwang-Kyu Kim; Lee, Sung Taikresearcher, CURRENT MICROBIOLOGY, v.47, pp.462 - 466, 2003-12

Isolation and characterization of cDNA clones encoding a low molecular weight nonmuscle tropomyosin isoform

Yamawaki-Kataoka, Yuriko; Helfman, David Mresearcher, JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, v.262, no.22, pp.10791 - 10800, 1987-08

Isolation and Characterization of Enterobacter sp. Producing galacto-oligosaccharides

Ji-Won Yangresearcher, JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.3, no.4, pp.343 - 348, 1994-03

Isolation and characterization of epidermal mucus from Hirudo nipponia

Lee, JY; Joe, Cheol Oresearcher; Kang, Kae Won, JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, v.29, no.3, pp.248 - 252, 1996-05

Isolation and characterization of guamerin, a new human leukocyte elastase inhibitor from Hirudo nipponia

Jung, HI; Kim, SI; Ha, KS; Joe, Cheol Oresearcher; Kang, Kae Won, JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, v.270, no.23, pp.13879 - 13884, 1995-06

Isolation and characterization of immune-related genes from the fall webworm, Hyphantria cunea, using PCR-based differential display and subtractive cloning

Shin, SW; Park, SS; Park, DS; Kim, MG; Kim, Sun-Changresearcher; Brey, PT; Park, HY, INSECT BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, v.28, no.11, pp.827 - 837, 1998-11

Isolation and Characterization of Novel Chlorella Species with Cold Resistance and High Lipid Accumulation for Biodiesel Production

Koh, Hyun Gi; Kang, Nam Kyu; Kim, Eun Kyung; Suh, William I.; Park, Won-Kun; Lee, Bongsoo; Chang, Yong Keunresearcher, JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.29, no.6, pp.952 - 961, 2019-06

Isolation and characterization of novel halotolerant and/or halophilic denitrifying bacteria with versatile metabolic pathways for the degradation of trimethylamine

Kim, SG; Bae, HS; Oh, HM; Lee, Sung Taikresearcher, FEMS MICROBIOLOGY LETTERS, v.225, pp.263 - 269, 2003-08

Isolation and characterization of NSD mutants in Aspergillus nidulans

정재훈researcher, 한국균학회지, 1994-01

Isolation and characterization of starch-hydrolyzing Pseudoalteromonas sp. A-3 from the coastal sea water of Daecheon, Republic of Korea

Chi, W.-J.; Park, D.Y.; Jeong, S.-C.; Chang, YongKeunresearcher; Hong, S.-K., Korean Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, v.39, no.4, pp.317 - 323, 2011-12

Isolation and Characterization of the Photoadducts of 5,7-Dimethoxycoumarin and Adenosine

tae heung cho; hyun kwan shim; sang chul shim, PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY, v.46, no.2, pp.305 - 309, 1987-08

Isolation and characterization of thermostable phycocyanin from Galdieria sulphuraria

Moon, Myounghoon; Mishra, Sanjiv K.; Kim, Chul Woong; Suh, William I.; Park, Min S.; Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher, KOREAN JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, v.31, no.3, pp.490 - 495, 2014-03

Isolation and characterization of tumorspheres from a recurrent pineoblastoma patient: Feasibility of a patient-derived xenograft

Kwak, Jiyong; Shim, Jin-Kyoung; Kim, Dong Seok; Lee, Ji-Hyun; Choi, Junjeong; Park, Junseong; Shin, Kyoung-Jin; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY, v.49, no.2, pp.569 - 578, 2016-08

Isolation and characterization of two proteins possessing Hpa II methylase activity.

Yoo, Ook-Joonresearcher; Agarwal, K.L., JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, v.255, no.13, pp.6445 - 6449, 1980-07



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