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Exploring the future role of Asia utilizing a Scenario Matrix Architecture and Shared Socio-economic Pathways

Eom, Jiyongresearcher; Calvin, Kate; Clarke, Leon; Edmonds, Jae; Kim, Sonny; Kopp, Robert; Kyle, Page; et al, ENERGY ECONOMICS, v.34, no.SI, pp.325 - 338, 2012-12

Exploring the hierarchy of transport phenomena in hierarchical pore systems by NMR diffusion measurement

Mehlhorn, Dirk; Valiullin, Rustem; Kaerger, Joerg; Cho, Kang-Hee; Ryoo, Ryongresearcher, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, v.164, pp.273 - 279, 2012-12

Exploring the Impact of Complementary Assets on the Environmental Performance in Manufacturing SMEs

Woo, Chungwon; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Chun, Dong Pil; Seo, Hangyeol, SUSTAINABILITY, v.6, no.10, pp.7412 - 7432, 2014-10

Exploring the Implications of Fuzzy-set Analysis Method in Social Science: Beyond the Border of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodologies

허태욱, NGO연구, v.13, no.2, pp.141 - 161, 2018-08

Exploring the key services and players in the smart car market

Park, Jiyoun; Nam, Changiresearcher; Kim, Hye-jinresearcher, TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY, v.43, no.10, 2019-11

Exploring the p-n junction region in Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin-film solar cells at the nanometer-scale

Cojocaru-Miredin, O.; Choi, Pyuck-Paresearcher; Wuerz, R.; Raabe, D., APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.101, no.18, 2012-10

Exploring the possibilities of two-dimensional transition metal carbides as anode materials for sodium batteries

Yang, Eunjeong; Ji, Hyunjun; Kim, Jaehoon; Kim, Hee-Jin; Jung, Yousungresearcher, PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.17, no.7, pp.5000 - 5005, 2015-02

Exploring the Possibility of Excited State Keto-Enolate Transformation of the Oxyluciferin-Luciferase Complex with QM/MM Free Energy Simulations

Chung, Seyoung; Choi, Sun Mi; Rhee, Young Minresearcher, CHEMPHOTOCHEM, v.3, no.9, pp.804 - 813, 2019-09

Exploring the Potential of 3D Visualization Techniques for Usage in Collaborative Design

Wits, W. W.; Noel, F.; Masclet, C., 21st CIRP Design Conference, 2011

Exploring the potential role of pyrazoline derivatives in corrosion inhibition of mild steel in hydrochloric acid solution: Insights from experimental and computational studies

Lgaz, Hassane; Saha, Sourav Kr.researcher; Chaouiki, Abdelkarim; Bhat, K. Subrahmanya; Salghi, Rachid; Shubhalaxmi; Banerjee, Priyabrata; et al, CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS, v.233, 2020-02

Exploring the reactivity of flavonoid compounds with metal-associated amyloid-beta species

He, Xiaoming; Park, Hyun Min; Hyung, Suk-Joon; DeToma, Alaina S.; Kim, Cheal; Ruotolo, Brandon T.; Lim, Mi Heeresearcher, DALTON TRANSACTIONS, v.41, no.21, pp.6558 - 6566, 2012-06

Exploring the Relationship Between Training, Beliefs, and Teachers' Corrective Feedback Practices: A Case Study of a Novice and an Experienced ESL Teacher

Junqueira, Luciana; Kim, YouJinresearcher, CANADIAN MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW-REVUE CANADIENNE DES LANGUES VIVANTES, v.69, no.2, pp.181 - 206, 2013-05

Exploring the sound-modulated delay in tomato ripening through expression analysis of coding and non-coding RNAs

Kim, Joo Yeol; Kim, Seon-Kyu; Jung, Jihye; Jeong, Mi-Jeong; Ryu, Choong-Min, ANNALS OF BOTANY, v.122, no.7, pp.1231 - 1244, 2018-12

Exploring the spatial reasoning ability of neural models in human IQ tests

Kim, Hyunjae; Koh, Yookyung; Baek, Jinheonresearcher; Kang, Jaewoo, NEURAL NETWORKS, v.140, pp.27 - 38, 2021-08

Exploring tuning phenomena of THF-H2 hydrates via molecular dynamics simulations

Kang, Dong Woo; Lee, Wonhyeong; Ahn, Yun-Ho; Lee, Jae Wooresearcher, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS, v.349, 2022-03

Exploring User’s Preference on the Color of Cavity and Lighting of an Oven Product

Han, Jung Min; Suk, Hyeon-Jeongresearcher, Archives of Design Research, v.32, no.2, pp.19 - 29, 2019-05

Explosive crystallization in the presence of melting

Grigoropoulos, C; Rogers, M; Ko, Seung Hwanresearcher; Golovin, AA; Matkowsky, BJ, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.73, no.18, 2006-05

Explosive indentation study of B4C-TiAlx composites fabricated by the dipping exothermic reaction process

Kim, Jong Ho; Ansari, Haris Masood; Kim, Haneul; Kim, Do Kyungresearcher; Chang, Soon Nam, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS B, v.22, no.9-11, pp.1263 - 1268, 2008-04

Explosive synchronization in multilayer dynamically dissimilar networks

Jalan, Sarika; Kachhvah, Ajay Deep; Jeong, Hawoongresearcher, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE, v.46, pp.101177, 2020-10

Expo' 70 : The Model City of an Information Society

Cho, Hyunjungresearcher, Review of Japanese Culture and Society, v.13, pp.57 - 71, 2011-12

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