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Hepatic expression, synthesis and secretion of a novel fibrinogen/angiopoietin-related protein that prevents endothelial-cell apoptosis

Kim, Injuneresearcher; Kim, HG; Kim, H; Kim, HH; Park, SK; Uhm, CS; Lee, ZH; et al, BIOCHEMICAL JOURNAL, v.346, pp.603 - 610, 2000-03

Hepatic STAMP2 decreases hepatitis B virus X protein-associated metabolic deregulation

Kim, Hye Young; Cho, Hyun Kook; Yoo, Seong Keunresearcher; Cheong, JaeHun, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.44, no.10, pp.622 - 632, 2012-10

Hypoxia potentiates transforming growth factor-beta expression of hepatocyte during the cirrhotic condition in rat liver

Jeong, Won-ilresearcher; Do, SH; Yun, HS; Song, BJ; Kim, SJ; Kwak, WJ; Yoo, SE; et al, LIVER INTERNATIONAL, v.24, no.6, pp.658 - 668, 2004-12

Identification and characterization of peroxisome proliferator response element in the mouse GLUT2 promoter

Im, SS; Kim, JW; Kim, TH; Song, XL; Kim, SY; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher; Ahn, YH, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.37, pp.101 - 110, 2005-04

Induction of AP-1 by YAP/TAZ contributes to cell proliferation and organ growth

Koo, Ja Hyun; Plouffe, Steven W.; Meng, Zhipeng; Lee, Da-Hye; Yang, Di; Lim, Dae-Sikresearcher; Wang, Cun-Yu; et al, GENES & DEVELOPMENT, v.34, no.1-2, pp.72 - 86, 2020-01

Macrophages, myofibroblasts and mast cells in a rat liver infected with Capillaria hepatica

Jeong, Won-ilresearcher; Do, SH; Hong, IH; Ji, AR; Park, JK; Ki, MR; Park, SC; et al, JOURNAL OF VETERINARY SCIENCE, v.9, no.2, pp.211 - 213, 2008-06

Multiple roles for Med12 in vertebrate endoderm development

Shin, Chong Hyun; Chung, Won-Sukresearcher; Hong, Sung-Kook; Ober, Elke A.; Verkade, Heather; Field, Holly A.; Huisken, Jan; et al, DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, v.317, no.2, pp.467 - 479, 2008-05

Non-Rigid registration between ultrasound and CT images of the liver = 간 영역 초음파 및 CT 영상 정합 기법link

Lee, Duh-Goon; 이덕운; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2011

Protective effects of bio-active ceramic water on alcohol-induced hepatic injury in pigs

Lee, CW; Jeong, Won-ilresearcher; Noh, DH; Jeong, DH; Do, SH; Kim, YK; Kwon, OD; et al, JOURNAL OF VETERINARY MEDICAL SCIENCE, v.67, no.4, pp.403 - 409, 2005-04

Up-regulation of Metabotropic glutamate receptor 3 (mGluR3) in rat fibrosis and cirrhosis model of persistent hypoxic condition

(Do, Sun Hee; Yun, Hae-Sun; Jeong, Won-ilresearcher; Jeong, Da-Hee; Ki, Mi-Ran; Chung, Jae-Yong; Park, Sang-Joon; et al, MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY, v.294, no.1-2, pp.189 - 196, 2007-01

간 영역 3차원 B-모드 초음파 영상 및 자기공명 영상간의 강인한 강체 정합 기법 = Robust rigid registration of 3D MR image to 3D B-mode ultrasound image of the liverlink

원치준; Weon, Chi-Jun; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2013



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