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780nm oxidised vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers with Al0.11Ga0.89As quantum wells

Shin, HE; Ju, YG; Shin, JH; Ser, JH; Kim, T; Lee, EK; Kim, I; et al, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.32, no.14, pp.1287 - 1288, 1996-07

A comparative study of the morphology and wetting characteristics of micro/nanostructured Cu surfaces for phase change heat transfer applications

Nam, Youngsukresearcher; Ju, Y. Sungtaek, JOURNAL OF ADHESION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.27, no.20, pp.2163 - 2176, 2013-10

A Facile One-Pot Synthesis and Enhanced Formic Acid Oxidation of Monodisperse Pd-Cu Nanocatalysts

Park, Kyu-Hwan; Lee, Young-Wook; Kang, Shin-Wook; Han, Sang Wooresearcher, CHEMISTRY-AN ASIAN JOURNAL, v.6, no.6, pp.1515 - 1519, 2011-06

A simple and selective oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides using tetrabutylammonium peroxydisulfate: A rebuttal

Park, MY; Jadhav, V; Kim, Yong Hae, SYNTHETIC COMMUNICATIONS, v.34, no.18, pp.3367 - 3372, 2004

A study of the oxidation behavior and the postannealing effect in a graded SiGe/Si heterostructure

Lim, YS; Jeong, JS; Lee, JeongYongresearcher; Kim, HS; Shon, HK; Kim, HK; Moon, DW, JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, v.31, no.5, pp.529 - 534, 2002-05

An experimental study of oxidation of graphite structure and SiC layer for VHTR severe accident analysis = VHTR 중대사고 해석을 위한 흑연 구조체 및 SiC 피복층 산화 실험link

Park, Byung-Ha; 박병하; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2014

An Iridium(III) Complex as a Photoactivatable Tool for Oxidation of Amyloidogenic Peptides with Subsequent Modulation of Peptide Aggregation

Kang, Juhye; Lee, Shin Jung C.; Nam, Jung Seung; Lee, Hyuck Jin; Kang, Myeong-Gyun; Korshavn, Kyle J.; Kim, Hyun-Tak; et al, CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, v.23, no.7, pp.1645 - 1653, 2017-01

Arsenic decapping and half cycle reactions during atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 on In0.53Ga0.47As(001)

Shin, Byungharesearcher; Clemens, Jonathon B.; Kelly, Michael A.; Kummel, Andrew C.; McIntyre, Paul C., APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.96, no.25, 2010-06

Atomic-Scale Observation of Oxygen Substitution and Its Correlation with Hole-Transport Barriers in Cu2ZnSnSe4 Thin-Film Solar Cells

Kim, Jin Hyun; Choi, Si Young; Choi, Minsoek; Gershon, Talia; Lee, yun seong; Wang, Wei; Shin, Byungharesearcher; et al, ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.6, no.6, 2016-03

Au 와이어와 Al 패드 계면에서의 산화 현상과 접합 신뢰성 = Oxidation phenomena and bond reliability at fine Au wire/Al pad interfacelink

송민석; Song, Min-Seok; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

Bipolar resistance switching driven by tunnel barrier modulation in TiOx/AlOx bilayered structure

Baik, Seung Jae; Lim, Koeng Suresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.97, no.7, pp.072109, 2010-08

Cascading g-C3N4 and Peroxygenases for Selective Oxyfunctionalization Reactions

van Schie, Morten M. C. H.; Zhang, Wuyuan; Tieves, Florian; Choi, Da Som; Park, Chan Beumresearcher; Burek, Bastien O.; Bloh, Jonathan Z.; et al, ACS CATALYSIS, v.9, no.8, pp.7409 - 7417, 2019-08

Chemical effect of dry and wet cleaning of the Ru protective layer of the extreme ultraviolet lithography reflector

Belau, L; Park, JeongYoungresearcher; Liang, T; Seo, H; Somorjai, GA, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY B, v.27, no.4, pp.1919 - 1925, 2009-07

Copper oxide shape effect in CeO2/Cu2O catalysts for PROX reaction

Kim, Jiyeon; Lee, Hyunjooresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.10, no.8-9, pp.735 - 748, 2013-06

Correlation between high-temperature oxidation and electrochemical corrosion behavior in sulfuric acid of Fe-Al-C alloys: An insight

Shankar Rao V.; Raja V.S., CORROSION, v.61, no.8, pp.751 - 756, 2005

Cu-Ag core-shell nanoparticles with enhanced oxidation stability for printed electronics

Lee, Changsoo; Kim, Na Rae; Koo, Jahyun; Lee, Yung Jong; Lee, Hyuck Moresearcher, NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.26, no.45, 2015-10

Density Functional Theory Studies of Oxygen Affinity of Small Au Nanoparticles

Ha, Hyunwoo; Shin, Kihyun; Kim, Hyun You, KOREAN JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH, v.27, no.4, pp.229 - 235, 2017-04

Deposition of NiAl coating for improvement of oxidation resistance of cold-rolled Ni3Al foils

Kim, SH; Oh, MH; Kishida, K; Hirano, T; Wee, Dang-Moonresearcher, INTERMETALLICS, v.13, no.2, pp.129 - 136, 2005-02

Dilute Pd/Au Alloys Replace Au/TiO2 Interface for Selective Oxidation Reactions

Wrasman, Cody J.; Riscoe, Andrew R.; Lee, Hyosun; Cargnello, Matteo, ACS CATALYSIS, v.10, no.3, pp.1716 - 1720, 2020-02

Direct Observation of the Collision of Single Pt Nanoparticles onto Single-Crystalline Gold Nanowire Electrodes

Shin, Changhwan; Bae, Hyeonhu; Kang, Mijeong; Kim, Bongsooresearcher; Kwon, Seong Jung, CHEMISTRY-AN ASIAN JOURNAL, v.11, no.15, pp.2181 - 2187, 2016-08

Effect of Decarburization Heat Treatment and Chromium Addition on Corrosion Behavior of Carbon Steel

Shin, HS; Kim, SW; Kim, HP; Park, Joong Keunresearcher, CORROSION, v.65, no.5, pp.326 - 331, 2009-05

Effects of Cathode Inlet Relative Humidity on PEMFC Durability during Startup-Shutdown Cycling II. Diagnostic Study

Kim, Jae Hong; Jo, Yoo Yeon; Cho, Eun Aeresearcher; Jang, Jong Hyun; Kim, Hyoung Juhn; Lim, Tae-Hoon; Oh, In-Hwan; et al, JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.157, no.5, pp.633 - 642, 2010

Effects of post annealing and oxidation processes on the removal of damage generated during the shallow trench etch process

Lee, YJ; Hwang, SW; Oho, KH; Lee, JeongYongresearcher; Yeom, GY, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS PART 1-REGULAR PAPERS SHORT NOTES REVIEW PAPERS, v.37, no.12B, pp.6916 - 6921, 1998-12

Electrochemistry as a correlation tool candidate with catalytic activities in Ru-catalyzed hydrolytic oxidation of organosilane

Na, Y; Lee, C; Pak, JY; Lee, KH; Chang, Sukbokresearcher, TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, v.45, no.42, pp.7863 - 7865, 2004-10

Enhanced Catalytic Activity of (DMSO)2PtCl2 for the Methane Oxidation in the SO3–H2SO4 System

Dang, Huyen Tran; Lee, Hee Won; Lee, Jieon; Choo, Hyunah; Hong, Soon Hyeokresearcher; Cheong, Minserk; Lee, Hyunjoo, ACS CATALYSIS, v.8, no.12, pp.11854 - 11862, 2018-12

Enhancement of oxidation resistance of zirconium alloy with anodic nanoporous oxide layer in high-temperature air/steam environments

Park, Yang Jeong; Kim, Jung Woo; Ghafar, Ali; Cho, Sung Ohresearcher, CORROSION SCIENCE, v.140, pp.217 - 222, 2018-08

Fabrication of Protective-coated SiC Reinforced Tungsten Matrix Composites with Reduced Reaction Phases by Spark Plasma Sintering

Umer, Malik Adeel; Lee, Dongju; Waseem, Owais Ahmed; Ryu, Ho Jinresearcher; Hong, Soon Hyungresearcher, METALS AND MATERIALS INTERNATIONAL, v.22, no.3, pp.493 - 500, 2016-05


Datta, Mrityunjoy; Buglass, Alan J.researcher, SYNTHETIC COMMUNICATIONS, v.42, no.12, pp.1760 - 1769, 2012

First-pinciples study on the oxidation mechanism of carbon nanotube caps = 탄소나노튜브 캡에서의 산화과정에 관한 제일원리 연구link

Moon, Chang-Youn; 문창연; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2001

HfO2/HfOxNy/HfO2 Gate Dielectric Fabricated by In Situ Oxidation of Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition HfN Middle Layer

Maeng, W. J.; Gu, Gil Ho; Park, C. G.; Lee, Kayoungresearcher; Lee, Taeyoon; Kim, Hyungjun, JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.156, no.8, pp.G109 - G113, 2009

Highly Active Iron Oxide Supported Gold Catalysts for CO Oxidation: How Small Must the Gold Nanoparticles Be?

Liu Y.; Jia C.-N.; Yamasaki J.; Osamu, Terasaki; Schuth F., ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.49, no.33, pp.5771 - 5775, 2010

Improved oxidation resistance of Ru/Si capping layer for extreme ultraviolet lithography reflector

Park, JeongYoungresearcher; Belau, L; Seo, H; Somorjai, GA, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY B, v.29, no.4, 2011-07

Influence of Metal Particle Size on Oxidative CO2 Reforming of Methane over Supported Nickel Catalysts: Effects of Second-Metal Addition

Bhavani, Annabathini Geetha; Kim, Won Young; Lee, Jin Wooresearcher; Lee, Jae Sung, CHEMCATCHEM, v.7, no.9, pp.1445 - 1452, 2015-05

Influence of oxidation state of polyaniline on physicochemical and transport properties of Nafion/polyaniline composite membrane for DMFC

Choi, Bong Gill; Park, HoSeok; Im, Hun Suk; Kim, Yo Jin; Hong, Won-Hiresearcher, JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, v.324, no.1-2, pp.102 - 110, 2008-10

InGaAsP microdisk lasers on AlxOy

Song, DS; Hwang, JK; Kim, CK; Han, IY; Jang, DH; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.12, no.8, pp.954 - 956, 2000-08

Interfacial Architectures Derived by Lithium Difluoro(bisoxalato) Phosphate for Lithium-Rich Cathodes with Superior Cycling Stability and Rate Capability

Han, Jung-Gu; Park, Inbok; Cha, Jiho; Park, Suhyeon; Park, Sewon; Myeong, Seungjun; Cho, Woograe; et al, CHEMELECTROCHEM, v.4, no.1, pp.56 - 65, 2017-01

Is the Chain of Oxidation and Reduction Process Reversible in Luminescent Graphene Quantum Dots?

Jang, Min-Ho; Ha, Hyun Dong; Lee, Eui-Sup; Liu, Fei; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Seo, Tae Seokresearcher; Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher, SMALL, v.11, no.31, pp.3773 - 3781, 2015-08

Long-term oxidation properties of Al-Ti-Cr two-phase alloys as coating materials for TiAl alloys

Lee, JK; Oh, MH; Wee, Dang-Moonresearcher, INTERMETALLICS, v.10, no.4, pp.347 - 352, 2002-04

MFI Titanosilicate Nanosheets with Single-Unit-Cell Thickness as an Oxidation Catalyst Using Peroxides

Na, Kyung-Su; Jo, Chang-Bum; Kun, Jae-Heon; Ahn, Wha-Seung; Ryoo, Ryongresearcher, ACS CATALYSIS, v.1, no.8, pp.901 - 907, 2011-08

Microwave-Accelerated Rapid, Chemical Oxidant-Free, Material-Independent Surface Chemistry of Poly(dopamine)

Lee, Mihyun; Lee, Si Hwa; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher; Lee, Haeshinresearcher, SMALL, v.13, no.4, pp.1600443 - (6), 2017-02

NO2 에 의한 탄소 나노입자의 산화 특성

추정범; 김진호; 정재희; 김상수researcher, 대한기계학회 추계학술대회, pp.91 - 96, 대한기계학회, 2006-11-01

$NO_2$ 에 의한 soot 나노입자의 산화와 저온 플라즈마 반응의 특성 = Characteristics of soot nanoparticle oxidation by $NO_2$ and non-thermal plasma reactionlink

추정범; Choo, Jung-Bum; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2007

One-Pot Synthesis of Carbon-Supported Dendritic Pd-Au Nanoalloys for Electrocatalytic Ethanol Oxidation

Kang, Shin-Wook; Lee, Young Wook; Kim, Minjung; Hong, Jong Wook; Han, Sang Wooresearcher, CHEMISTRY-AN ASIAN JOURNAL, v.6, no.3, pp.909 - 913, 2011-03

Organic synthesis utilizing tetrabutylammonium peroxydisulfate

Kim, Yong Hae; Yang, SG, REVIEWS ON HETEROATOM CHEMISTRY, v.20, pp.69 - 96, 1999

Oxidation behavior and mechanical properties of yttrium-doped L1(2) (Al,Cr)(3)Ti coating on TiAl alloys

Lee, HN; Park, ZM; Oh, MH; Kim, KY; Wee, Dang-Moonresearcher, SCRIPTA MATERIALIA, v.41, no.10, pp.1073 - 1078, 1999-10

Oxidation behaviors of wrought nickel-based superalloys in various high temperature environments

Jang, Chang-Heuiresearcher; Kim, Dae-Jong; Kim, Dong-Hoon; Sah, In-Jin; Ryu, Woo-Seog; Yoo, Young-sung, TRANSACTIONS OF NONFERROUS METALS SOCIETY OF CHINA, v.21, no.7, pp.1524 - 1531, 2011-07

Oxidation behaviour of an Alloy 617 in very high-temperature air and helium environments

Jang, Changheuiresearcher; Lee, Daejin; Kim, Daejong, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRESSURE VESSELS AND PIPING, v.85, no.6, pp.368 - 377, 2008-06

Oxidation study of pure tin and its alloys via electrochemical reduction analysis

Cho, S; Yu, Jinresearcher; Kang, SK; Shih, DY, JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, v.34, no.5, pp.635 - 642, 2005-05

Oxidation, grain growth and reflow characteristics of copper thin films prepared by chemical vapor deposition

Lee, SY; Choi, SH; Park, Chong-Ookresearcher, THIN SOLID FILMS, v.359, no.2, pp.261 - 267, 2000-01

Oxidation-resistant thin film coating on ferritic stainless steel by sputtering for solid oxide fuel cells

Lee, Changbo; Bae, Joongmyeonresearcher, THIN SOLID FILMS, v.516, no.18, pp.6432 - 6437, 2008-07

Oxidative Methane Conversion to Ethane on Highly Oxidized Pd/CeO2 Catalysts Below 400 degrees C

Kwon, Gihun; Shin, Dongjae; Jeong, Hojin; Sahoo, Suman Kalyan; Lee, Jaeha; Kim, Gunjoo; Choi, Juhyuk; et al, ChemSusChem, v.13, no.4, pp.677 - 681, 2020-02

P and As implantation enhanced formation of metal-free oxide on WSi2

Lee, JG; Kim, JY; Lee, JeongYongresearcher; Roh, JS; Huh, JS, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS PART 1-REGULAR PAPERS SHORT NOTES REVIEW PAPERS, v.36, no.12A, pp.7140 - 7145, 1997-12

p-Channel Oxide Thin Film Transistors Using Solution-Processed Copper Oxide

Kim, Sang-Yun; Ahn, Cheol-Hyoun; Lee, Ju-Ho; Kwon, Yong-Hun; Hwang, Soo-Yeon; Lee, Jeong-Yongresearcher; Cho, Hyung-Koun, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.5, no.7, pp.2417 - 2421, 2013-04

Physical Observation of a Thermo-Morphic Transition in a Silicon Nanowire

Choi, Sung-Jin; Moon, Dong-Il; Duarte, Juan P.; Ahn, Jae-Hyuk; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, ACS NANO, v.6, no.3, pp.2378 - 2384, 2012-03

Piezobiocatalysis: Ultrasound-Driven Enzymatic Oxyfunctionalization of C-H Bonds

Yoon, Jaeho; Kim, Jinhyun; Tieves, Florian; Zhang, Wuyuan; Alcalde, Miguel; Hollmann, Frank; Park, Chan Beumresearcher, ACS CATALYSIS, v.10, no.9, pp.5236 - 5242, 2020-05

Practical and regioselective brominations of aromatic compounds using tetrabutylammonium peroxydisulfate

Park, MY; Yang, SG; Jadhav, V; Kim, Yong Hae, TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, v.45, no.25, pp.4887 - 4890, 2004-06

Proton Transfer Accompanied by the Oxidation of Adenosine

Choi, Jungkweon; Tojo, Sachiko; Ahn, Doo-Sik; Fujitsuka, Mamoru; Miyamoto, Shunichi; Kobayashi, Kazuo; Ihee, Hyotcherlresearcher; et al, CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, v.25, no.32, pp.7711 - 7718, 2019-06

"Hetero-Multifunctionalization" of Gallium Corroles: Facile Synthesis, Phosphorescence, Redox Tuning, and Photooxidative Catalytic Improvement

Zhan, Xuan; Zini, Yael; Fridman, Natalia; Chen, Qiu-Cheng; Churchill, David G.researcher; Gross, Zeev, CHEMPLUSCHEM, v.81, no.1, pp.163 - 168, 2020-01


Lee, Seung-Jun; Kang, Eul-Son; Baek, Seung-Su; Kim, Do-Kyungresearcher, SURFACE REVIEW AND LETTERS, v.17, no.2, pp.215 - 221, 2010-04

Reactivity towards O-2 and H2O of the alkali-metal induced Ge(111)-3 x 1 surfaces: contrasting adsorption rates for different alkali metals

Lee, G; Lee, JY; Kim, Sehunresearcher; Cho, EJ, SURFACE SCIENCE, v.532, pp.764 - 768, 2003-06



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