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$^{57}Fe$ NMR Study of magnetic structures of $\alpha$- and $\gamma$- phase iron oxides ($Fe_2O_3$) = $\alpha$-, $\gamma$- 상태 철 산화물 ($Fe_2O_3$) 의 자기적 구조에 대한 $^{57}Fe$ 핵자기 공명 연구link

Lee, Seong-joo; 이성주; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

Biomimetic amplification of nanoparticle homing to tumors

Simberg, Dmitri; Duza, Tasmia; Park, Ji-Horesearcher; Essler, Markus; Pilch, Jan; Zhang, Lianglin; Derfus, Austin M.; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.104, no.3, pp.932 - 936, 2007-01

Different Effect of Hydrogelation on Antifouling and Circulation Properties of Dextran-Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Karmali, Priya Prakash; Chao, Ying; Park, Ji-Horesearcher; Sailor, Michael J.; Ruoslahti, Erkki; Esener, Sadik C.; Simberg, Dmitri, MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS, v.9, no.3, pp.539 - 545, 2012-03

Highly Enhanced Heavy Metal Adsorption Performance of Iron Oxide (Fe-Oxide) upon Incorporation of Aluminum

Hong, Hye-Jin; Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher; Yang, Jung-Seok; Jeong, Hyeon Su, MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS, v.58, no.1, pp.71 - 75, 2017

Iron Oxide@PEDOT-Based Recyclable Photothermal Nanoparticles with Poly(vinylpyrrolidone) Sulfobetairies for Rapid and Effective Antibacterial Activity

Jeong, Chan Jin; Sharker, Shazid Md.; In, Insik; Park, Sung Young, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.7, no.18, pp.9469 - 9478, 2015-05

Magnetic enhancement of iron oxide nanoparticles encapsulated with poly(D,L-latide-co-glycolide)

Lee, SJ; Jeong, JR; Shin, Sung-Chulresearcher; Kim, JC; Chang, YHresearcher; Lee, KH; Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher, COLLOIDS AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS, v.255, no.1-3, pp.19 - 25, 2005-03

MOF-Derived Bifunctional Iron Oxide and Iron Phosphide Nanoarchitecture Photoelectrode for Neutral Water Splitting

Shit, Subhash Chandra; Mondal, Indranil; Pendem, Saikiran; Bai, Linyi; Park, Jeong Youngresearcher; Mondal, John, CHEMELECTROCHEM, v.5, no.19, pp.2842 - 2849, 2018-10

Removal of Anionic and Cationic Dyes from Water by Fe-Al Binary Oxide

Hong, Hye-Jin; Kim, Jungmin; Yang, Jung-Seok; Kim, Eun Jung; Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher, SEPARATION SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.47, pp.2218 - 2224, 2012-11

Self-Generated Nanoporous Silver Framework for High-Performance Iron Oxide Pseudocapacitor Anodes

Seok, Jae Young; Lee, Jaehak; Yang, Minyangresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.10, no.20, pp.17223 - 17231, 2018-05

Size-dependent sedimentation properties of nanocrystals

Jamison, JA; Krueger, KM; Yavuz, Cafer Tresearcher; Mayo, JT; LeCrone, D; Redden, JJ; Colvin, VL, ACS NANO, v.2, no.2, pp.311 - 319, 2008-02

Three-Dimensional Nanofibrous Air Electrode Assembled With Carbon Nanotubes-Bridged Hollow Fe2O3 Nanoparticles for High-Performance Lithium-Oxygen Batteries

Jung, Ji-Won; Jang, Ji-Soo; Yun, Tae Gwang; Yoon, Ki Ro; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.10, no.7, pp.6531 - 6540, 2018-02



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