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Efficient Solid-State Photoluminescence of Graphene Quantum Dots Embedded in Boron Oxynitride for AC-Electroluminescent Device

Park, Minsu; Yoon, Hyewon; Lee, Jaeho; Kim, Jungmo; Lee, Jinho; Lee, Seong-Eui; Yoo, Seunghyupresearcher; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.30, no.38, 2018-09

Highly Efficient Light-Emitting Diode of Graphene Quantum Dots Fabricated from Graphite Intercalation Compounds

Song, Sung Ho; Jang, Min-Ho; Chung, Jin; Jin, Sung Hawn; Kim, Bo Hyun; Hur, Seung-Hyun; Yoo, Seunghyupresearcher; et al, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.2, no.11, pp.1016 - 1023, 2014-11

Highly Efficient UV-Visible Photocatalyst from Monolithic 3D Titania/Graphene Quantum Dot Heterostructure Linked by Aminosilane

Yoon, Hyewon; Lee, Kisung; Kim, Hyojung; Park, Minsu; Novak, Travis G.; Hyun, Gayea; Seokjeong, Mun; et al, ADVANCED SUSTAINABLE SYSTEMS, v.3, no.11, pp.1900084, 2019-11

Is the Chain of Oxidation and Reduction Process Reversible in Luminescent Graphene Quantum Dots?

Jang, Min-Ho; Ha, Hyun Dong; Lee, Eui-Sup; Liu, Fei; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Seo, Tae Seokresearcher; Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher, SMALL, v.11, no.31, pp.3773 - 3781, 2015-08

Surface engineering of graphene oxides and graphene quantum dots for efficient surfactants in producing polymer particles = 표면이 개질된 산화 그래핀과 그래핀 양자점을 계면활성제로 이용한 고분자 입자의 제조link

Yang, Hyunseung; 양현승; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2016

Surface Engineering of Graphene Quantum Dots and Their Applications as Efficient Surfactants

Cho, Hanhee; Yang, Hyun Seung; Kang, Dong Jin; Kim, Bum-Joonresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.7, no.16, pp.8615 - 8621, 2015-04

Synthesis and application of two-photon induced photoluminescent graphene oxide quantum dots = 이광자 형광 그래핀 산화 양자점 합성 및 응용link

Ha, Hyun-Dong; 하현동; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2014

Target Delivery and Cell Imaging Using Hyaluronic Acid-Functionalized Graphene Quantum Dots

Abdullah-Al-Nahain; Lee, Jung-Eun; In, Insik; Lee, Haeshinresearcher; Lee, Kang Dae; Jeong, Ji Hoon; Park, Sung Young, MOLECULAR PHARMACEUTICS, v.10, no.10, pp.3736 - 3744, 2013-10

Tuning the Photoluminescence of Graphene Quantum Dots through the Charge Transfer Effect of Functional Groups

Jin, Sung-Hwan; Kim, Da-Hye; Jun, Gwang-Hoon; Hong, Soon-Hyungresearcher; Jeon, Seok-Wooresearcher, ACS NANO, v.7, no.2, pp.1239 - 1245, 2013-02



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