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Mussel-Inspired Defect Engineering of Graphene Liquid Crystalline Fibers for Synergistic Enhancement of Mechanical Strength and Electrical Conductivity

Kim, In Ho; Yun, Taeyeong; Kim, Jae-Eun; Yu, Hayoung; Sasikala, Suchithra Padmajan; Lee, Kyung Eun; Koo, Sung Hwan; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.30, no.40, 2018-10

Nitrogen-Doped Single Graphene Fiber with Platinum Water Dissociation Catalyst for Wearable Humidity Sensor.

Choi, Seon-Jin; Yu, Hayoung; Jang, Ji-Soo; Kim, Min-Hyeok; Kim, Sang-Joon; Jeong, Hyeon Su; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher, SMALL, v.14, no.13, 2018-03



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