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Alternative splicing and nonsense-mediated decay of circadian clock genes under environmental stress conditions in Arabidopsis

Kwon, Young-Ju; Park, Mi-Jeong; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Baldwin, Ian T.; Park, Chung-Mo, BMC PLANT BIOLOGY, v.14, 2014-05

Identification and characterization of circadian clock genes in a native tobacco, Nicotiana attenuata

Yon, Felipe; Seo, Pil-Joon; Ryu, Jae Yong; Park, Chung-Mo; Baldwin, Ian T.; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher, BMC PLANT BIOLOGY, v.12, 2012-09

Silencing Nicotiana attenuata LHY and ZTL alters circadian rhythms in flowers

Yon, Felipe; Joo, Youngsung; Llorca, Lucas Cortes; Rothe, Eva; Baldwin, Ian T.; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher, NEW PHYTOLOGIST, v.209, no.3, pp.1058 - 1066, 2016-02



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