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Europium-activated rare earth fluoride (LnF(3):Eu3+-Ln=La, Gd) nanocrystals prepared by using ionic liquid/NH4F as a fluorine source via hydrothermal synthesis

Kasturi, S; Sivakumar, V; Jeon, Duk Youngresearcher, LUMINESCENCE, v.31, no.5, pp.1138 - 1145, 2016-08

Preparation and photoluminescence properties of YAl3(BO3)(4):Tb3+, Bi3+ phosphor under VUV/UV excitation

Yoo, Hyoung Sun; Bin Im, Won; Kang, Jong Hyuk; Jeon, DukYoungresearcher, OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.31, no.2, pp.131 - 135, 2008-10

Synthesis and Photoluminescence Properties of a Novel Red-Emitting Na2Y2Ti3O10:Eu3+,Sm3+ Phosphor for White-Light-Emitting Diodes

Kang, Dongseok; Yoo, Hyoung Sun; Jung, Sang Hoon; Kim, Hyunki; Jeon, DukYoungresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, v.115, no.49, pp.24334 - 24340, 2011-12



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