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Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for biosynthesis of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) from glucose

Yang, Jung Eun; Choi, Yong-Jun; Lee, Se Jin; Kang, Kyoung-Hee; Lee, Hyuk; Oh, Young Hoon; Lee, Seung Hwan; et al, APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.98, no.1, pp.95 - 104, 2014-01

Propionyl-CoA dependent biosynthesis of 2-hydroxybutyrate containing polyhydroxyalkanoates in metabolically engineered Escherichia coli

Park, Si Jae; Kang, Kyoung-Hee; Lee, Hyuk; Park, A-Reum; Yang, Jung Eun; Oh, Young Hoon; Song, Bong Keun; et al, JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.165, no.2, pp.93 - 98, 2013-05



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