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HONG, DANIEL SEUNGBUM (홍승범) B-7708-2009 0000-0002-2667-1983

Department of Materials Science & Engineering(신소재공학과)
Research Area
Domain and Domain Wall Engineering, Polar Domains and Ionic Charges at Solid/Liquid Interfaces, Mechanism of Impedance Change in Hybrid Materials

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Insights into Lithium Surface: Stable Cycling by Controlled 10 mu m Deep Surface Relief, Reinterpreting the Natural Surface Defect on Lithium Metal Anode

Ahn, Jinhyeok; Park, Joonam; Kim, Ju Young; et al, ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.2, no.8, pp.5656 - 5664, 2019-08


Microscopic study of polydopamine modified BaTiO3/poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) nanocomposite films

Guo, Haiyan; Liu, Na; Liu, Xin; et al, THIN SOLID FILMS, v.682, pp.121 - 125, 2019-07


Effects of membrane thickness on the performance of ionic polymer-metal composite actuators

Oh, Chungik; Kim, Suran; Kim, Hongjun; et al, RSC ADVANCES, v.9, no.26, pp.14621 - 14626, 2019-05


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Hong, Seungbumresearcher; Jung, WooChulresearcher; Lee, Hyuck-Moresearcher; et al, ACS NANO, v.13, no.4, pp.3741 - 3745, 2019-04


An eco-friendly flexible piezoelectric energy harvester that delivers high output performance is based on lead-free MASnI(3) films and MASnI(3)-PVDF composite films

Ippili, Swathi; Jella, Venkatraju; Eom, Ji-Ho; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.57, pp.911 - 923, 2019-03


Effect of the dielectric constant of a liquid electrolyte on lithium metal anodes

Kim, Ju Young; Shin, Dong Ok; Chang, Taeyong; et al, ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA, v.300, pp.299 - 305, 2019-03


Intrinsically Stretchable Multi-functional Fiber with Energy Harvesting and Strain Sensing Capability

Ryu, Jeongjae; Kim, Jaegyu; Oh, Jinwon; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.55, pp.348 - 353, 2019-01


Size effects of micro-pattern on lithium metal surface on the electrochemical performance of lithium metal secondary batteries

Park, Joonam; Kim, Dohwan; Jin, Dahee; et al, JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.408, pp.136 - 142, 2018-12


Graphene-based materials and structures for energy harvesting with fluids – A review

Tarelho, Joao P.G.; Santos, Marco P. Soares; Ferreira, Jorge A.F.; et al, MATERIALS TODAY, v.21, no.10, pp.1019 - 1041, 2018-12


First Demonstration of a Logic-process Compatible Junctionless Ferroelectric FinFET Synapse for Neuromorphic Applications

Seo, Myungsoo; Kang, Min Ho; Jeon, Seung-Bae; et al, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.39, no.9, pp.1445 - 1448, 2018-09


Enhanced piezoelectric output performance via control of dielectrics in Fe2+- incorporated MAPbI(3) perovskite thin films: Flexible piezoelectric generators

Ippili, Swathi; Jella, Venkatraju; Kim, Jaegyu; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.49, pp.247 - 256, 2018-07


Elucidating the Polymeric Binder Distribution within Lithium-ion Battery Electrodes Using SAICAS

Kim, Kyuman; Byun, Seoungwoo; Choi, Jaecheol; et al, CHEMPHYSCHEM, v.19, no.13, pp.1627 - 1634, 2018-07


Modulation of oxygen vacancies assisted ferroelectric and photovoltaic properties of (Nd, V) co-doped BiFeO3 thin films

Agarwal, Radhe; Sharma, Yogesh; Hong, Seungbumresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, v.51, no.275303, pp.1 - 7, 2018-06


Quantitative Observation of Threshold Defect Behavior in Memristive Devices with Operando X-ray Microscopy

Liu, Huajun; Dong, Yongqi; Cherukara, Mathew J.; et al, ACS NANO, v.12, no.5, pp.4938 - 4945, 2018-05


Scanning probe-type data storage beyond hard disk drive and flash memory

Cho, Yasuo; Hong, Seungbumresearcher, MRS BULLETIN, v.43, no.5, pp.365 - 370, 2018-05


Flexible piezoelectric liquid volume sensor

Ryu, Jeongjae; Jeong, Hanbert; Chen, Yugang; et al, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS A-PHYSICAL, v.276, pp.219 - 225, 2018-04


Tuning piezoelectric properties through epitaxy of La2Ti2O7 and related thin films

Kaspar, Tiffany C.; Hong, Seungbumresearcher; Bowden, Mark E.; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.8, 2018-02


Effect of nanopatterning on mechanical properties of Lithium anode

Campbell, Colin; Lee, Yong Min; Cho, Kuk Young; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.8, 2018-02


Ferroelectric Domain Studies of Patterned (001) BiFeO3 by Angle-Resolved Piezoresponse Force Microscopy

Kim, Bumsoo; Barrows, Frank P.; Sharma, Yogesh; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.8, 2018-01


Long-range Stripe Nanodomains in Epitaxial (110) BiFeO3 Thin Films on (100) NdGaO3 Substrate

Sharma, Yogesh; Agarwal, Radhe; Phatak, Charudatta; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, 2017-07

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