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Kim, Yoosik (김유식) B-9009-2016

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering(생명화학공학과)
Research Area
Systems Biology, Bioengineering, Molecular and Cellular Biology

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Evidence of Aberrant Immune Response by Endogenous Double-Stranded RNAs: Attack from Within

Kim, Sujin; Ku, Yongsuk; Ku, Jayoung; et al, BIOESSAYS, v.41, no.7, 2019-07


Mechanism mediated by a noncoding RNA, nc886, in the cytotoxicity of a DNA-reactive compound

Kunkeaw, Nawapol; Lee, Yeon-Su; Im, Wonkyun Ronny; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.116, no.17, pp.8289 - 8294, 2019-04


Studying RNA Interactors of Protein Kinase RNA-Activated during the Mammalian Cell Cycle

Kim, Sujin; Kang, Minjeong; Kim, Yoosikresearcher, JOVE-JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS, no.145, 2019-03


PKR Senses Nuclear and Mitochondrial Signals by Interacting with Endogenous Double-Stranded RNAs

Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Park, Joha; Kim, Sujin; et al, MOLECULAR CELL, v.71, no.6, pp.1051 - +, 2018-09


Amine-Reactive Poly(pentafluorophenyl acrylate) Brush Platforms for Cleaner Protein Purification

Son, Hyunjoo; Ku, Jayoung; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; et al, BIOMACROMOLECULES, v.19, no.3, pp.951 - 961, 2018-03


Two faces of competition: target<!--?show [AQ ID=Q1]?-->-mediated reverse signalling in microRNA and mitogen-activated protein kinase regulatory networks

Jang, Yongjin; Kim, Min A.; Kim, Yoosikresearcher, IET SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, v.11, no.4, pp.105 - 113, 2017-08


Regulation of Poly(A) Tail and Translation during the Somatic Cell Cycle

Park, Jong-Eun; Yi, Hyerim; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; et al, MOLECULAR CELL, v.62, no.3, pp.462 - 471, 2016-05


Deletion of Human tarbp2 Reveals Cellular MicroRNA Targets and Cell-Cycle Function of TRBP

Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Yeo, Jinah; Lee, Jung Hyun; et al, CELL REPORTS, v.9, pp.1061 - 1074, 2014-11


PKR is activated by cellular dsRNAs during mitosis and acts as a mitotic regulator

Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Lee, Jung Hyun; Park, Jong-Eun; et al, GENES & DEVELOPMENT, v.28, no.12, pp.1310 - 1322, 2014-06


Context-dependent transcriptional interpretation of mitogen activated protein kinase signaling in the Drosophila embryo

Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Iagovitina, Antonina; Ishihara, Keisuke; et al, CHAOS, v.23, no.2, 2013-06


Torso RTK controls Capicua degradation by changing its subcellular localization

Grimm, Oliver; Zini, Victoria Sanchez; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; et al, DEVELOPMENT, v.139, no.21, pp.3962 - 3968, 2012-11


LIN28A Is a Suppressor of ER-Associated Translation in Embryonic Stem Cells

Cho, Jun; Chang, Hyeshik; Kwon, S. Chul; et al, CELL, v.151, pp.765 - 777, 2012-11


RTK signaling modulates the Dorsal gradient

Helman, Aharon; Lim, Bomyi; Jose Andreu, Maria; et al, DEVELOPMENT, v.139, no.16, pp.3032 - 3039, 2012-08


MicroRNA Factory: RISC Assembly from Precursor MicroRNAs

Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Kim, V. Narry, MOLECULAR CELL, v.46, no.4, pp.384 - 386, 2012-05


Pattern Formation by Graded and Uniform Signals in the Early Drosophila Embryo

Kanodia, Jitendra S.; Liang, Hsiao-Lan; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; et al, BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, v.102, no.3, pp.427 - 433, 2012-02


A computational statistics approach for estimating the spatial range of morphogen gradients

Kanodia, Jitendra S.; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Tomer, Raju; et al, DEVELOPMENT, v.138, no.22, pp.4867 - 4874, 2011-11


Gene Regulation by MAPK Substrate Competition

Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Jose Andreu, Maria; Lim, Bomyi; et al, DEVELOPMENTAL CELL, v.20, no.6, pp.880 - 887, 2011-06


A microfluidic array for large-scale ordering and orientation of embryos

Chung, Kwanghun; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Kanodia, Jitendra S.; et al, NATURE METHODS, v.8, no.2, pp.171 - 103, 2011-02


Substrate-dependent control of MAPK phosphorylation in vivo

Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Paroush, Ze'ev; Nairz, Knud; et al, MOLECULAR SYSTEMS BIOLOGY, v.7, 2011-02


beta-arrestin Kurtz inhibits MAPK and Toll signalling in Drosophila development

Tipping, Marla; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Kyriakakis, Phillip; et al, EMBO JOURNAL, v.29, no.19, pp.3222 - 3235, 2010-10

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