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Choung, Jae-Yong (정재용) C-1757-2011

School of Business and Technology Management(기술경영학부)
Research Area
Technology Management, Science and Technology Policy, techno-economics

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Institutional capabilities and technology upgrading: The case of the nuclear industry in Korea

Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher; Hwang, Hye-Ran, TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, v.145, pp.284 - 294, 2019-08


한국 산업혁신연구의 현황과 과제

정재용researcher; 황혜란, 기술혁신연구, v.25, no.3, pp.115 - 154, 2017-08


Editorial paper: transition: from catch-up to post catch-up

Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher, ASIAN JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION, v.24, pp.1 - 7, 2016-09


Post catch-up system transition failure: the case of ICT technology development in Korea

Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher; Hwang, Hye-Ran; Choi, Jun Kyunresearcher, ASIAN JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION, v.24, pp.78 - 102, 2016-09


대덕연구개발특구의 시스템 전환 가능성에 관한 연구

황혜란; 정재용researcher, 경제와 사회, no.104, pp.300 - 334, 2014-12


Platform design and imitative innovation inside the transition black-box: Korean nuclear power plant APR1400 case

Son, Chan; Choung, JaeYongresearcher, ASIAN JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION, v.22, no.1, pp.67 - 85, 2014-06


Transitions of Innovation Activities in Latecomer Countries: An Exploratory Case Study of South Korea

Choung, JaeYongresearcher; Hwang, Hye-Ran; Song, Wichin, WORLD DEVELOPMENT, v.54, pp.156 - 167, 2014-02


The Co-evolution of Technology and Institutions in the Catch- up Process: The Case of the Semiconductor Industry in Korea and Taiwan

Hwang, Hye-Ran; Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher, JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT STUDIES, v.50, no.9, pp.1240 - 1260, 2014


The evolutionary patterns of knowledge production in Korea

Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher; Hwang, Hye-Ran, SCIENTOMETRICS, v.94, no.2, pp.629 - 650, 2013-02


Towards an innovation policy in the post catch-up era

Hwang, Hye-Ran; Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher, Asian Journal of Innovation and Policy, v.2, no.1, pp.1 - 19, 2013-02


Catch-up in ICT standards: Policy, implementation and standards-setting in South Korea

Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher; Hameed, Tahir; Ji, Ill-Yong, TECHNOLOGICAL FORECASTING AND SOCIAL CHANGE, v.79, no.4, pp.771 - 788, 2012-06


탈추격 연구의 이론적 지향성 및 과제

정재용researcher; 송위진; 황혜란, 기술혁신연구, v.20, no.1, pp.75 - 114, 2012-04


International Standardization Strategies of Latecomers: The Cases of Korean TPEG, T-DMB, and Binary CDMA

Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher; Ji, Ill-Yong; Hameed, Tahir, WORLD DEVELOPMENT, v.39, no.5, pp.824 - 838, 2011-05


Role of formal standards in transition to the technology frontier: Korean ICT systems

Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher; Hameed, Tahir; Ji, Ill-Yong, TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY, v.35, no.3, pp.269 - 287, 2011-04


The Cross-industry Spillover of Technological Capability: Koreas DRAM and TFT-LCD Industries

Park, Tae-Young; Choung, JaeYongresearcher; Min, Hong Ghiresearcher, WORLD DEVELOPMENT, v.36, pp.2855 - 2873, 2008-12


사회진화현상으로서의 융합의 전개 및 방향성

정재용researcher, 정보와 통신: 한국통신학회지, v.25, no.11, pp.3 - 6, 2008-11


Developing the complex system in Korea: the case study of TDX and CDMA telecom system

Choung, JaeYongresearcher; Hwang, Hye-Ran, International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, v.1, no.2, pp.204 - 225, 2007-04


The co-evolution of technology and institution in the Korean information and communications industry

Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher; Hwang, Hye-Ran; Yang, Heeseung, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, v.36, no.1-3, pp.249 - 266, 2006


벤처기업의 지속성장을 유지할 수 있는성공 메커니즘분석- 역동적 기업역량 시각에서 -

최원근; 정재용researcher, 기술혁신학회지, v.7, no.3, pp.607 - 640, 2004-12


바이오인포매틱스 제품의 상용화: 외부통합의 중요성

소홍석; 정재용researcher, 기술혁신연구, v.12, no.3, pp.229 - 258, 2004-12

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