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Shin, Hayong (신하용) C-1586-2011 0000-0002-5161-661X

Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering(산업및시스템공학과)
Research Area
Artificial intelligence and machine learning for manufacturing industry, Design automation, Geometric modeling for medical image processing

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Optimal preventive maintenance policy based on reinforcement learning of a fleet of military trucks

Barde, Stephane; Yacout, Soumaya; Shin, Hayongresearcher, JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT MANUFACTURING, v.30, no.1, pp.147 - 161, 2019-01


An Efficient Approximate Solution for Stochastic Lanchester Models

Kim, Dong Hyun; Moon, Hyungil; Park, Donghyun; et al, JOURNAL OF THE OPERATIONAL RESEARCH SOCIETY, v.68, no.11, pp.1470 - 1481, 2017-11


Some properties of nonlinear Lanchester equations with an application in military

Kim, Dong Hyun; Moon, Hyungil; Shin, Hayongresearcher, JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL COMPUTATION AND SIMULATION, v.87, pp.2470 - 2479, 2017-08


Analysis and design of microfinance services: a case of ROSCA

Ahn, Deung Geon; Kang, Wanmoresearcher; Kim, Kyoung-Kukresearcher; et al, ENGINEERING ECONOMIST, v.62, no.3, pp.197 - 230, 2017-07


3D freehand ultrasound reconstruction using a piecewise smooth Markov random field

Moon, Hyungil; Ju, Geonhwan; Park, Seyoun; et al, COMPUTER VISION AND IMAGE UNDERSTANDING, v.151, pp.101 - 113, 2016-10


Copula-Based Approach to Synthetic Population Generation

Jeong, Byungduk; Lee, Wonjoon; Kim, Deok-Soo; et al, PLOS ONE, v.11, no.8, 2016-08


Combining syndromic surveillance and ILI data using particle filter for epidemic state estimation

Lee, Taesikresearcher; Shin, Hayongresearcher, FLEXIBLE SERVICES AND MANUFACTURING JOURNAL, v.28, no.1-2, pp.233 - 253, 2016-06


혼합 군에 대한 확률적 란체스터 모형의 정규근사

신하용researcher; 박동현; 김동현; et al, 대한산업공학회지, v.42, no.2, pp.86 - 95, 2016-04


MDP에 의한 컬링 전략 선정

김동현; 배기욱; 박동현; et al, 대한산업공학회지, v.42, no.1, pp.65 - 72, 2016-02


Combining volumetric dental CT and optical scan data for teeth modeling

Jung, Wonhyung; Park, Seyoun; Shin, Hayongresearcher, COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, v.67-68, pp.24 - 37, 2015-12


Fairing the gamma: an engineering approach to sensitivity estimation

Kang, Wanmoresearcher; Kim, Kyoung-Kukresearcher; Shin, Hayongresearcher, IIE TRANSACTIONS, v.46, no.4, pp.374 - 396, 2014-04


[레터논문] 한국의 봄-가을은 짧아지고 있는가?

김동현; 신하용researcher, 대한산업공학회지, v.39, no.6, pp.546 - 553, 2013-12


Automatic reconstruction of the arterial and venous trees on volumetric chest CT

Park, Seyoun; Lee, Sang Min; Kim, Namkug; et al, MEDICAL PHYSICS, v.40, no.7, 2013-07


Hybrid grid generation for viscous flow analysis

Park, Seyoun; Jeong, Byungduk; Lee, Jin Gyu; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN FLUIDS, v.71, no.7, pp.891 - 909, 2013-03


Efficient generation of adaptive Cartesian mesh for computational fluid dynamics using GPU

Park, Seyoun; Shin, Hayongresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN FLUIDS, v.70, no.11, pp.1393 - 1404, 2012-12


Denoising Monte Carlo sensitivity estimates

Kang, Wanmoresearcher; Kim, Kyoung-Kukresearcher; Shin, Hayongresearcher, OPERATIONS RESEARCH LETTERS, v.40, no.3, pp.195 - 202, 2012-05


Beta-decomposition for the volume and area of the union of three-dimensional balls and their offsets

Kim, Deok-Soo; Ryu, Joonghyun; Shin, Hayongresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY, v.33, no.13, pp.1252 - 1273, 2012-05


Development of pre-/post-processors for 3D numerical simulation using cut cell method

Park, S. -Y; Lim, CH; Nam, JH; et al, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CAST METALS RESEARCH, v.24, no.3-4, pp.257 - 262, 2011-08


에이전트 기반의 NCW 전투모델링 시스템 설계

박세연; 신하용researcher; 이태식researcher; et al, 한국시뮬레이션학회 논문지, v.19, no.4, pp.271 - 280, 2010-12


에이전트 기반의 NCW 전투모델링 시스템 설계

박세연; 신하용researcher; 이태식; et al, 한국시뮬레이션학회 논문지, v.19, no.4, pp.271 - 280, 2010-12

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