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Lee, Chang-Yang (이창양) C-1629-2011

School of Management Engineering(경영공학부)
Research Area
Economics of Innovation, Innovation Strategy and Policy, Economic Policy

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The moderating role of competence specialization in the effect of external R&D on innovative performance

Koo, Byeongseok; Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, R & D MANAGEMENT, v.49, no.4, pp.574 - 594, 2019-09


Geographical clustering and firm growth: Differential growth performance among clustered firms

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, RESEARCH POLICY, v.47, no.6, pp.1173 - 1184, 2018-07


Are large business groups conducive to industry innovation? The moderating role of technological appropriability

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher; Lee, Ji-Hwanresearcher; Gaur, Ajai S., ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, v.34, no.2, pp.313 - 337, 2017-06


What determines firms' R&D intensity in business groups with cross-ownership structures?

Sung, Taeyoon; Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher; Ahn, Hyeonmi, INDUSTRY AND INNOVATION, v.24, no.6, pp.633 - 658, 2017


Technological diversification, core-technology competence, and firm growth

Kim, Jungho; Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher; Cho, Yunok, RESEARCH POLICY, v.45, no.1, pp.113 - 124, 2016-02


Technological regimes and firm survival

Kim, Jungho; Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, RESEARCH POLICY, v.45, no.1, pp.232 - 243, 2016-02


Technological Capability, Agglomeration Economies and Firm Location Choice

Jo, Yu-Ri; Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, REGIONAL STUDIES, v.48, no.8, pp.1337 - 1352, 2014-08


기업의 경쟁적 지위와 다른 유형의 연구개발 투자에 관한 연구

김정호; 이창양researcher, 산업조직연구, v.20, no.2, pp.49 - 79, 2012-06


Learning-by-doing in RD, knowledge threshold, and technological divide

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY ECONOMICS, v.22, no.1, pp.109 - 132, 2012-01


Technological regimes and the persistence of first-mover advantages

Kim, Jung-Ho; Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE, v.20, no.5, pp.1305 - 1333, 2011-10


The differential effects of public RD support on firm RD: Theory and evidence from multi-country data

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, TECHNOVATION, v.31, no.5-6, pp.256 - 269, 2011


A theory of firm growth: Learning capability, knowledge threshold, and patterns of growth

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, RESEARCH POLICY, v.39, no.2, pp.278 - 289, 2010-03


Do firms in clusters invest in R&D more intensively? Theory and evidence from multi-country data

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, RESEARCH POLICY, v.38, no.7, pp.1159 - 1171, 2009-09


Competition favors the prepared firm: Firms RD responses to competitive market pressure

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher, RESEARCH POLICY, v.38, no.5, pp.861 - 870, 2009-06


Inter-industry differences in profitability: the legacy of the structureefficiency debate revisited

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher; Mahmood, Ishtiaq P., INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE, v.18, no.3, pp.351 - 380, 2009-06


The relationship between R&D concentration and industry R&D intensity: A simple model and some evidence

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher; Noh J.researcher, ECONOMICS OF INNOVATION AND NEW TECHNOLOGY, v.18, no.4, pp.353 - 368, 2009


산업내 전직율이 기업 R&D 투자에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구

김도연; 성태윤; 이창양researcher, 기술혁신연구, v.16, no.2, pp.1 - 16, 2008-12


수익 체증 하에서의 경쟁 기술의 채택과 시장 구조의 진화

김정호; 이창양researcher, 경영학연구, v.36, no.5, pp.1167 - 1201, 2007-10


산업의 기술적 특성과 IMF 금융위기에 따른 시장구조의 변화

조유리; 김경곤; 이창양researcher, 산업조직연구, v.14, no.4, pp.103 - 123, 2006-12


R&D 지원제도와 기업 R&D 지출액간 관계 분석

서규원; 이창양researcher, 기술혁신연구, v.14, no.1, pp.101 - 118, 2006-06

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