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Ahn, Jaewook (안재욱) C-1637-2011

Department of Physics(물리학과)
Research Area
Ultrafast Laser Physics, Laser Spectroscopy, Atomic process in electromagnetic field

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Coherent and dissipative dynamics of entangled few-body systems of Rydberg atoms

Lee, Woojun; Kim, Min Hyuk; Jo, Hanlae; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.99, no.4, pp.043404-1 - 043404-7, 2019-04


Qubit leakage suppression by ultrafast composite pulses

Jo, Hanlae; Song, Yunheung; Ahn, Jaewookresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.27, no.4, pp.3944 - 3951, 2019-02


Gerchberg-Saxton algorithm for fast and efficient atom rearrangement in optical tweezer traps

Kim, Hyosub; Kim, Minhyuk; Lee, Woojun; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.27, no.3, pp.2184 - 2196, 2019-02


Quantum Computing Systems: A Brief Overview

Anukool, Waranont; Lim, Jongseok; Song, Yunheung; et al, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.73, no.6, pp.841 - 845, 2018-09


Subpicosecond X rotations of atomic clock states

Song, Yunheung; Lee, Han-Gyeol; Kim, Hyosub; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.97, no.5, pp.052322, 2018-06


Detailed Balance of Thermalization Dynamics in Rydberg-Atom Quantum Simulators

Kim, Hyosub; Park, YeJe; Kim, Kyungtae; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.120, no.18, pp.180502, 2018-05


Direct frequency-comb spectroscopy of 6s(2)S(1/2)-8s(2)S(1/2) transitions of atomic cesium

Kim, Kyungtae; Ahn, Jaewookresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS B-ATOMIC MOLECULAR AND OPTICAL PHYSICS, v.51, no.3, 2018-02


Ultrafast spatial coherent control methods for transition pathway resolving spectroscopy of atomic rubidium

Kim, Min Hyuk; Kim, Kyungtae; Cao, Dewen; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.26, no.2, pp.1324 - 1332, 2018-01


Robust two-level system control by a detuned and chirped laser pulse

Jo, Hanlae; Lee, Han-Gyeol; Guerin, Stephane; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.96, no.3, pp.033403, 2017-09


Single-laser-pulse implementation of arbitrary ZYZ rotations of an atomic qubit

Lee, Han-Gyeol; Song, Yunheung; Ahn, Jaewookresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.96, no.1, pp.012326, 2017-07


Defect-free atomic array formation using the Hungarian matching algorithm

Lee, Woojun; Kim, Hyosub; Ahn, Jaewookresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.95, no.5, pp.053424, 2017-05


In situ single-atom array synthesis using dynamic holographic optical tweezers

Kim, Hyosub; Lee, Woojun; Lee, Han-Gyeol; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.7, pp.13317, 2016-10


Terahertz polarization spectroscopy in the near-field zone of a sub-wavelength-scale metal slit

Han, Dae Hun; Lee, Kang-Hee; Jo, Hanlae; et al, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.24, no.19, pp.21276 - 21285, 2016-09


Selective excitation in a three-state system using a hybrid adiabatic-nonadiabatic interaction

Song, Yunheung; Lee, Han-Gyeol; Jo, Hanlae; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.94, pp.023412, 2016-08


Terahertz transmission resonances in complementary multilayered metamaterial with deep subwavelength interlayer spacing

Choi, Muhan; Kang, Byungsoo; Yi, Yunsik; et al, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.108, no.20, 2016-05


Three-dimensional rearrangement of single atoms using actively controlled optical microtraps

Lee, Woojun; Kim, Hyosub; Ahn, Jaewookresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.24, no.9, pp.9816 - 9825, 2016-05


Quantum dynamics of a two-state system induced by a chirped zero-area pulse

Lee, Han-Gyeol; Song, Yunheung; Kim, Hyosub; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.93, no.2, pp.023423, 2016-02


Lattice Vibrations of Natural Seraphinite Gemstone Probed by Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy

Han, Dae Hun; Jeong, Heejae; Song, Yunheung; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON TERAHERTZ SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.5, no.6, pp.1021 - 1027, 2015-11


THz near-field spectral encoding imaging using a rainbow metasurface

Lee, Kang-Hee; Choi, Hyun Joo; Son, Jaehyeon; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.5, 2015-09


Coherent control of resonant two-photon transitions by counterpropagating ultrashort pulse pairs

Lee, Woojun; Kim, Hyosub; Kim, Kyungtae; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.92, no.3, 2015-09

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