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Choi, Giltsu (최길주) C-1601-2011

Department of Biological Sciences(생명과학과)
Research Area
Phytochrome, Plant Development

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Phytochrome B Requires PIF Degradation and Sequestration to Induce Light Responses across a Wide Range of Light Conditions

Park, Eunae; Kim, Yeojae; Choi, Giltsuresearcher, PLANT CELL, v.30, no.6, pp.1277 - 1292, 2018-06


Functionally redundant LNG3 and LNG4 genes regulate turgor-driven polar cell elongation through activation of XTH17 and XTH24

Lee, Young Koung; Rhee, Ji Ye; Lee, Seong Hee; et al, PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, v.97, no.1-2, pp.23 - 36, 2018-05


Arabidopsis EARLY FLOWERING3 increases salt tolerance by suppressing salt stress response pathways

Sakuraba, Yasuhito; Bulbul, Selin; Piao, Weilan; et al, PLANT JOURNAL, v.92, no.6, pp.1106 - 1120, 2017-12


Plant array chip for the germination and growth screening of Arabidopsis thaliana

Park, Youn Hee; Lee, Nayoung; Choi, Giltsuresearcher; et al, LAB ON A CHIP, v.17, no.18, pp.3071 - 3077, 2017-09


Phytochrome-interacting factor from Arabidopsis to liverwort

Lee, Nayoung; Choi, Giltsuresearcher, CURRENT OPINION IN PLANT BIOLOGY, v.35, pp.54 - 60, 2017-02


Gibberellin Signaling Requires Chromatin Remodeler PICKLE to Promote Vegetative Growth and Phase Transitions

Park , Jeongmoo; Oh, Dong-Ha; Dassanayake, Maheshi; et al, PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, v.173, no.2, pp.1463 - 1474, 2017-02


Epidermal Phytochrome B Inhibits Hypocotyl Negative Gravitropism Non-Cell-Autonomously

Kim, Jaewook; Song, Kijong; Park, Eunae; et al, PLANT CELL, v.28, no.11, pp.2770 - 2785, 2016-11


PIF1 Regulates Plastid Development by Repressing Photosynthetic Genes in the Endodermis

Kim, Keunhwa; Jeong, Jinkil; Kim, Jeong Heon; et al, MOLECULAR PLANT, v.9, no.10, pp.1415 - 1427, 2016-10


Phytochrome and Ethylene Signaling Integration in Arabidopsis Occurs via the Transcriptional Regulation of Genes Co-targeted by PIFs and EIN3

Jeong, Jinkil; Kim, Keunhwa; Kim, Mi E.; et al, FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, v.7, 2016-07


PIF1-Interacting Transcription Factors and Their Binding Sequence Elements Determine the in Vivo Targeting Sites of PIF1

Kim, Junghyun; Kang, Hyojin; Park , Jeongmoo; et al, PLANT CELL, v.28, no.6, pp.1388 - 1405, 2016-06


The Arabidopsis RING Domain Protein BOI Inhibits Flowering via CO-dependent and CO-independent Mechanisms

Nguyen, Khoa Thi; Park, Jeongmoo; Park, Eunae; et al, MOLECULAR PLANT, v.8, no.12, pp.1725 - 1736, 2015-12


The Transcriptional Coregulator LEUNIG_HOMOLOG Inhibits Light-Dependent Seed Germination in Arabidopsis

Lee, Nayoung; Park, Jeongmoo; Kim, Keunhwa; et al, PLANT CELL, v.27, no.8, pp.2301 - 2313, 2015-08


Two Ginseng UDP-Glycosyltransferases Synthesize Ginsenoside Rg(3) and Rd

Jung, Suk-Chae; Kim, Woohyun; Park, Sung Chul; et al, PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY, v.55, no.12, pp.2177 - 2188, 2014-12


Phytochrome-interacting transcription factors PIF4 and PIF5 induce leaf senescence in Arabidopsis

Sakuraba, Yasuhito; Jeong, Jinkil; Kang, Min-Young; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.5, 2014-08


A histone methyltransferase inhibits seed germination by increasing PIF1mRNA expression in imbibed seeds

Lee, Na Young; Kang, Hyojin; Lee, Daeyoupresearcher; et al, PLANT JOURNAL, v.78, no.2, pp.282 - 293, 2014-04


ABA-INSENSITIVE3, ABA-INSENSITIVE5, and DELLAs Interact to Activate the Expression of SOMNUS and Other High-Temperature-Inducible Genes in Imbibed Seeds in Arabidopsis

Lim, Soohwan; Park, Jeongmoo; 이나영; et al, PLANT CELL, v.25, no.12, pp.4863 - 4878, 2013-12


Differential control of seed primary dormancy in Arabidopsis ecotypes by the transcription factor SPATULA

Vaistij, Fabian E.; Gan, Yinbo; Penfield, Steven; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.110, no.26, pp.10866 - 10871, 2013-06


Phytochrome-interacting factors have both shared and distinct biological roles

Jeong, Jinkil; Choi, Giltsuresearcher, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.35, no.5, pp.371 - 380, 2013-05


HY5 regulates anthocyanin biosynthesis by inducing the transcriptional activation of the MYB75/PAP1 transcription factor in Arabidopsis

Shin, Dong-Ho; Choi, Myung-Goo; Kim, Keun-Hwa; et al, FEBS LETTERS, v.587, no.10, pp.1543 - 1547, 2013-05


HONSU, a Protein Phosphatase 2C, Regulates Seed Dormancy by Inhibiting ABA Signaling in Arabidopsis

Kim, Woo-Hyun; Lee, Yeon; Park, Jeong-Moo; et al, PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY, v.54, no.4, pp.555 - 572, 2013-04

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