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Lee, Soonchil (이순칠) C-1963-2011

Department of Physics(물리학과)
Research Area
Magnetic and Magnetic Resonance , Magnetism, Quantum computer

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Field-induced anisotropy in the quasi-two-dimensional weakly anisotropic antiferromagnet [CuCl(pyz)(2)]BF4

Kwon, Sung Min; Jeong, M.; Kubus, M.; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.99, no.21, pp.214403, 2019-06


Electron spin relaxations of phosphorus donors in bulk silicon under large electric field

Park, Daniel K.; Park, Sejun; Jee, Hyejung; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.9, pp.2951, 2019-02


NMR for magnetite

이순칠researcher, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN MAGNETIC RESONANCE SOCIETY, v.22, no.4, pp.101 - 106, 2018-12


Experimental evidence for mixed-valent Cr ions in half-metallic CrO2: Temperature-dependent XMCD study

Seong, Seungho; Lee, Eunsook; Kim, Hyun Woo; et al, JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, v.452, pp.447 - 450, 2018-04


Giant thermal hysteresis in Verwey transition of single domain Fe3O4 nanoparticles

Kim, Taehun; Lim, Sumin; Hong, Jaeyoung; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.8, pp.5092, 2018-03


Noise-tolerant parity learning with one quantum bit

Park, Daniel K.; Rhee, June-Koo Kevinresearcher; Lee, Soonchilresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW A, v.97, no.3, pp.032327, 2018-03


Microscopic States and the Verwey Transition of Magnetite Nanocrystals Investigated by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Lim, Sumin; Choi, Baek Soon; Lee, Sang Young; et al, NANO LETTERS, v.18, no.3, pp.1745 - 1750, 2018-03


Fe and Co NMR studies of magnetoelectric Co-2 Y-type hexaferrite BSCFAO

Choi, Baek Soon; Kwon, Sang-Il; Lee, Soonchilresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, v.30, no.6, 2018-02


Orbital reorientation in MnV2O4 observed by V NMR

Jo, Eun-A; Park, Sejun; Lee, Jooseop; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, pp.2178, 2017-05


Magnetic properties of MnF3 investigated by Mn-55 NMR and M (H) measurement

Choi, Baek Soon; Kang, Byeong-Ki; Kim, Chang-Soo; et al, JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, v.421, pp.414 - 417, 2017-01


Sensitive detection of NMR for thin films

Lee, Soonchilresearcher, SOLID STATE NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE, v.71, pp.1 - 10, 2015-10


Microscopic control of Si-29 nuclear spins near phosphorus donors in silicon

Jarvinen, J.; Zvezdov, D.; Ahokas, J.; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.92, no.12, 2015-09


NMR spin-lattice relaxation time T-1 of thin films obtained by magnetic resonance force microscopy

Saun, Seung Bo; Won, Soonho; Kwon, Sung Min; et al, JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE, v.254, pp.71 - 74, 2015-05


Efficient dynamic nuclear polarization of phosphorus in silicon in strong magnetic fields and at low temperatures

Jaervinen, J.; Ahokas, J.; Sheludyakov, S.; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.90, no.21, 2014-12


Magnetic state of FeCl3 investigated by NMR

Kang, Byeong Ki; Kim, Changsoo; Jo, Euna; et al, JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, v.360, pp.1 - 5, 2014-06


Electrical control of large magnetization reversal in a helimagnet

Chai, Yi Sheng; Kwon, Sang Il; Chun, Sae Hwan; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.5, 2014-06


Effects of Al substitution and thermal annealing on magnetoelectric Ba0.5Sr1.5Zn2Fe12O22 investigated by the enhancement factor of Fe-57 nuclear magnetic resonance

Kwon, Sang Il; Kang, Byeong Ki; Kim, Changsoo; et al, JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, v.26, no.14, 2014-04


NMR Spectroscopy for Thin Films by Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy

Won, Soon-Ho; Saun, Seung Bo; Lee, Soonchilresearcher; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.3, pp.3189, 2013-11


Spin state and orbital ordering in CuCr2O4 investigated by NMR

Jo, Eun-A; Kang, Byeong-Ki; Kim, Chang-Soo; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.88, no.9, pp.094417, 2013-09


Fe-57 NMR study of the magnetoelectric hexaferrite Ba0.5Sr1.5Zn2Fe12O22 and Ba0.5Sr1.5Zn2(Fe0.92Al0.08)(12)O-22

Kwon, Sang-Il; Yoon, Dong Young; Lee, Soonchilresearcher; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.88, no.6, pp.064404, 2013-08

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