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Lee, Younghoon (이영훈)
교수, Department of Chemistry(화학과)
Research Area
Nucleic Acid Biochemistry
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    Tandem Promoters for Expression of Cnu, a Nucleoid Protein, in Escherichia coli

    Lee, Seol-Hoon; Kim, Wonkyong; Choi, Jee Soo; et al, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.40, no.8, pp.826 - 827, 2019-08

    NMR Analysis of the Interaction between Cyclophilin A and RIG-I

    Hwang, Jihyun; Kim, Kihun; Lee, Younghoonresearcher; et al, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.40, no.7, pp.621 - 622, 2019-07

    Anti-cancer activity of the novel 2-hydroxydiarylamide derivatives IMD-0354 and KRT1853 through suppression of cancer cell invasion, proliferation, and survival mediated by TMPRSS4

    Kim, Solbi; Ko, Dongjoon; Lee, Yunhee; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.9, 2019-07

    Coordinate regulation of the expression of SdsR toxin and its downstream pphA gene by RyeA antitoxin in Escherichia coli

    Choi, Jee Soo; Park, Hongmarn; Kim, Wonkyong; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.9, pp.9627, 2019-07

    Heterogeneous Sequences of Brain Cytoplasmic 200 RNA Formed by Multiple Adenine Nucleotide Insertions

    Shin, Heegwon; Lee, Jungmin; Kim, Youngmi; et al, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.42, no.6, pp.495 - 500, 2019-06

    Mechanisms for Hfq-Independent Activation of rpoS by DsrA, a Small RNA, in Escherichia coli

    Kim, Wonkyong; Choi, Jee Soo; Kim, Daun; et al, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.42, no.5, pp.426 - 439, 2019-05

    The small RNA, SdsR, acts as a novel type of toxin in Escherichia coli

    Choi, Jee Soo; Kim, Wonkyong; Suk, Shinae; et al, RNA BIOLOGY, v.15, no.10, pp.1319 - 1335, 2018-12

    BC200 RNA: An Emerging Therapeutic Target and Diagnostic Marker for Human Cancer

    Shin, Heegwon; Kim, Youngmi; Kim, Meehyein; et al, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.41, no.12, pp.993 - 999, 2018-12

    Knockdown of BC200 RNA expression reduces cell migration and invasion by destabilizng mRNA for calcium-binding protein S100A11

    Shin, Heegwon; Lee, Jungmin; Kim, Youngmi; et al, RNA BIOLOGY, v.14, no.10, pp.1418 - 1430, 2017-10

    Biosynthesis of brain cytoplasmic 200 RNA

    Kim, Youngmi; Lee, Jungmin; Shin, Heegwon; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, pp.6884, 2017-07

    Identifying the cellular location of brain cytoplasmic 200 RNA using an RNA-recognizing antibody

    Shin, Heegwon; Lee, Jungmin; Kim, Youngmi; et al, BMB REPORTS, v.50, no.6, pp.318 - 322, 2017-06

    Highly efficient gene silencing and bioimaging based on fluorescent carbon dots in vitro and in vivo

    Kim, Seongchan; Choi, Yuri; Park, Ginam; et al, NANO RESEARCH, v.10, no.2, pp.503 - 519, 2017-02

    Regulation of BC200 RNA-mediated translation inhibition by hnRNP E1 and E2

    Jang, Seonghui; Shin, Heegwon; Lee, Jungmin; et al, FEBS LETTERS, v.591, no.2, pp.393 - 405, 2017-01

    A chemical biology route to site-specific authentic protein modifications

    Yang, Aerin; Ha, Sura; Ahn, Jihye; et al, SCIENCE, v.354, no.6312, pp.623 - 626, 2016-11

    Truncated SRA RNA derivatives inhibit estrogen receptor-alpha-mediated transcription

    Jung, Euihan; Jang, Seonghui; Lee, Jungmin; et al, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REPORTS, v.43, no.10, pp.1019 - 1025, 2016-10

    RNA Motifs Required for Maintaining Metabolic Stability of M1 RNA

    Kim, Yool; Suk, Shinae; Lee, Ji Young; et al, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.37, no.8, pp.1381 - 1384, 2016-08

    TMPRSS4 induces invasion and proliferation of prostate cancer cells through induction of Slug and cyclin D1

    Lee, Yunhee; Ko, Dongjoon; Min, Hye-Jin; et al, ONCOTARGET, v.7, no.31, pp.50315 - 50332, 2016-08

    Structural features of influenza A virus panhandle RNA enabling the activation of RIG-I independently of 5'-triphosphate

    Lee, Mikyung; Kim, Hee Eun; Park, Eun Byeol; et al, NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.44, no.17, pp.8407 - 8416, 2016-06

    A Rhizavidin Monomer with Nearly Multimeric Avidin-Like Binding Stability Against Biotin Conjugates

    Lee, Jeong Min; Kim, Jung A; Yen, Tzu-Chi; et al, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.55, no.10, pp.3393 - 3397, 2016-03

    In-depth investigation of the interaction between DNA and nano-sized graphene oxide

    Lee, Jieon; Yim, Yeajee; Kim, Seongchan; et al, CARBON, v.97, pp.92 - 98, 2016-02

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