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Park, Hee-Sung (박희성) C-2042-2011

Department of Chemistry(화학과)
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Biochemistry, Chemical biology, Protein chemistry

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Site-Specific Labeling of Proteins Using Unnatural Amino Acids

Lee, Kyung Jin; Kang, Deokhee; Park, Hee-Sungresearcher, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.42, no.5, pp.386 - 396, 2019-05


Cyclic peptides: Promising scaffolds for biopharmaceuticals

Gang, Dong Hyeok; Kim, Do Wook; Park, Hee-Sungresearcher, GENES, v.9, no.11, 2018-11


A hemicyanine-embedded diphenylselenide-containing probe “HemiSe” in which SePh2 stays reduced for selective detection of superoxide in living cells

Halle, Mahesh B.; Lee, KyungJin; Yudhistira, Tesla; et al, CHEMISTRY-AN ASIAN JOURNAL, v.13, no.24, pp.3895 - 3902, 2018-11


Overriding Phthalate Decomposition When Exploring Mycophenolic Acid Intermediates as Selenium-Based ROS Biological Probes

Halle, Mallesla B.; Yudhistira, Tesla; Lee, KyungJin; et al, ACS OMEGA, v.3, no.10, pp.13474 - 13483, 2018-10


MSK1 functions as a transcriptional coactivator of p53 in the regulation of p21 gene expression

Ahn, Jihye; Lee, Jin Gyeong; Chin, Chuevin; et al, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.50, 2018-10


Chd1p recognizes H3K36Ac to maintain nucleosome positioning near the transcription start site

Kim, Hyun Hee; Jo, Hyelim; Seo, Hogyu David; et al, BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, v.503, no.3, pp.1200 - 1206, 2018-09


Chemical biology approaches for studying posttranslational modifications

Yang, Aerin; Cho, Kyu Kwang; Park, Hee-Sungresearcher, RNA BIOLOGY, v.15, no.4-5, pp.427 - 440, 2018-08


A palette of background-free tame fluorescent probes for intracellular multi-color labelling in live cells

Alamudi, Samira Husen; Su, Dongdong; Lee, Kyung Jin; et al, CHEMICAL SCIENCE, v.9, no.8, pp.2376 - 2383, 2018-02


Attomolar detection of extracellular microRNAs released from living prostate cancer cells by a plasmonic nanowire interstice sensor

Yang, Si Yeong; Kim, Hongki; Lee, Kyung Jin; et al, NANOSCALE, v.9, no.44, pp.17387 - 17395, 2017-11


Genetic incorporation of N-epsilon-acetyllysine reveals a novel acetylation-sumoylation switch in yeast

Kim, Sang Woo; Lee, Kyung Jin; Kim, Sinil; et al, BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-GENERAL SUBJECTS, v.1861, no.11, pp.3030 - 3037, 2017-11


A fluorogenic and red-shifted diphenyl phosphinate-based probe for selective peroxynitrite detection as demonstrated in fixed cells

Mulay, Sandip V.; Kim, Youngsam; Lee, KyungJin; et al, NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, v.41, no.20, pp.11934 - 11940, 2017-10


Thiomaleimide Functionalization for Selective Biological Fluorescence Detection of Peroxynitrite as Tested in HeLa and RAW 264.7 Cells

Yudhistira, Tesla; Mulay, Sandip V.; Lee, KyungJin; et al, CHEMISTRY-AN ASIAN JOURNAL, v.12, no.15, pp.1927 - 1934, 2017-08


Expanding the genetic code of Mus musculus

Han, Songmi; Yang, Aerin; Lee, Soonjang; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.8, 2017-02


A chemical biology route to site-specific authentic protein modifications

Yang, Aerin; Ha, Sura; Ahn, Jihye; et al, SCIENCE, v.354, no.6312, pp.623 - 626, 2016-11


Truncated SRA RNA derivatives inhibit estrogen receptor-alpha-mediated transcription

Jung, Euihan; Jang, Seonghui; Lee, Jungmin; et al, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REPORTS, v.43, no.10, pp.1019 - 1025, 2016-10


A robust and quantitative assay platform for multiplexed, high throughput screening of protein kinase inhibitors

Lee, Jieon; Park, Il-Soo; Park, Ginam; et al, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.52, no.81, pp.12112 - 12115, 2016-10


Chromatin Kinases Act on Transcription Factors and Histone Tails in Regulation of Inducible Transcription

Josefowicz, Steven Z.; Shimada, Miho; Armache, Anja; et al, MOLECULAR CELL, v.64, no.2, pp.347 - 361, 2016-10


Development of background-free tame fluorescent probes for intracellular live cell imaging

Alamudi, Samira Husen; Satapathy, Rudrakanta; Kim, Jihyo; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.7, 2016-06


Akt Kinase-Mediated Checkpoint of cGAS DNA Sensing Pathway

Seo, Gil Ju; Yang, Aerin; Tan, Brandon; et al, CELL REPORTS, v.13, no.2, pp.440 - 449, 2015-10


Negative regulation of NF-kappa B activity by brain-specific TRIpartite Motif protein 9

Shi, Mude; Cho, Hyelim; Inn, Kyung-Soo; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.5, 2014-09

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