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Yoo, Choong-Yuel (류충렬) C-2072-2011

School of Management Engineering(경영공학부)
Research Area
Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Forecasting

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An analyst by any other surname: Surname favorability and market reaction to analyst forecasts

Jung, Jay Heon; Kumar, Alok; Lim, Sonya S.; et al, JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING & ECONOMICS, v.67, no.2-3, pp.306 - 335, 2019-04


Business Groups and Tunneling: Evidence from Corporate Charitable Contributions by Korean Companies

Kim, Byungki; Pae, Jinhan; Yoo, Choong-Yuelresearcher, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, v.154, no.3, pp.643 - 666, 2019-02


Demand for fair value accounting: The case of the asset revaluation boom in Korea during the global financial crisis

Yoo, Choong-Yuelresearcher; Choi, Tae Hee; Pae, Jinhan, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS FINANCE & ACCOUNTING, v.45, no.1-2, pp.92 - 114, 2018-01


Do analysts who understand accounting conservatism exhibit better forecasting performance?

Jung, Jay Heon; Lim, Sonya S.; Pae, Jinhan; et al, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS FINANCE & ACCOUNTING, v.44, no.7-8, pp.953 - 985, 2017-07


Professors on the Board: Do They Contribute to Society Outside the Classroom?

Cho, Charles H; Jung, Jay Heon; Kwak, Byungjinresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, v.141, no.2, pp.393 - 409, 2017-03


Do Analysts Strategically Employ Cash Flow Forecast Revisions to Offset Negative Earnings Forecast Revisions?

Yoo, Choong-Yuelresearcher; Pae, Jinhan, EUROPEAN ACCOUNTING REVIEW, v.26, no.2, pp.193 - 214, 2017


Corporate charitable contributions: business award winners' giving behaviors

Yoo, Choong-Yuelresearcher; Pae, Jinhan, BUSINESS ETHICS-A EUROPEAN REVIEW, v.25, no.1, pp.25 - 44, 2016-01


Impact of Measuring Operational-Level Planning Reliability on Management-Level Project Performance

Kim, Sang-Chul; Kim, Yong-Woo; Park, Kun Sooresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT IN ENGINEERING, v.31, no.5, 2015-09


Do analysts treat winners and losers differently when forecasting earnings?

Jung, Jay Heon; Pae, Jinhan; YOO, CHOONG-YUELresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FORECASTING, v.31, no.2, pp.531 - 549, 2015-04


Estimation and Prediction Tests of Cash Flow Forecast Accuracy

YOO, CHOONG-YUELresearcher; Pae, Jinhan, JOURNAL OF FORECASTING, v.32, no.3, pp.215 - 225, 2013-04

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