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Lee, Seung-Rae (이승래)
교수, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering(건설및환경공학과)
Research Area
Geotechnical Engineering
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    A multi-objective optimization of initial conditions in a radioactive waste repository by numerical thermo-hydro-mechanical modeling

    Kim, Min-Seop; Jeon, Jun-Seo; Kim, Min-Jun; et al, COMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICS, v.114, 2019-10

    DAN3D 모형을 이용한 우면산 토석류 거동 수치모의

    이득환; 이승래researcher; 박준영, 한국방재학회논문집, v.19, no.3, pp.195 - 202, 2019-06

    A shallow slide prediction model combining rainfall threshold warnings and shallow slide susceptibility in Busan, Korea

    Pradhan, Ananta Man Singh; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Kim, Yun-Tae, LANDSLIDES, v.16, no.3, pp.647 - 659, 2019-03

    Sensitivity analysis of bentonite buffer peak temperature in a high-level waste repository

    Kim, Min-Jun; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Jeon, Jun-Seo; et al, ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, v.123, pp.190 - 199, 2019-01

    Optimal initial condition of a bentonite buffer with regard to thermal behavior in a high-level radioactive waste repository

    Kim, Min-Jun; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Yoon, Seok; et al, COMPUTERS AND GEOTECHNICS, v.104, pp.109 - 117, 2018-12

    Evaluation of geometric factors influencing thermal performance of horizontal spiral-coil ground heat exchangers

    Kim, Min-Jun; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Yoon, Seok; et al, APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, v.144, pp.788 - 796, 2018-11

    Suggestion of a Scale Factor to Design Spiral-Coil-Type Horizontal Ground Heat Exchangers

    Jeon, Jun-Seo; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Kim, Min-Jun; et al, ENERGIES, v.11, no.10, 2018-10

    Thermal Conductivity Estimation of Compacted Bentonite Buffer Materials for a High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository

    Yoon, Seok; Kim, Min-Jun; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; et al, NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY, v.204, no.2, pp.213 - 226, 2018-10

    A method to develop the input parameter database for site-specific debris flow hazard prediction under extreme rainfall

    Vasu, Nikhil Nedumpallile; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Lee, Deuk-Hwan; et al, LANDSLIDES, v.15, no.8, pp.1523 - 1539, 2018-08

    A modified mathematical model for spiral coil-type horizontal ground heat exchangers

    Jeon, Jun-Seo; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Kim, Min-Jun, ENERGY, v.152, pp.732 - 743, 2018-06

    Debris flow susceptibility assessment based on an empirical approach in the central region of South Korea

    Kang, Sinhang; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher, GEOMORPHOLOGY, v.308, pp.1 - 12, 2018-05

    An applicable design method for horizontal spiral-coil-type ground heat exchangers

    Kim, Min-Jun; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Yoon, Seok; et al, GEOTHERMICS, v.72, pp.338 - 347, 2018-03

    벤토나이트 완충재의 열물성이 온도 변화에 미치는 영향

    김민준; 이승래researcher; 윤석; et al, 한국지반공학회논문집, v.34, no.1, pp.17 - 24, 2018-01

    연속강우 기반의 광역도시 산사태 예⋅경보 모델 개발

    박준영; 이승래researcher; 이득환; et al, 한국방재학회논문집, v.18, no.1, pp.99 - 111, 2018-01

    Suggestion of a Load Sharing Ratio for the Design of Spiral Coil-type Horizontal Ground Heat Exchanges

    Jeon, Jun-Seo; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher, Energy Procedia, v.141, pp.292 - 298, 2017-12

    Development of an initiation criterion for debris flows based on local topographic properties and applicability assessment at a regional scale

    Kang, Sinhang; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Vasu, Nikhil N.; et al, ENGINEERING GEOLOGY, v.230, pp.64 - 76, 2017-11

    고준위폐기물 처분시설의 압축 벤토나이트 완충재의 열전도도 추정

    윤석; 이민수; 김건영; et al, 한국지반공학회논문집, v.33, no.7, pp.55 - 64, 2017-07

    수평 직선형 지중 열교환기 설계 방안 제안

    이승래researcher; 김민준; 윤석; et al, 한국지열에너지학회논문집, v.12, no.4, pp.1 - 7, 2016-12

    개방형 지열 시스템 설계 방법의 개선 및 적용

    이승래researcher; 김우진; 전준서; et al, 신재생에너지, v.12, no.4, pp.122 - 130, 2016-12

    A new approach to temporal modelling for landslide hazard assessment using an extreme rainfall induced-landslide index

    Vasu, Nikhil Nedumpallile; Lee, Seung-Raeresearcher; Pradhan, Ananta Man Singh; et al, ENGINEERING GEOLOGY, v.215, pp.36 - 49, 2016-12

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