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Guidelines for C to T base editing in plants: base-editing window, guide RNA length, and efficient promoter

Kang, Beum-Chang; Woo, Je Wook; Kim, Sang-Tae; Bae, Su-Ji; Choi, Minkyung; Kim, Jin-Soo; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher, PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY REPORTS, v.13, no.5, pp.533 - 541, 2019-10

A zero-background CRISPR binary vector system for construction of sgRNA libraries in plant functional genomics applications

Yun, Jae-Young; Kim, Sang-Tae; Kim, Sang-Gyuresearcher; Kim, Jin-Soo, PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY REPORTS, v.13, no.5, pp.543 - 551, 2019-10

Generation of early-flowering Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa spp. pekinensis) through CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editing

Jeong, So Young; Ahn, Hyomin; Ryu, Jahee; Oh, Youngbin; Sivanandhan, Ganeshan; Won, Kang-Hee; Park, Young Doo; et al, PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY REPORTS, v.13, no.5, pp.491 - 499, 2019-10

A glucose-sensing neuron pair regulates insulin and glucagon in Drosophila

Oh, Yangkyun; Lai, Jason Sih-Yu; Mills, Holly J.; Erdjument-Bromage, Hediye; Giammarinaro, Benno; Saadipour, Khalil; Wang, Justin G.; et al, NATURE, v.574, no.7779, pp.559 - +, 2019-10

Dynamically changing neuronal activity supporting working memory for predictable and unpredictable durations

Park, Jong Chan; Bae, Jung Won; Kim, Jieun; Jung, Min Whanresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.9, 2019-10

Chemogenetic manipulation of parasympathetic neurons (DMV) regulates feeding behavior and energy metabolism

NamKoong C.; Song W.J.; Kim C.Y.; Chun D.H.; Shin S.; Sohn, Jong Wooresearcher; Choi H.J., NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS, v.712, 2019-11

D-galactose induces astrocytic aging and contributes to astrocytoma progression and chemoresistance via cellular senescence

Hou, Jingang; Yun, Yeejin; Xue, Jianjie; Sun, Mengqi; Kim, Sunchangresearcher, MOLECULAR MEDICINE REPORTS, v.20, no.5, pp.4111 - 4118, 2019-11

Tailoring the Saccharomyces cerevisiae endoplasmic reticulum for functional assembly of terpene synthesis pathway

Kim, Jae-Eung; Jang, In-Seung; Son, So-Hee; Ko, Young-Joon; Cho, Byung-Kwanresearcher; Kim, Sun Changresearcher; Lee, Ju Young, METABOLIC ENGINEERING, v.56, pp.50 - 59, 2019-12

High Frequency in vitro Regeneration of Chinese cabbage (cv. Kenshin) from Hypocotyl and Cotyledon Explants

Sivanandhan, Ganeshan; Choi, Sheng Bean; Jiae, Moon; Choi, Su Ryun; Kim, Sang Gyuresearcher; Park, Young Doo; Lim, Yong Pyo, HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.37, no.5, pp.640 - +, 2019-10

A compendium of promoter-centered long-range chromatin interactions in the human genome

Jung, Inkyungresearcher; Schmitt, Anthony; Diao, Yarui; Lee, Andrew J.; Liu, Tristin; Yang, Dongchan; Tang, Catherine; et al, NATURE GENETICS, v.51, no.10, pp.1442 - +, 2019-10

Past, Present, and Future of Brain Organoid Technology

Koo, Bonsang; Choi, Baekgyu; Park, Hoewon; Yoon, Ki-Junresearcher, MOLECULES AND CELLS, v.42, no.9, pp.617 - 627, 2019-09

Aldehyde-alcohol dehydrogenase forms a high-order spirosome architecture critical for its activity

Kim, Gi Jeong; Azmi, Liyana; Jang, Seongmin; Jung, Tae Yang; Hebert, Hans; Roe, Andrew J.; Byron, Olwyn; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, 2019-10

Bip Inducer X: an ER Stress Inhibitor for Enhancing Recombinant Antibody Production in CHO Cell Culture

Ha, Tae Kwang; Hansen, Anders H.; Kildegaard, Helene F.; Lee, Gyun Minresearcher, BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL, v.14, no.10, 2019-10

Genome Engineering of Eubacterium limosum Using Expanded Genetic Tools and the CRISPR-Cas9 System

Shin, Jongoh; Kang, Seulgi; Song, Yoseb; Jin, Sangrak; Lee, Jin Soo; Lee, Jung-Kul; Kim, Dong Rip; et al, ACS SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY, v.8, no.9, pp.2059 - 2068, 2019-09

Application of antihelix antibodies in protein structure determination

Kim, Ji Won; Kim, Songwon; Lee, Haerim; Cho, Geunyoung; Kim, Sun Changresearcher; Lee, Hayyoung; Jin, Mi Sun; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.116, no.36, pp.17786 - 17791, 2019-09

Minor ginsenoside F1 improves memory in APP/PS1 mice

Han, Junho; Oh, Jung-Pyo; Yoo, Miran; Cui, Chang-Hao; Jeon, Byeong-Min; Kim, Sun Changresearcher; Han, Jin-Heeresearcher, MOLECULAR BRAIN, v.12, no.1, 2019-09

The Transcription Unit Architecture of Streptomyces lividans TK24

Lee, Yongjae; Lee, Namil; Jeong, Yujin; Hwang, Soonkyu; Kim, Woori; Cho, Suhyung; Palsson, Bernhard O.; et al, FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY, v.10, 2019-09

MDT-15/MED15 permits longevity at low temperature via enhancing lipidostasis and proteostasis

Lee, Dongyeop; An, Seon Woo A.; Jung, Yoonji; Yamaoka, Yasuyo; Ryu, Youngjae; Goh, Grace Ying Shyen; Beigi, Arshia; et al, PLOS BIOLOGY, v.17, no.8, 2019-08

Improved production of clavulanic acid by reverse engineering and overexpression of the regulatory genes in an industrial Streptomyces clavuligerus strain

Cho, Hang Soo; Jo, Jin Chul; Shin, Chang-Hun; Lee, Namil; Choi, Joon-Sun; Cho, Byung-Kwanresearcher; Roe, Jung-Hye; et al, JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MICROBIOLOGY & BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.46, no.8, pp.1205 - 1215, 2019-08

A novel population of extracellular vesicles smaller than exosomes promotes cell proliferation

Lee, Sang Soo; Won, Jong-Hoon; Lim, Gippeum J.; Han, Jeongran; Lee, Ji Youn; Cho, Kyung-Okresearcher; Bae, Young-Kyung, CELL COMMUNICATION AND SIGNALING, v.17, no.1, 2019-08



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