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In Situ High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) Observation of Sn Nanoparticles on SnO2 Nanotubes Under Lithiation

Cheong, Jun Young; Chang, Joon Ha; Kim, Sung Joo; Kim, Chanhoon; Seo, Hyeon Kook; Shin, Jae Won; Yuk, Jong Minresearcher; Lee, Jeong Yongresearcher; Kim, Il-DooresearcherCAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESSMICROSCOPY AND MICROANALYSIS, v.23, no.6, pp.1107 - 1115, 2017-12


A Study on the Bonding Conditions and Nonconductive Filler Contents on Cationic Epoxy-Based Sn-58Bi Solder ACFs Joints for Reliable Flex-on-Board Applications

Zhang, Shuye; Lin, Tiesong; He, Peng; Zhao, Ning; Huang, Mingliang; Paik, Kyung-WookresearcherIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPONENTS PACKAGING AND MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, v.7, no.12, pp.2087 - 2094, 2017-12


Spontaneous chemical vapor growth of NiSi nanowires and their metallic properties

Kim, Cheol-Joo; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Woo, Yun Sung; Ryu, Kyung-Guk; Moon, Heesung; Kim, Jae-Myung; Zang, Dong-Sik; Jo, Moon-HoWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHADVANCED MATERIALS, v.19, no.21, pp.3637 - +, 2007-11


Solid-phase epitaxy of amorphous Si using single-crystalline Si nanowire seed templates

Woo, Yun Sung; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Jo, Moon-Ho; Jeon, Jong-Myeoung; Kim, MiyoungAMER INST PHYSICSAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.91, no.22, 2007-11


The role of NiOx overlayers on spontaneous growth of NiSix nanowires from Ni seed layers

Kang, Kibumresearcher; Kim, Sung-Kyu; Kim, Cheol-Joo; Jo, Moon-HoAMER CHEMICAL SOCNANO LETTERS, v.8, no.2, pp.431 - 436, 2008-02


Self-Organized Growth of Ge Nanowires from Ni-Cu Bulk Alloys

Kang, Kibumresearcher; Gu, Gil Ho; Kim, Dong An; Park, Chan Gyung; Jo, Moon-HoAMER CHEMICAL SOCCHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.20, no.21, pp.6577 - 6579, 2008-11


Low-Temperature Deterministic Growth of Ge Nanowires Using Cu Solid Catalysts

Kang, Kibumresearcher; Kim, Dong An; Lee, Hyun-Seimg; Kim, Cheol-Joo; Yang, Jee-Eun; Jo, Moon-HoWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHADVANCED MATERIALS, v.20, no.24, pp.4684 - +, 2008-12


Unconventional roles of metal catalysts in chemical-vapor syntheses of single-crystalline nanowires

Kang, Kibumresearcher; Kim, Cheol-Joo; Jo, Moon-HoAMER INST PHYSICSJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, v.105, no.12, 2009-06


Near-field electrical detection of optical plasmons and single-plasmon sources

Falk, Abram L.; Koppens, Frank H. L.; Yu, Chun L.; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Snapp, Nathalie de Leon; Akimov, Alexey V.; Jo, Moon-Ho; Lukin, Mikhail D.; Park, HongkunNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE PHYSICS, v.5, no.7, pp.475 - 479, 2009-07


Maximum Li storage in Si nanowires for the high capacity three-dimensional Li-ion battery

Kang, Kibumresearcher; Lee, Hyun-Seung; Han, Dong-Wook; Kim, Gil-Sung; Lee, Donghun; Lee, Geunhee; Kang, Yong-Mook; Jo, Moon-HoAMER INST PHYSICSAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.96, no.5, 2010-02


Diameter-Dependent Internal Gain in Ohmic Ge Nanowire Photodetectors

Kim, Cheol-Joo; Lee, Hyun-Seung; Cho, Yong-Jun; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Jo, Moon-HoAMER CHEMICAL SOCNANO LETTERS, v.10, no.6, pp.2043 - 2048, 2010-06


Kinetics-driven high power Li-ion battery with a-Si/NiSix core-shell nanowire anodes

Kang, Kibumresearcher; Song, Kyeongse; Heo, Hoseok; Yoo, Sunyoung; Kim, Gil-Sung; Lee, Geunhee; Kang, Yong-Mook; Jo, Moon-HoROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYCHEMICAL SCIENCE, v.2, no.6, pp.1090 - 1093, 2011


Vectorial nanowire growth by local kinetic manipulation

Lee, Geunhee; Woo, Yun Sung; Yang, Jee-Eun; Kim, Gil-Sung; Lee, Donghun; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Kim, Cheol-Joo; Jo, Moon-HoELSEVIER SCIENCE BVJOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH, v.345, no.1, pp.56 - 60, 2012-04


Large Electroabsorption Susceptibility Mediated by Internal Photoconductive Gain in Ge Nanowires

Lee, Hyun-Seung; Kim, Cheol-Joo; Lee, Donghun; Lee, Ru Ri; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Hwang, Inchan; Jo, Moon-HoAMER CHEMICAL SOCNANO LETTERS, v.12, no.11, pp.5913 - 5918, 2012-11


Hierarchical SiOx nanoconifers for Li-ion battery anodes with structural stability and kinetic enhancement

Song, Kyeongse; Yoo, Sunyoung; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Heo, Hoseok; Kang, Yong-Mook; Jo, Moon-HoELSEVIER SCIENCE BVJOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.229, pp.229 - 233, 2013-05


Growth of straight one-dimensional Ge/ZnSe heterojunctions with atomically sharp interfaces by catalytic residue controls

Kang, Kibumresearcher; Heo, Hoseok; Lee, Donghun; Hwang, Inchan; Jo, Moon-HoIOP PUBLISHING LTDNANOTECHNOLOGY, v.25, no.1, 2014-01


Atomic Layer-by-Layer Thermoelectric Conversion in Topological Insulator Bismuth/Antimony Tellurides

Sung, Ji Ho; Heo, Hoseok; Hwang, Inchan; Lim, Myungsoo; Lee, Donghun; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Choi, Hee Cheul; Park, Jae-Hoon; Jhi, Seung-Hoon; Jo, Moon-HoAMER CHEMICAL SOCNANO LETTERS, v.14, no.7, pp.4030 - 4035, 2014-07


High-mobility three-atom-thick semiconducting films with wafer-scale homogeneity

Kang, Kibumresearcher; Xie, Saien; Huang, Lujie; Han, Yimo; Huang, Pinshane Y.; Mak, Kin Fai; Kim, Cheol-Joo; Muller, David; Park, JiwoongNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPNATURE, v.520, no.7549, pp.656 - 660, 2015-04


Atomic-Scale Spectroscopy of Gated Monolayer MoS2

Zhou, Xiaodong; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Xie, Saien; Dadgar, Ali; Monahan, Nicholas R.; Zhu, X. -Y.; Park, Jiwoong; Pasupathy, Abhay N.AMER CHEMICAL SOCNANO LETTERS, v.16, no.5, pp.3148 - 3154, 2016-05


Atomically Thin Ohmic Edge Contacts Between Two-Dimensional Materials

Guimaraes, Marcos H. D.; Gao, Hui; Han, Yimo; Kang, Kibumresearcher; Xie, Saien; Kim, Cheol-Joo; Muller, David A.; Ralph, Daniel C.; Park, JiwoongAMER CHEMICAL SOCACS NANO, v.10, no.6, pp.6392 - 6399, 2016-06

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