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Stock Market Reaction to Corporate Crime: Evidence from South Korea

Song, ChanHooresearcher; Han, Seung Hunresearcher, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, v.143, no.2, pp.323 - 351, 2017-06

거시환경요인과 복합제품시스템의 기술진화: 원자력 발전 플랜트의 사례를 중심으로

곽기호; 김원준researcher; 김민기researcher; 조창연, 기술혁신연구, v.25, no.2, pp.89 - 126, 2017-06

Spectrum fragmentation: Causes, measures and applications

Kwon, Youngsunresearcher; Park, Duk Kyu; Rhee, Hongjai, TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY, v.41, no.5-6, pp.447 - 459, 2017-06

Customer pre-adoption choice behavior for M-PESA mobile financial services Extending the theory of consumption values

Omigie, Newman O; Zo, Hangjungresearcher; Rho, Jae Jeungresearcher; Ciganek, Andrew P., INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT & DATA SYSTEMS, v.117, no.5, pp.910 - 926, 2017-06

Pleasure and Regret in Hedonic Consumption: Revisiting the Vice-Virtue Categorization in Theories of Self-Control

Vosgerau, Joachim; Scopelliti, Irene; Huh, Young Eunresearcher, SCP-JACS Collaborative Conference, Society for Consumer Psychology and the Japan Association for Consumer Studies, 2017-05-18

Knowledge spillovers, technology convergence, and the role of investors in the startup ecosystem

임상민; 권오성; 이덕희researcher, 2017 한국정보사회학회 봄철 정기학술대회, 한국정보사회학회, 2017-05-12

Understanding the process of social network evolution: Online-offline integrated analysis of social tie formation

Kwak, Doyeon; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, PLOS ONE, v.12, no.5, 2017-05

The structure and change of the research collaboration network in Korea (2000-2011): network analysis of joint patents

Choe, Hochull; Lee, Duk Heeresearcher, SCIENTOMETRICS, v.111, no.2, pp.917 - 939, 2017-05

The knowledge network dynamics in a mobile ecosystem: a patent citation analysis

Lee, Sanghoon; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, SCIENTOMETRICS, v.111, no.2, pp.717 - 742, 2017-05

규제할 수 없는 보안통제가 존재하는 경우 보안 규제 설정

이철호researcher, 한국전자거래학회지, v.22, no.2, pp.99 - 121, 2017-05

What do consumers prefer for music streaming services?: A comparative study between Korea and US

Kim, Jiwhan; Nam, Changiresearcher; Ryu, Min Ho, TELECOMMUNICATIONS POLICY, v.41, no.4, pp.263 - 272, 2017-05

Relative wealth concerns, positive feedback, and financial fluctuation

Kim, Joohyun; Lee, Duk-Heeresearcher, JOURNAL OF SIMULATION, v.11, no.2, pp.128 - 136, 2017-05

Changing News Media Landscape in South Korea

Lim, Hongjun; Moon, Sue-Bokresearcher; Chung, Choongho; Kim, Jiheeresearcher; Kim, Juhoresearcher; Cha, Meeyoung, 26th International World Wide Web Conference, WWW 2017 Companion, pp.1521 - 1526, International World Wide Web Conference Committee, 2017-04-03

The Institutionalization of Korean Blockbuster Movies and the Effectiveness of the Regulatory Mechanism of Screen Quota

Kim, Jiwhan; Nam, Changiresearcher, 정보사회와 미디어, v.18, no.1, pp.1 - 22, 2017-04

크라우드펀딩 성공을 위한 실증분석

최석웅; 이두연; 김원준researcher; 강재원, 벤처창업연구, v.12, no.2, pp.55 - 63, 2017-04

소셜 네트워크 사이트의 소셜 추천 광고 효과에 대한 연구

서기슬; 김원준researcher; 김송미, 한국콘텐츠학회 논문지, v.17, no.4, pp.108 - 118, 2017-04

Energy shocks and detecting influential industries

Kang, Dongsuk; Lee, Duk Heeresearcher, ENERGY, v.125, pp.234 - 247, 2017-04

Embodying the 3D Pottery System in the VR Environment

Seo, S.; Park, S.; Lee, Hongkyuresearcher; Lee, M., ACEE 2017, 6th Asian Conference on Engineering Education, pp.94 - 99, Dali University, China, 2017-03-11

Keynote Speech, The 4th Industrial revolution and Engineering Education

Lee, Hongkyuresearcher, ACEE 2017, 6th Asian Conference on Engineering Education, pp.xv - xvi, Dali University, China, 2017-03-11

The Effects of Consumers’ Perceived Privacy Control on Perceived Privacy Risk in Location-Based Services

Lee, Joohee; Kim, Song Mi; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, International Journal of Contents, v.13, no.1, pp.22 - 30, 2017-03


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