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Survey of Temporal Information Extraction

Lim, Chae-Gyun; Jeong, Young-Seob; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher, JOURNAL OF INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEMS, v.15, no.4, pp.931 - 956, 2019-08


A practical challenge-response authentication mechanism for a Programmable Logic Controller control system with one-time password in nuclear power plants

Son, Junyoung; Noh, Sangkyun; Choi, JongGyun; Yoon, Hyunsooresearcher, NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, v.51, no.7, pp.1791 - 1798, 2019-10


분석적으로 미분 가능한 시스템 동역학을 이용한 온라인 동작 합성 기법

한다성; 노준용researcher; 신성용researcher, 한국컴퓨터그래픽스학회논문지, v.25, no.3, pp.133 - 142, 2019-07


임베디드 소프트웨어 인력양성 - 블루오션사업을 중심으로

유준혁; 이신재researcher; 송은경; 최진영; 유혁, 정보과학회지, v.27, no.1, 2009-01


Hybrid approach of parallel implementation on CPU-GPU for high-speed ECDSA verification

Lee, Sokjoon; Seo, Hwajeong; Kwon, Hyeokchan; Yoon, Hyunsooresearcher, JOURNAL OF SUPERCOMPUTING, v.75, no.8, pp.4329 - 4349, 2019-08


Understanding Facebook news post comment reading and reacting behavior through political extremism and cultural orientation

Almoqbel, Mashael Y.; Wohn, Donghee Yvette; Hayes, Rebecca A.; Cha, Meeyoungresearcher, COMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, v.100, pp.118 - 126, 2019-11


Naive semi-supervised deep learning using pseudo-label

Li, Zhun; Ko, ByungSoo; Choi, Ho-Jinresearcher, PEER-TO-PEER NETWORKING AND APPLICATIONS, v.12, no.5, pp.1358 - 1368, 2019-09


HGGC: A hybrid group recommendation model considering group cohesion

Jeong, Hyunji; Kim, Myoung Horesearcher, EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.136, pp.73 - 82, 2019-12


Learning Deep Features for Source Color Laser Printer Identification based on Cascaded Learning

Kim, Do-Guk; Hou, Jong-Uk; Lee, Heung-Kyuresearcher, NEUROCOMPUTING, v.365, no.1, pp.219 - 228, 2019-11


Interpage-Based Endurance-Enhancing Lower State Encoding for MLC and TLC Flash Memory Storages

Lee, Wonyoung; Kang, Mincheol; Hong, Seokin; Kim, Soontaeresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VERY LARGE SCALE INTEGRATION (VLSI) SYSTEMS, v.27, no.9, pp.2033 - 2045, 2019-09


Bayesian Weight Decay on Bounded Approximation for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Park, Jung Guk; Jo, Sung-Horesearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS AND LEARNING SYSTEMS, v.30, no.9, pp.2866 - 2875, 2019-09


An Improved Particle Filter With a Novel Hybrid Proposal Distribution for Quantitative Analysis of Gold Immunochromatographic Strips

Zeng, Nianyin; Wang, Zidong; Zhang, Hong; Kim, Kee-Eungresearcher; Li, Yurong; Liu, Xiaohui, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.18, pp.819 - 829, 2020-08


A comparison of tree- and line-oriented observational slicing

Binkley, David; Gold, Nicolas; Islam, Syed; Krinke, Jens; Yoo, Shinresearcher, EMPIRICAL SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, v.24, no.5, pp.3077 - 3113, 2019-10


Selective Poisoning Attack on Deep Neural Networks

Kwon, Hyun; Yoon, Hyunsooresearcher; Park, Ki-Woong, SYMMETRY-BASEL, v.11, no.7, 2019-07


MC-SDN: Supporting Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Communication Using Software-Defined Networking

Lee, Kilho; Kim, Minsu; Park, Taejune; Chwa, Hoon Sung; Lee, Jinkyu; Shin, Seungwonresearcher; Shin, Insikresearcher, IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL, v.6, no.4, pp.6325 - 6344, 2019-08


City Radio Map Construction for Wi-Fi-Based Citywide Indoor Positioning

Han, Dongsooresearcher; Sahar, Ayesha; Berkner, Joseph; Lee, Gunwoo, IEEE ACCESS, v.7, 2019-08


JMC: Jitter-Based Mixed-Criticality Scheduling for Distributed Real-Time Systems

Lee, Kilho; Kim, Minsu; Kim, Hayeon; Chwa, Hoon Sung; Lee, Jaewoo; Lee, Jinkyu; Shin, Insikresearcher, IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL, v.6, no.4, pp.6310 - 6324, 2019-08


Image Recapture Prevention Using Secure Display Schemes on Polarized 3D System

Ji, Sang-Keun; Lee, Heung-Kyuresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS FOR VIDEO TECHNOLOGY, v.29, no.8, pp.2296 - 2309, 2019-08


Distance Encoded Product Quantization for Approximate K-Nearest Neighbor Search in High-Dimensional Space

Heo, Jae-Pil; Lin, Zhe; Yoon, Sung-Euiresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE, v.41, no.9, pp.2084 - 2097, 2019-09


Compact Snapshot Hyperspectral Imaging with Diffracted Rotation

Jeon, Daniel S.; Baek, Seung-Hwan; Yi, Shinyoung; Fu, Qiang; Dun, Xiong; Heidrich, Wolfgang; Kim, Min Hyukresearcher, ACM TRANSACTIONS ON GRAPHICS, v.38, no.4, 2019-07



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