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Mutually Exclusive p-Type and n-Type Hybrid Electrode of MoS2 and Graphene for Artificial Soft Touch Fingers

Manzoor, Muhammad Taha; Nguyen, Van Hiep; Umrao, Sima; Kim, Jaehwan; Tabassian, Rassoul; Kim, Ji-Eun; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.29, no.48, pp.1905454, 2019-11

Influence of wall-attached structures on the boundary of the quiescent core region in turbulent pipe flow

Yang, Jongmin; Hwang, Jinyul; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW FLUIDS, v.4, no.11, 2019-11

The Scale Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Aeolian Sand Streamers Based on Large Eddy Simulation

Wang, Ping; Feng, ShenJun; Zheng, XiaoJing; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, v.124, no.21, pp.11372 - 11388, 2019-11

Ultrasensitive Anti-Interference Voice Recognition by Bio-Inspired Skin-Attachable Self-Cleaning Acoustic Sensors

Le, Truong-Son Dinh; An, Jianing; Huang, Yi; Vo, Quoc; Boonruangkan, Jeeranan; Tran, Tuan; Kim, Seung-Wooresearcher; et al, ACS NANO, v.13, no.11, pp.13293 - 13303, 2019-11

3D Printer-Based Encapsulated Origami Electronics for Extreme System Stretchability and High Areal Coverage

Jo, Mansik; Bae, Seunghwan; Oh, Injong; Jeong, Ji-hun; Kang, Byoungsoo; Hwang, Seok Joon; Lee, Seung-Seobresearcher; et al, ACS NANO, v.13, no.11, pp.12500 - 12510, 2019-11

Discrete material selection and structural topology optimization of composite frames for maximum fundamental frequency with manufacturing constraints

Duan, Zunyi; Yan, Jun; Lee, Ikjinresearcher; Lund, Erik; Wang, Jingyuan, STRUCTURAL AND MULTIDISCIPLINARY OPTIMIZATION, v.60, no.5, pp.1741 - 1758, 2019-11

Reliability measure approach for confidence-based design optimization under insufficient input data

Jung, Yongsu; Cho, Hyunkyoo; Lee, Ikjinresearcher, STRUCTURAL AND MULTIDISCIPLINARY OPTIMIZATION , v.60, no.5, pp.1967 - 1982, 2019-11

Input and Output Interaction Technologies for Flexible Touch Panels

Kyung, Ki-Ukresearcher, THE 26TH INTERNATIONAL DISPLAY WORKSHOPS, International Display Workshops General Incorporated Association, 2019-11

Intermittent locomotion of a self-propelled plate

Ryu, Jaeha; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, PHYSICS OF FLUIDS, v.31, no.11, pp.1111902, 2019-11

Enhanced Constitutive Model for Aeronautic Aluminium Alloy (AA2024-T351) under High Strain Rates and Elevated Temperatures

Paresi, Prudvi Reddy; Lou, Yanshan; Narayanan, Arunachalam; Yoon, Jeong Whanresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, v.20, no.SUPPL 1, pp.79 - 87, 2019-11

Emulating endothelial dysfunction by implementing an early atherosclerotic microenvironment within a microfluidic chip

Shin, Yujin; Lim, Seongjin; Kim, Jinwon; Jeon, Jessie Sungyunresearcher; Yoo, Hongkiresearcher; Gweon, Bomi, LAB ON A CHIP, v.19, no.21, pp.3664 - 3677, 2019-11

Aqueous-Soluble Naphthalene Diimide-Based Polymer Acceptors for Efficient and Air-Stable All-Polymer Solar Cells

Lee, Seung Jin; Kim, Youngwoong; Wu, Ziang; Lee, Changyeon; Oh, Seung Jin; Nguyen Thanh Luan; Lee, Junbok; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.11, no.48, pp.45038 - 45047, 2019-11

Influence of Acceptor Type and Polymer Molecular Weight on the Mechanical Properties of Polymer Solar Cells

Choi, Joonhyeong; Kim, Wansun; Kim, Seonha; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher; Kim, Bumjoon J.researcher, CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, v.31, no.21, pp.9057 - 9069, 2019-11

Analysis of island-induced wakes with submesocale numerical model outputs around the Korea Strait

고창훈; 김성용researcher, 2019 한국해양학회 추계학술대회, 한국해양학회, 2019-10-31

Future of Unmanned Vehicle for Smart City

윤용진researcher, 2019 자율주행 모빌리티 국제컨퍼런스, 국토교통부, 세종특별자치시, 2019-10-29

A New Boundary Treatment Scheme to Simulate Two-dimensional Free Surface Flows in SPH

Park, HyungJun; Lee, Phill-Seungresearcher; Seo, Hyunduk, Particles 2019, Particles 2019, 2019-10-29

SPH simulation of 2D free surface flow using a new density correction method

Seo, Hyunduk; Lee, Phill-Seungresearcher; Park, HyungJun, Particles 2019, Particles 2019, 2019-10-29

Estimation of aerodynamic performancefor a bio-inspired bristled wing

Lee, Seung Hun; Lee, Minhyeong; Kim, Daegyoumresearcher, International Symposium on Smart Aircraft 2019, Xian Jiaotong University, 2019-10-27

NOx/PM 저감을 위한 다공 디젤 분무에서 분무 간 간섭과 화염 특성

홍동우; 강승우; 배충식researcher, 2019년 한국액체미립화학회 학술강연회, 한국액체미립화학회, 2019-10-25

가솔린 분무의 분사압력과 확산화염 발생

박상재; 신지용; 배충식researcher, 2019년 한국액체미립화학회 학술강연회, 한국액체미립화학회, 2019-10-25



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