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Modified screening-based Kriging method with cross validation and application to engineering design

Kang, Kyeonghwan; Qin, Caiyan; Lee, Bong Jaeresearcher; Lee, Ikjinresearcher, APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING, v.70, pp.626 - 642, 2019-06


Mechanical Effects of Cochlear Implant on Acoustic Hearing

Chan, Wei Xuan; Yoon, Yong-Jinresearcher; Shin, Choongsoo S.; Kim, Namkeun, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, v.66, no.6, pp.1609 - 1617, 2019-06


Tensile properties of CFRP manufactured by resin transfer molding considering stacking sequences at various strain rates

Yoo, Jesung; Huh, Hoonresearcher; Lim, Jaeyoung; Lee, Taehwa, JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS, v.53, no.14, pp.2015 - 2030, 2019-06


Microstructure arrays of DNA using topographic control

Cha, Yun Jeong; Park, Soon Mo; You, Ra; Kim, Hyoungsooresearcher; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, 2019-06


Engine Net Torque Compensation Through Driveline Torque Estimation in a Parallel Hybrid Vehicle

Park, Jinrak; Choi, Seibumresearcher; Oh, Jiwon; Eo, Jeongsoo, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, v.20, no.3, pp.619 - 627, 2019-06


Development of a Bendable Outsole Biaxial Ground Reaction Force Measurement System

Park, Junghoon; Kim, Sangjoon Jonathan; Na, Young-Jin; Kim, Yeongjin; Kim, Jungresearcher, SENSORS, v.19, no.11, pp.2641, 2019-06


Generation of a Virtual Speaker and Baffle on a Thin Plate Controlled by an Actuator Array at the Boundary

Woo, Junghan; Ih, Jeong-Guonresearcher, IEEE-ASME TRANSACTIONS ON MECHATRONICS, v.24, no.3, pp.1197 - 1207, 2019-06


Development of an Antilock Brake System for Electric Vehicles Without Wheel Slip and Road Friction Information

Han, Kyoungseok; Lee, Byunghwan; Choi, Seibum Bresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, v.68, no.6, pp.5506 - 5517, 2019-06


Injection Strategy in Natural Gas–Diesel Dual-Fuel Premixed Charge Compression Ignition Combustion under Low Load Conditions

Park, Hyunwook; Shim, Euijoon; Bae, Choongsikresearcher, ENGINEERING, v.5, no.3, pp.548 - 557, 2019-06


Hysteresis Modeling for Torque Control of an Elastomer Series Elastic Actuator

Kim, Dong-Hyun; Oh, Jun-Horesearcher, IEEE-ASME TRANSACTIONS ON MECHATRONICS, v.24, no.3, pp.1316 - 1324, 2019-06


A convex programming approach to the base placement of a 6-DOF articulated robot with a spherical wrist

Son, Seung-Woo; Kwon, Dong-Sooresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, v.102, no.9-12, pp.3135 - 3150, 2019-06


Learning and Selecting Confidence Measures for Robust Stereo Matching

Park, Min-Gyu; Yoon, Kuk-Jinresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE, v.41, no.6, pp.1397 - 1411, 2019-06


A bipedal compliant walking model generates periodic gait cycles with realistic swing dynamics

Lim, Hyerim; Park, Sukyungresearcher, JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, v.91, pp.79 - 84, 2019-06


Mismatched image identification using histogram of loop closure error for feature-based optical mapping

Elibol, Armagan; Chong, Nak-Young; Shim, Hyunjung; Kim, Jinwhanresearcher; Gracias, Nuno; Garcia, Rafael, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT ROBOTICS AND APPLICATIONS, v.3, no.2, pp.196 - 206, 2019-06


Modified Eshelby tensor for an anisotropic matrix with interfacial damage

Lee, Sangryun; Lee, Jinyeop; Ryu, Seunghwaresearcher, MATHEMATICS AND MECHANICS OF SOLIDS, v.24, no.6, pp.1749 - 1762, 2019-06


Using convolutional neural networks to predict composite properties beyond the elastic limit

Yang, Charles; Kim, Youngsoo; Ryu, Seunghwaresearcher; Gu, Grace X., MRS COMMUNICATIONS, v.9, no.02, pp.609 - 617, 2019-06


Methodology of exergy-based economic analysis incorporating safety investment cost for comparative evaluation in process plant design

Noh, Yeelyong; Chang, Daejunresearcher, ENERGY, v.182, pp.864 - 880, 2019-06


Comparison of Multi-Sensor Fusion Methods for Maritime Target Object Tracking

Han, Jungwook; Cho, Yonghoon; Kim, Jinwhanresearcher; Lee, Philyeob, Journal of Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems, v.25, no.6, pp.551 - 556, 2019-06


Analysis of the global active noise control with compact control source array

이상현; 박영진researcher, KJ symposium, 대한기계학회, 2019-05-31


Longitudinal Investigation of Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Blood Cell with Optical Coherence Tomography Reveals Timing Difference between Pial Blood Supply Decrease and Microcirculation Disruption during Subcortical Vascular Dementia Development

YOON, JINHUI; Shin, Paul; Ju, Jongyoon; Oh, Wang-Yuhlresearcher; Jeong, Yongresearcher, IC-KDA 2019, Korean Dementia Association, 2019-05-31



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