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Fabrication of Hg-carbon nanotubes composite materials in solution

Lee, KY; Heo, J; Lee, YW; Han, Sang Wooresearcher, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.29, no.3, pp.705 - 707, 2008-03

Fabrication of high-Q chalcogenide photonic crystal resonators by e-beam lithography

Ruan, YL; Kim, MK; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher; Luther-Davies, B; Rode, A, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.90, pp.2800 - 2804, 2007-02


PARK, CY; YOO, JB; PARK, C; HYUN, KS; OH, DK; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher; LEE, C; et al, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY B, v.13, no.3, pp.974 - 977, 1995

Fabrication of metal nanoparticles-carbon nanotubes composite materials in solution

Lee, KY; Kim, M; Lee, YW; Lee, JJ; Han, Sang Wooresearcher, CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, v.440, no.46, pp.249 - 252, 2007-06


SCHERER, A; JEWELL, JL; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher; HARBISON, JP; FLOREZ, LT, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.55, no.26, pp.2724 - 2726, 1989-12

Fabrication of microstructures using double contour scanning (DCS) method by two-photon polymerization

Park, SH; Lim, TW; Lee, SH; Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Lee, KS, POLYMER-KOREA, v.29, pp.146 - 150, 2005-03

Fabrication of moth eye structures via charged nanoparticle lithography with size and density control

Ko, Young-Ho; Jin, Li-Hua; Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher, THIN SOLID FILMS, v.519, no.7, pp.2251 - 2254, 2011-01

Fabrication of nano-precision PDMS replica using two-photon photopolymerization and vacuum pressure difference technique

Park, SH; Lim, TW; Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Kim, RH; Kim, KS; Lee, KS, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.25, pp.1119 - 1120, 2004-08

Fabrication of nanoporous superstructures through hierarchical self-assembly of nanoparticles

Kim, Minjung; Jeong, Gyoung Hwa; Lee, Kang Yeol; Kwon, Kihyun; Han, Sang Wooresearcher, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, v.18, no.19, pp.2208 - 2212, 2008-05

Fabrication of nonbiofouling surface and its application to surface plasmon field-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy

Kim, Eun-Kyung; Lee, Bong-Soo; Pyo, Hyeon-Bong; Song, Hyun-Woo; Kim, Young-Pil; Choi, In-Sungresearcher; Kim, Hak-Sungresearcher, BIOCHIP JOURNAL, v.2, no.2, pp.103 - 110, 2008-06

Fabrication of Oligomeric Avidin Scaffolds for Valency-Controlled Surface Display of Functional Ligands

Yoon, Hye Ryeon; Choi, Hyeongjoo; Choi, Yoon-Aa; Kim, Jung A; Jung, Juyeon; Kim, Ho Minresearcher; Jung, Yongwonresearcher, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.57, no.38, pp.12410 - 12414, 2018-09

Fabrication of ordered macroporous cylinders by colloidal templating in microcapillaries

Moon, JH; Kim, S; Yi, GR; Lee, Yong-Heeresearcher; Yang, Seung-Manresearcher, LANGMUIR, v.20, no.5, pp.2033 - 2035, 2004-03

Fabrication of periodic nanoparticle clusters using a soft lithographic template

Kim, Dae Seok; Honglawan, Apiradee; Kim, Kyungnam; Kim, Mun Ho; Jeong, Sohee; Yang, Shu; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, v.3, no.18, pp.4598 - 4602, 2015-04

Fabrication of rigidity and space variable protein oligomers with two peptide linkers

Choi, Hyeokjune; Park, Hyoin; Son, Kabi; Kim, Ho Minresearcher; Jung, Yongwonresearcher, CHEMICAL SCIENCE, v.10, no.44, pp.10428 - 10435, 2019-11

Fabrication of sharp-needled conical polymer tip on the cross-section of optical fiber via two-photon polymerization for tuning-fork-based atomic force microscopy

Jung, Byung Je; Kong, Hong Jinresearcher; Cho, Yong-Hoonresearcher; Lee, Kyu-Seung; Park, Chung-Hyun; Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Lee, Kwang-Sup, OPTICS COMMUNICATIONS, v.286, pp.197 - 203, 2013-01

Fabrication of single crystalline cadmium nanowires by a facile low temperature vapor phase method

Mohanty, Paritosh; Park, Jeunghee; Lee, Gangho; Kim, Bongsooresearcher, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.6, no.11, pp.3376 - 3379, 2006-11

Fabrication of Sm1Ba2CU3O7 coated conductors using the co-evaporation method

Lee, BS; Chung, KC; Lim, SM; Kim, HJ; Youm, Do-Junresearcher; Park, C, SUPERCONDUCTOR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, v.17, pp.580 - 584, 2004-04

Fabrication of three-dimensional curved microstructures by two-photon polymerization employing multi-exposure voxel matrix scanning method

Lim, TW; Park, SH; Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Lee, KS, POLYMER-KOREA, v.29, pp.418 - 421, 2005-07

Fabrication of two-dimensional dimple and conical microlens arrays from a highly periodic toroidal-shaped liquid crystal defect array

Kim, Yun-Ho; Jeong, Hyeon-Su; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Yoon, Eun-Kyoung; Yoon, Dong-Kiresearcher; Jung, Hee-Taeresearcher, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, v.20, no.31, pp.6557 - 6561, 2010

Fabrication of versatile nanoporous templates with high aspect ratios by incorporation of Si-containing block copolymer into the lithographic bilayer system

Kim, Su Min; Ku, Se Jin; Jo, Gyeong Cheon; Bak, Chang Hong; Kim, Jin-Baekresearcher, POLYMER, v.53, no.11, pp.2283 - 2289, 2012-05

Fabrication of YBCO coated conductors using biaxially textured Pt0.66Pd0.34 tapes as their substrates

Yoo, J.; Youm, Do-Junresearcher, PHYSICA C, v.319, no.3-4, pp.133 - 140, 1999-06

Fabrication Process and Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Characterization of a CNT/Ni/Epoxy Nanocomposite

Ryu, Seongwoo; Mo, Chan Bin; Lee, Haeshinresearcher; Hong, Soon-Hyungresearcher, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.13, no.11, pp.7669 - 7674, 2013-11

Fabrication process of a nano-precision polydimethylsiloxane replica using vacuum pressure-difference technique

Park, SH; Lim, TW; Yang, Dong-Yolresearcher; Kong, Hong-Jinresearcher; Lee, KS, POLYMER-KOREA, v.28, pp.305 - 313, 2004-07

Fabrications of Y-ZrO2 buffer layers of coated conductors using dc-sputtering

K. C. Chung; B. S. Lee; S. M. Lim; S. I. Bhang; D. Youmresearcher, 한국초전도.저온공학회논문지, v.5, no.3, pp.11 - 14, 2003

Fabry-Perot 기준공진기를 이용한 단일모드 연속발진 색소레이저의 주파수 안정화

Jom Sool Kim; Hong Jin Kong, 새물리, v.30, pp.130 - 135, 1990

Facet formation in the negative quenched Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation

Jeong, Hawoongresearcher; Kahng, B; Kim, D, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.59, no.2, pp.1570 - 1573, 1999-02

Facile "one pot" route to the novel benzazulene-type dye class: asymmetric, derivatizable, 5-7-6 fused ring puckered half BODIPY design

Murale, Dhiraj P.; Lee, Kang-Mun; Kim, Ki-Bong; Churchill, David Gresearcher, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.47, no.46, pp.12512 - 12514, 2011-10

Facile "stop codon" method reveals elevated neuronal toxicity by discrete S87p-alpha-synuclein oligomers

Ha, Yonghwang; Yang, Aerin; Lee, Seyoung; Kim, Kibong; Liew, Hyunjeong; Suh, Yoo-Hun; Park, Hee-Sungresearcher; et al, BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS, v.443, no.3, pp.1085 - 1091, 2014-01

Facile and Chemoselective Reduction of Aldehydes and Ketones with Zinc-Modified Cyanoborohydride

s. kimresearcher; y. j. kim; c. h. oh; k h. ahn, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.5, pp.202 - 202, 1984

Facile and green cinchonidine-assisted synthesis of ultrafine and well-dispersed palladium nanoparticles supported on activated carbon with high catalytic performance

Trung Tran Si Bui; Kim, Yeonwoo; Kim, Sehunresearcher; Lee, Hangil, RSC ADVANCES, v.5, no.92, pp.75272 - 75280, 2015

Facile and mild deboronation of o-carboranes using cesium fluoride

Yoo, Y; Hwang, JW; Do, Youngkyuresearcher, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.40, no.3, pp.568 - 568, 2001-01

Facile and sensitive detection of influenza viruses using SERS antibody probes

Moon, Jeong; Yi, So Yeon; Hwang, Ahreum; Eom, Gayoung; Sim, Jieun; Jeong, Jinyoung; Lim, Eun-Kyung; et al, RSC ADVANCES, v.6, no.87, pp.84415 - 84419, 2016

Facile Barton-McCombie deoxygenation of alcohols with tetrabutylammonium peroxydisulfate and formate ion

Park, HS; Lee, Hee Yoonresearcher; Kim, Yong Hae, ORGANIC LETTERS, v.7, no.15, pp.3187 - 3190, 2005-07

Facile Cleavage of Tetrahydrofuran Derivatives with S-2-Pyridyl Thioates/CuBr$_2$/CH$_3$CN

s. kimresearcher; y. k. ko; j. i. lee, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.8, pp.216 - 216, 1987

Facile Conjugation of Biomolecules onto Surfaces via Mussel Adhesive Protein Inspired Coatings

Lee, Haeshinresearcher; Rho, Junsung; Messersmith, Phillip B., ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.21, no.4, pp.431 - 431, 2009-01

Facile Conversion of Carboxamides to Nitriles with 1,1'-Sulfinylbis-1,2,4-Triazole Under Mild Conditions

s. kimresearcher; s. yang; j. r. cho, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.9, no.4, pp.268 - 268, 1988

Facile Conversion of Tetrahydropyranyl and Silyl Ethers into Esters Using Acid Chlorides and Zinc Chloride

Kim, Sung Gakresearcher; w. j. lee, SYNTHETIC COMMUNICATIONS, v.16, pp.659 - 659, 1986

Facile Covalent Attachment of Well-Defined Poly(t-butyl acrylate) on Carbon Nanotubes via Radical Addition Reaction

Oh, SB; Kim, HL; Chang, JH; Lee, YW; Han, JH; An, SSA; Joo, SW; et al, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.8, no.9, pp.4598 - 4602, 2008-09

Facile DNA Immobilization on Surfaces through a Catecholamine Polymer

Ham, HO; Liu, ZQ; Lau, KHA; Lee, Haeshinresearcher; Messersmith, PB, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION, v.50, no.3, pp.732 - 736, 2011

Facile Fabrication of Multi-targeted and Stable Biochemical SERS Sensors

Kim, Hongki; Kang, Taejoon; Lee, Hyoban; Ryoo, Hyunseong; Yoo, Seung Min; Lee, SangYupresearcher; Kim, Bongsooresearcher, CHEMISTRY-AN ASIAN JOURNAL, v.8, no.12, pp.3010 - 3014, 2013-12

Facile generation of alkoxy radicals from N-alkoxyphthalimides

Kim, Sung Gakresearcher; Lee, TA; Song, Y, SYNLETT, no.5, pp.471 - 471, 1998-05

Facile generation of alkyl, aminyl, and alkoxy radicals from Se-phenyl benzoselenohydroximate derivatives

Kim, Sung Gakresearcher; Lee, TA, SYNLETT, pp.950 - 950, 1997-08

Facile large-scale synthesis of three-dimensional graphene-like ordered microporous carbon via ethylene carbonization in CaX zeolite template

Kim, Kyoungsoo; Kwon, Yonghyun; Lee, Taekyoung; Cho, Sung June; Ryoo, Ryongresearcher, CARBON, v.118, pp.517 - 523, 2017-07

Facile meso-BODIPY Annulation and Selective Sensing of Hypochlorite in Water

Manjare, Sudesh T.; Kim, Jin; Lee, Yunhoresearcher; Churchill, David Gresearcher, ORGANIC LETTERS, v.16, no.2, pp.520 - 523, 2014-01

Facile method to sort graphene quantum dots by size through ammonium sulfate addition

Ryu, Seongwoo; Lee, Kyueui; Hong, Soon Hyungresearcher; Lee, Hae-Shinresearcher, RSC ADVANCES, v.4, no.100, pp.56848 - 56852, 2014-11

Facile N-N coupling and copper (II) promoted cleavage of N,N -linked N-methylbenzimidazole

Jeong, DH; Park, WJ; Jeong, JH; Churchill, David Gresearcher; Lee, H, INORGANIC CHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS, v.11, no.10, pp.1170 - 1173, 2008-10

Facile Nucleophilic Substitution of 3-tert-Butyldimethylsilyloxyalk-2-enyl-phosphonium Salts

Kim, Sung Gakresearcher, TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, v.40, no.38, pp.6975 - 6978, 1999-09

Facile Nucleophilic Substitution of a-Alkoxysulfonium Salts

Kim, Sung Gakresearcher; b. s. lee; j. h. park, BULLETIN OF THE KOREAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v.14, no.6, pp.654 - 654, 1993-01

Facile nucleophilic substitution of sulfonyl oxime ethers: an easy access to oxime ethers, carbonyl compounds and amines

Kim, Sundae; Kamaldin, Nurul Ain Bte; Kang, Sol; Kim, Sung Gakresearcher, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.46, no.41, pp.7822 - 7824, 2010-09

Facile Prep. of α, β-Unsaturated O,S-Acetals and Mixed Acetals via 3-Alkoxy-2-alkenyl -enesulfonium Salts

Kim, Sung Gakresearcher, TETRAHEDRON LETTERS, v.34, no.36, pp.5769 - 5772, 1993-09

Facile synthesis and X-ray structures of (eta(5)-C5Me5)Ti(OArF)(3) (OArF = OC6F5,OCH2C6F5, and OCH2C6F2H3)

Lee, J; Do, Youngkyuresearcher; Kim, Y, JOURNAL OF ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY, v.692, no.16, pp.3593 - 3598, 2007-07

Facile synthesis of alpha-keto esters via a free radical acylation approach

Kim, Sung Gakresearcher; Yoon, JY; Lee, IY, SYNLETT, pp.475 - 475, 1997-05

Facile synthesis of carbon dot-Au nanoraspberries and their application as high-performance counter electrodes in quantum dot-sensitized solar cells

Van-Duong Dao; Kim, Poeun; Baek, Seunghyeon; Larina, Liudmila L.; Yong, Kijung; Ryoo, Ryongresearcher; Ko, Seung Hyeon; et al, CARBON, v.96, pp.139 - 144, 2016-01

Facile synthesis of high quality mesoporous SBA-15 with enhanced control of the porous network connectivity and wall thickness

Choi, MinKeeresearcher; Heo, W; Kleitz, F; Ryoo, Ryongresearcher, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, pp.1340 - 1341, 2003-03

Facile synthesis of mesoporous zeolite Y using seed gel and amphiphilic organosilane

Venkatesan Chithravel; Park, Hongjun; Kim Jaeheon; Lee Seungjun; Ryoo, Ryongresearcher, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, v.288, 2019-11

Facile Synthesis of Monodispersed Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles with Ultralarge Pores and Their Application in Gene Delivery

Kim, Mi-Hee; Na, Hee-Kyung; Kim, Young-Kwan; Ryoo, Soo-Ryoon; Cho, Hae-Sung; Lee, Kyung-Eun; Jeon, Hye-Sung; et al, ACS NANO, v.5, no.5, pp.3568 - 3576, 2011-05

Facile Synthesis of Multipodal MnO Nanocrystals and Their Catalytic Performance

Kim, Aram; Shin, Dongwoo; Kim, Mijong; Yoon, Chohye; Song, Hyunjoonresearcher; Park, Kang Hyun, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, v.2014, no.8, pp.1279 - 1283, 2014-03

Facile synthesis of new NLO-functionalized polyimides via Mitsunobu reaction

Yoon, C.B.; Shim, Hong Kuresearcher, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, v.9, no.10, pp.2339 - 2344, 1999-10

Facile synthesis of noble metal nanotubes by using ZnO nanowires as sacrificial scaffolds and their electrocatalytic properties

Lee, Young Wook; Lim, Mi Ae; Kang, Shin-Wook; Park, Inkyuresearcher; Han, Sang Wooresearcher, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.47, no.22, pp.6299 - 6301, 2011-04

Facile synthesis of robust and biocompatible gold nanoparticles

Jang, Hong-Je; Kim, Young-Kwan; Ryoo, Soo-Ryoon; Kim, Mi-Hee; Min, Dal-Heeresearcher, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, v.46, no.4, pp.583 - 585, 2010



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